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Society Burning

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Title: Society Burning  
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Subject: Re-Constriction Records, Re-Constriction Records discography
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Society Burning

Society Burning
Origin United States
Genres Industrial, Electronica, Synthcore, Coldwave
Years active 1991–present
Labels Audiocomm International Publishing
Members Daveoramma, Boom chr Page, Twitch
Past members Tracey

Society Burning is a coldwave industrial rock act composed of Daveoramma, Twitch, and Boom chr Paige. The group was originally founded in Las Cruces, New Mexico as a side project of Daveoramma’s in 1991 by the moniker ‘The Watchmen’ (a tribute to the Alan Moore graphic novel).


Shortly before the release of project’s first self produced work, Daveoramma brought on guitarist Boom chr Paige. They caught the attention of Chase of Cargo/Re-constriction records that same year. The band gained recognition via Usenet newsgroups and the nascent Internet, being one of the first acts to embrace the technology as a marketing vehicle.

The duo released another self produced work in 1992, gaining attention from Chase again, as well as German label Kugel Blitz. Both labels released compilations featuring the band, but the band was forced to change its name upon discovering another band already using their moniker. The resulting name ‘Society Burning’ (ripped from a quote from a Denver, Colorado newscast) was chosen in time for both record labels to use it on separate compilation appearances. During this time the band enlisted the help of Michael Smith of Fiction 8 for assistance with keyboards on-stage.

In 1993, the band met Steven Seibold of Hate Dept., who would go one to produce/re-engineer the song “Human Waste” for the Re-Constriction compilation ‘Thugs ‘n’ Kisses’. This would be the beginning of an odd precedent set by Re-Con and the band for ‘premixing’, or releasing the remixed material before releasing the original versions of their work.

In 1995, Society Burning signed to Re-Constriction. The following year, the label issued the premix cd Entropy Lingua. In 1997, Re-Constriction issued the full-length album Tactiq, of which Peter Scaruffi called "one of the most violent works" in the Nine-inch-Nails—KMFDM style category in his book A History of Rock Music 1951-2000.

Over the next two years, the musicians worked mostly independently: Daveoramma worked with a cast of voices to bridge songs for the parody/tribute album Cyberpunk Fiction while Boom chr Paige worked as remixer for artists including Leæther Strip, Purr Machine, THD, Urania, Hexedene, and Battery. The band parted ways in 1999, following the closure of Re-Constriction. Daveoramma relocated to Los Angeles, California, Twitch remained in Denver, Colorado, and Boom chr Paige is currently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The band regrouped 2007, writing material for a new release on their own Audiocomm International Publishing label in addition to finalizing and releasing their previously unreleased 1994 album State of Decay in late 2009. October 2010 saw the release of their sixth album Internal Combustion.



  • Is God in Showbusiness too? (1991) (as 'The Watchmen') Label: Prescient Thought Productions PTP-02
  • Plague (1992) (as 'The Watchmen') Label: Prescient Thought Productions PTP-03
  • State.of.Decay (1994) (released 2009) Label: Audiocomm International Publishing
  • Entropy.Lingua (1996) Label: Cargo/Re-constriction REC-019
  • Tactiq (1997) Label: Cargo/Re-constriction REC-036
  • Internal Combustion (2010) Label: Audiocomm International Publishing


  • Cyberflesh Conspiracy (1992) (as 'The Watchmen') Song: Merciful Release (Razor Hammer Mix) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction IIM-02
  • Rivet Head Culture (1992) Song: Party Girl (Radio Edit) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction IIM-03
  • Shut Up Kitty (1993) Song: Stand and Deliver (Adam Ant re-cover) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-009
  • Rotation.3 (1993) Song: Vision (Signal AC42) Label: Kugel Blitz KBR 002
  • Biotech 01: Colorado Electronics Compiled (1994) Song: Lovesick Label: SDS Productions SDS-019
  • Thugs and Kisses (1995) Song: Human Waste (Hate Dept. Mix) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-016
  • Vampire Rodents: Clockseed (1995) Song: Clockseed (Guest Vocal Appearance) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-017
  • Chambermade (1995) Song: Awaken ([Hate Dept.] Mix) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-300
  • Vampire Rodents: Gravity's Rim (1996) Song: Evasion (Guest Vocal Appearance) Label: Fifth Column Records 9868-63224-2
  • Operation Beatbox (1996) Song: Colors (Ice-T re-cover) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-023
  • Re-Constriction 10* Year Anniversary (*=5) (1996) Song: Dead Man Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-400
  • T.V. Terror (1997) Song: Magnum P.I. Theme Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-032
  • Awake the Machines (1997) Song: Less Than Zero Label: Out of Line OUT-017
  • Circuit Noir (1997) Song: Broken Label: United Endangered Front UEF-CD/1006
  • Got Moose? (1997) Song: Tactiq Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-037
  • Persistence of Division Motion Picture Soundtrack (1997) Song: Time Label: Kinotonik KINO.CD 001
  • Cyber-punk Fiction (1998) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-31 Songs: Cyberpumpkin and Engergizer Honey Bunny Dialogue, Electro Body Music Dialogue, Busted Surf Boards, Chemlab's Dead Baby Dialogue, Bullwinkle Pt.2, Mos Eisley Download Contest Dialogue, If Love is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags), Bring out the Hack Dialogue, Comanche, Flowers on the Wall, User-friendliness goes a Long Way Dialogue, Surf Rider, FAQ 25.17 Dialogue
  • Songs from the Wasteland (1998) Song: Naked and Savage (Originally by The Mission UK) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-041
  • Nod's Tacklebox of Fun (1999) Song: Lovefool (Originally by The Cardigans) Label: Cargo/Re-Constriction REC-35


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