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List of islands of Sri Lanka

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Title: List of islands of Sri Lanka  
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Subject: Sri Lanka, List of islands, List of islands of Qatar, Outline of Sri Lanka, List of islands of Yemen
Collection: Islands of Sri Lanka, Lists of Islands by Country, Lists of Landforms of Sri Lanka
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List of islands of Sri Lanka

Bone Island, Batticaloa
17th century Dutch map of Sri Lanka with the Dutch names of the Jaffna islands

This is a list of islands of Sri Lanka. There are number of islands around Sri Lanka. The most prominent islets are west of the Jaffna Peninsula in the Northern Province. These group of islands also had Dutch names during the Dutch colonial period but only a few of those names are still in use today.[1]

The old Parkrit-Pali-Sinhala names, found in the Pali chronicles like the Mahavamsa, have been discussed by toponymists and historians.[2] Although they are infrequently used, we have included them in the table (under notes) due to their touristic and historical interest.
Divisional Secretariat
Ambanttativu North Western Puttalam 0.17 In Puttalam Lagoon
Sinhala: Sambanda-doova.
Analativu Northern Jaffna Islands North (Kayts) 4.82 2,200 Dutch: Rotterdam, Annelletivo
Sinhala: annaladoova.
Bone Island Eastern Batticaloa Manmunai North 0.02 In Batticaloa Lagoon.
Buffalo Island Eastern Batticaloa Manmunai North 5.02 In Batticaloa Lagoon.
Challitivu Eastern Batticaloa Koralai Pattu North 0.09 Sinhala: Galdoova
Chirutivu (Sirutivu) Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 0.28 Between Mandativu and Jaffna Peninsula.
Sinhala: Hiridoova
Clappenburg Island Eastern Trincomalee Town & Gravets 0.05 In Koddiyar Bay.
Elephant Island Eastern Trincomalee Town & Gravets 0.06 In Koddiyar Bay.
Eluvaitivu Northern Jaffna Islands North (Kayts) 1.40 800
Sinhala: Eluvadoova
Erumaitivu Northern Kilinochchi Poonakary 1.04 Sinhala: Mahisadoova
Erumaitivu North Western Puttalam 0.90 In Dutch Bay.
Sinhala: Mahisadoova
Great Sober Island Eastern Trincomalee Town & Gravets 0.62 Wildlife sanctuary in China Bay.
Henativu/Havativu North Western Puttalam 0.78 In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.
Sinhala: Haavadoova.
Ippantivu North Western Puttalam 0.76 In Dutch Bay.
Sinhala: Ibbandoova.
Iranaitivu North Northern Kilinochchi Poonakary 4.22 Dutch: Enkhuizen.
Sinhala: Erandoova.
Iranaitivu South Northern Kilinochchi Poonakary 1.71 Dutch Hoorn.
Sinhala: Uoona doova.
Kachchatheevu Northern Jaffna Neduntivu (Delft) 0.68 Pali: Kachchatheetha.
Sinhala: Kachchadoova.
Kakaraitivu Island Northern Jaffna? Neduntivu (Delft)? 0.14 Uninhabited Dutch: Calienye.
Sinhala: Sakkaradoova.
Kakkativu Northern Kilinochchi Poonakary 1.10 Sinhala: Kaakadoova
Kalliaditivu Northern Mannar 1.71 Sinhala: Galadi doova
Kanantivu Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 1.22 Between Kayts and Pungudutivu.
Sinhala: Kaennadoova.
Karaditivu North Western Puttalam 0.09 In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.
Sinhala: Karadiva
Karaitivu Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 0.97 Adjacent (north) of Pungudutivu.
Karaitivu Northern Jaffna Karaitivu (Karainagar) 22.95 8,600 Dutch: Amsterdam.
Karaitivu North Western Puttalam West of Portugal Bay.
Kayts / Velanai Northern Jaffna Islands North (Kayts) atuvan&
