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Cummins ISL

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Title: Cummins ISL  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: SEPTA, School bus, Tatra 815, King County Metro, Neoplan AN440, RTC Transit, Hampton Roads Transit, Coast Mountain Bus Company, Detroit Department of Transportation
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Cummins ISL

Cummins L Series
Manufacturer Cummins
Also called ISL, ISL G
Production 1998
Combustion chamber
Configuration Straight-six diesel engine
Displacement 8.9 litres (543.1 cu in)
Cylinder block alloy Cast iron
Cylinder head alloy Cast iron
Turbocharger variable geometry turbocharger
Fuel type Diesel
Oil system Wet sump
Cooling system Water-cooled
Predecessor Cummins C8.3

The Cummins ISL is a straight-six diesel engine designed and produced by Cummins. It displaces 8.9 litres (543.1 cu in), and began production in 1998. The engine was based on its 8.3 litres (506.5 cu in) predecessor, the Cummins C8.3 engine.

The Cummins ISL also has a sister engine which is based on the existing ISL 8.9 litre cylinder block which runs on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Popular power ratings

Urban bus
730 pound force-feet (990 N·m) @ 1300 rpm, 250 horsepower (186 kW; 253 PS) electronically governed at 2,200 rpm
900 pound force-feet (1,220 N·m) @ 1300 rpm, 280 horsepower (209 kW; 284 PS) (209 kW) electronically governed at 2,200 rpm
1,100 pound force-feet (1,491 N·m) @ 1300 rpm, 330 horsepower (246 kW; 335 PS) (246 kW) electronically governed at 2,200 rpm
1,050 pound force-feet (1,424 N·m) @ 1,300 rpm, 310 horsepower (231 kW; 314 PS) (231 kW) electronically governed at 2,100 rpm
1,150 pound force-feet (1,559 N·m) @ 1,300 rpm, 330 horsepower (246 kW; 335 PS) (246 kW) electronically governed at 2,100 rpm
1,200 pound force-feet (1,627 N·m) @ 1,300 rpm, 400 horsepower (298 kW; 406 PS) (298 kW) electronically governed at 2,200 rpm

ISL vs. L10

The ISL is not to be confused with the older L10 series, which Cummins had produced and sold from 1982 to early 1998. The old L10 series, which like the current ISL, had seen use in the applications listed above (plus, early Dennis double decker buses), displaced 10.0 litres (610.2 cu in), was slightly larger, and had been replaced by the M11 entirely in 1994, although the natural gas version, known as the L10G, had hung on until the spring of 1998.


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