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Tim Kane

Tim Kane
Born (1968-04-28) April 28, 1968
Lansing, Michigan
Nationality United States
Alma mater University of California, San Diego PhD Economics, 2001
United States Air Force Academy B.S. Economics and Political Science, 1990
Influences Joseph Schumpeter, Milton Friedman, James D. Hamilton, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan

Timothy J. "Tim" Kane (born April 28, 1968) is an American economist, currently serving as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and editor of Peregrine, a journal on immigration to the United States.[1][2] He was formerly the chief economist at the Hudson Institute, a Senior Fellow of the Kauffman Institute, and was Director of the Center for International Trade and Economics at the Heritage Foundation. He was the lead editor of the 2007 Index of Economic Freedom, co-published by The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation, and is the author of the book Bleeding Talent: How the U.S. Military Mismanages Great Leaders and Why It's Time for a Revolution.[3][4] Kane co-authored the book, Balance: How Great Powers Lost It and How America Can Regain It with Glen Hubbard.[5]


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Personal life

Kane was born in Lansing, Michigan and was raised in Columbus, Ohio. Kane currently resides in Vienna, Virginia with his wife Hiromi Kane and four children.[6]


Between 1986–1990, Kane attended the United States Air Force Academy and earned a BS in economics and political science, graduating with the final rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, Squadron Commander. Between 1995–2001, Kane attended the University of California, San Diego, earning a PhD in economics. His dissertation was titled “The Convergence of Nations: Three Papers on International Growth”.[7]


Kane has held senior positions in the military, various think tanks and governmental committees, in addition to setting up to two technological companies.

As a captain and intelligence officer in the US Air Force, between 1990–1995, he was stationed in Japan, South Korea, and Andrews Air Force Base. In this role he also worked with the CIA, the Pentagon, and the National Security Agency. Between 2001–2002, he was a Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives for California’s 53rd District. Kane was endorsed by former Senator Bob Dole, Arthur Laffer, and Admiral Jim Stockdale. He won 42% of the vote in the March 5, 2002 primary.[6]

Currently, Kane is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. Prior to his appointment at Hoover, he was the chief economist at the Hudson Institute. He was also a Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation where he led the development of its first blog,[8][9] Between 2004–2007, Kane was a director and research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.[10][11] Kane specializes in economics, job creation, innovation, and defense economics. His work on entrepreneurship and job creation has been widely cited, specifically, in the 2011 Economic Report of the President. He creates a quarterly survey of economists and has provided commentary for The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, Bloomberg Television, and PBS’ Nightly Business Report.[12][13]

Kane has also worked in governmental roles. Between 2004–2008, he served as both the Chief Labor Economist and the Senior Economist on the Joint Economic Committee for U.S. Congress. In these roles, he published research on monthly US employment figures, analyzed macroeconomics and taxation, and organized joint hearings on employment and fundamental tax reform.

Kane has also had success as an entrepreneur. Between 1998–2000, he was the founder and director of, a software company that was awarded the San Diego Software Startup of the Year award in 1999.[14] Prior to this, he was a founder and director of Neocor Tech, LLC (Japanese translation software).

Research and publications

Congressional testimony

  • "American Competitiveness: Why Well-intentioned Labor Regulations for Families Can Hurt More than Help", delivered testimony before the Joint Economic Committee, June 14, 2007[15]
  • "Foreign Investment, Growth, and Economic Freedom: What Is OPIC's Role?", delivered testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Trade, May 24, 2007[16]
  • "Reforming U.S. law on unemployment insurance", delivered testimony before the Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support of the House Committee on Ways and Means, May 4, 2006[17]

Presentations and public speeches

  • National Association of Business Economists conference, Dallas, TX, September 12, 2011
  • National League of Cities, Small Business Summit, Washington,DC, August 18, 2011
  • Host, Economics Bloggers Forum, Kansas City, MO, April 2011
  • "How Jobless is Our Recovery?" presentation at the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, May 10, 2004. The event was covered nationally on C-SPAN.


  • "Development and U.S. Troop Deployment", Foreign Policy Analysis, 2011[18]
  • "U.S. Troops and Economic Growth: Regression Analysis with Robustness Tests", Garret Jones and Tim Kane, Defense and Peace Economics, 2011[19]
  • "Kauffman Economic Outlook: A Quarterly Survey of Leading Economics Bloggers, Third quarter 2011", The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, August 2011[20]
  • "Kauffman Foundation Research Series: Firm Formation and Economic Growth, The Importance of Startups in Job Creation and Job Destruction, July 2010", The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation[21]
  • 2007 Index of Economic Freedom, published by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, January 2007[22]
  • "Phantom Jobs and Job Losses", The Public Interest, Winter 2005[23]
  • "Global U.S. Troop Deployment, 1950–2005", Center for Data Analysis Report #06-02, May 24, 2006[24]
  • "Diverging Employment Data: A Critical View of the Payroll Survey" Center for Data Analysis Report #04-03, March 4, 2004[25]


  • "Recessions and the presidents who inherited them", Fox News, July 6, 2012[26]
  • "Who is the divisive president?", Washington Examiner June 3, 2012[27]
  • "In pursuit of a Balanced Budget", with Glenn Hubbard, Politico, July 28, 2011[28]
  • "The Way To Cut Taxes And Deficits",, December 16, 2010[29]
  • "Why Our Best Officers Are Leaving", The Atlantic, January/February 2011, pp. 80–85[30]
  • "Every Man (and Woman) an Entrepreneur", Forbes, September 13, 2010[31]
  • "Debunking the Myth of the Underprivileged Soldier", by Tim Kane and James Jay Carafano, USA Today, November 27, 2005[32]
  • "Exit Strategy – A Mere Phrase, Not a Strategy", USA Today, June 19, 2005[33]
  • "Labor's Lost Jobs", New York Times, April 7, 2004[34]

Selected media appearances

This is not a comprehensive list.

  • CNBC: Closing Bell (7/23/2012)[35]
  • PBS: Nightly Business Report, monthly commentary since mid-2010
  • CNBC: Power Lunch "Job Growth a Political Issue?" (8/3/2007)[36]
  • Bloomberg: On The Economy (6/22/2007)[37]
  • CNBC: Power Lunch "Index of Economic Freedom" (03/29/2007)[38]
  • CNN: The Situation Room "Bring Back the Draft?" (11/20/2006)[39]
  • FOX: 24/7 "Military Education" (11/1/2006)[40]
  • C-SPAN: Washington Journal "Military Demographics" (05/28/2006)[41]


  • Bleeding Talent: How the U.S. Military Mismanages Great Leaders and Why It's Time for a Revolution[42]
  • Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America[5][43]


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