Islands South (Velanai)
64.01 16,300 Named Leiden by Dutch.
Sinhala: Uruthota (Kayts); Bellana (Velanai)
Kurikadduvan Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 0.38 Adjacent (north west) of Naduturitti.
Sinhala: Kiralakatuvana
Little Sober Island Eastern Trincomalee Town & Gravets 0.07 Wildlife sanctuary in China Bay.
Mandativu Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 7.56 900 Sinhala: Mandadoova
Mannar Northern Mannar Mannar Town 126.46 Sinhala: Mannaram doopatha
Mantivu Eastern Batticaloa Manmunai North 0.38 In Batticaloa Lagoon.
Sinhala: Maandoova
Mantivu North Western Puttalam 0.50 In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.
Sinhala: Maandoova
Maripututivu North Western Puttalam 0.10 In Puttalam Lagoon.
Sinhala: Maliputhu diva
Marthand Eastern Batticaloa Koralai Pattu North 0.18 Sinhala: Malkadola.
Mattutivu North Western Puttalam 0.12 In Puttalam Lagoon.
Sinhala: Maddu doova
Nachuvantivu Eastern Batticaloa Koralai Pattu 2.11 In Vandeloos Bay.
Sinhala: Naapitadoova.
Naduturitti Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 0.88 Adjacent (south west) of Pungudutivu.
Sinhala: Madduriththa
Nainativu Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 4.22 2,700 Dutch: Haarlem
Sinhala: Naga Deepa.
Neduntivu Northern Jaffna Neduntivu (Delft) 47.17 4,200 Dutch: Delft.
Sinhala: Maedundoova.
Neduntivu North Western Puttalam 0.10 In Dutch Bay.
Sinhala: Maedundoova.
Oddakarentivu North Western Puttalam 0.20 In Dutch Bay.
Sinhala: Uddakadoova.
Palaitivu Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 0.16 Adjacent (north) of Pungudutivu.
Palaitivu Northern Kilinochchi Poonakary 1.81 Named Galue by Dutch.
Sinhala: Paludoova.
Paratitivu Northern Jaffna Islands North (Kayts) 0.38 Uninhabited Between Analativu and Eluvaitivu. Sinhal: Sinhala: Paludoova.
Periya Arichchal North Western Puttalam 0.32 In Dutch Bay.
Sinhala: Maha Arakgala.
Periya Kayankerni (Periyawattava) Eastern Batticaloa Koralai Pattu 1.81 In Vandeloos Bay.
Sinhala: Kaayamkaenna.
Periyativu Eastern Batticaloa Manmunai South West 0.13 In Batticaloa Lagoon.
Sinhala: Mahadoova.
Periyativu North Western Puttalam 1.10 In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.
Sinhala: Mahadoova.
Pigeon Island
(Large & Small)
Eastern Trincomalee Kuchaveli 0.01 Uninhabited One of the two marine national parks of Sri Lanka.
Puliyanthivu Eastern Batticaloa Manmunai North 1.56 7,034 Batticaloa city
Sinhala: Kotidoova.
Puliyantivu Northern Jaffna Islands North (Kayts) 0.44 Adjacent (south east) of Analativu.
Sinhala: Kotidoova.
Puliyantivu Northern Mannar 0.90 Sinhala: Kotidoova.
Pullupiddi North Western Puttalam 0.11 In Puttalam Lagoon.
Sinhala: Kotipitiya.
Pungudutivu Northern Jaffna Islands South (Velanai) 22.56 3,600 Dutch: Middleburg.
Pali/Sinhala: Punguthdeepa
Round Island Eastern Trincomalee Town & Gravets? 0.04 In Koddiyar Bay.
Serayativu Eastern Batticaloa Manmunai West 0.46 In Batticaloa Lagoon.
Sinhala: Seradoova
Sinna Arichchal North Western Puttalam 0.16 In Dutch Bay.
Sinhala: Podi Arakgal.
Siriyativu Eastern Batticaloa Manmunai Pattu 0.03 In Batticaloa Lagoon.
Sinhala: Seruvadoova.
Thimilathiu west Eastern Batticaloa Location of SLAF Batticaloa.
Sinhala: Kevuldoova
Thorattapputti Northern Jaffna Valikamam West (Chankanai) 0.14 Between Karaitivu and Jaffna Peninsula.
Sinhala: Doratumukka.
Udayurputi North Western Puttalam 0.42 In Puttalam Lagoon.
Sinhala: Udukurupoththa.

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