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List of Somalis

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Title: List of Somalis  
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List of Somalis

This is a list of notable Somalis from Somalia, Djibouti and other parts of Greater Somalia, as well as the Somali diaspora.


  • Academics 1
  • Activists 2
  • Architects 3
  • Artists 4
  • Athletes 5
  • Authors 6
  • Directors 7
  • Entrepreneurs 8
  • Journalists 9
  • Judges 10
  • Military leaders 11
  • Models 12
  • Royals 13
  • Pilots 14
  • Politicians 15
    • Presidents 15.1
    • Prime ministers 15.2
    • Other 15.3
  • Scientists 16
  • Theologians 17
  • Miscellaneous 18
  • See also 19
  • References 20



  • Horn Relief"), co-founder of Sun Fire Cooking, and was instrumental in the creation of the Women's Coalition for Peace.
  • Hawo Tako (d. 1948) – early 20th century Somali female nationalist whose sacrifice became a symbol for pan-Somalism.
  • Asha Haji Elmi (Caasha Xaaji Cilmi) (b. 1962) – peace activist in Somalia.
  • Dekha Ibrahim Abdi (1964–14 July 2011) – Somali peace activist in Kenya
  • Hirsi Magan Isse (Xirsi Magan Ciise) (1935–2008) – activist, scholar and one of the leading figures of the Somali Revolution
  • Mohamud Siad Togane (b. 1943) – Somali Canadian poet, professor, and political activist.
  • Hanan Ibrahim – Somali social activist based in the UK. Founder of the Somali Family Support Group (SFSG).
  • Halima Ahmed – Somali political activist with the Youth Rehabilitation Center in Mogadishu.
  • Ifrah Ahmed – Somali social activist. Founder of the UYI NGO.
  • Fartuun Adan – Somali social activist; founder and Executive Director of the Elman Peace Centre.
  • Elman Ali Ahmed – Somali entrepreneur and social activist
  • Ilwad Elman – Somali social activist at the Elman Peace Centre
  • Hawa Aden Mohamed – Somali social activist. Chairperson of the Galkayo Education Centre for Peace and Development.
  • Farhiyo Farah Ibrahim – Somali social activist
  • Shadya Yasin – Somali-Canadian social activist and member of the Ontario Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities.
  • Leyla Hussein – Somali psychotherapist and social activist. Chief Executive of Hawa's Haven & co-founder of Daughters of Eve.
  • Abdirizak Bihi – Somali social activist. Director of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center.
  • Nimco Ahmed – Somali-American political activist. State Director for the DFL.
  • Hibaaq Osman – Somali political strategist. Chairperson of the ThinkTank for Arab Women, the Dignity Fund, and El-Karama.
  • Leila Abukar – Somali political activist.
  • Hodan Ahmed – Somali political activist and Senior Program Officer at the National Democratic Institute.
  • Musse Olol – Somali-American social activist and Chairman of the Somali American Council of Oregon (SACOO).
  • Ahmed Hussen – Somali-Canadian lawyer and social activist; President of the Canadian Somali Congress.


  • Alexander Yusuf – Somali-British architect; founder and Director of Villa and Mansion Architects


  • Magool (May 2, 1948 – March 19, 2004) (Halima Khaliif Omar) – prominent Somali singer, considered in Somalia as one of the greatest entertainers of all time.
  • Khadija Qalanjo – popular Somali singer and folklore dancer in the 1970s and 1980s;
  • Hasan Adan Samatar (b. 1953) – popular male artist during the 1970s and 80s
  • K'naan (b. February 1, 1978) – award-winning Somali-Canadian hip hop artist.
  • Aar Maanta – popular Somali singer, composer, songwriter and music producer.
  • Guduuda 'Arwo – Somali singer
  • Siham and Iman Hashi – Somali-Canadian pop duo.
  • Ali Feiruz (1931–1994) – Somali musician from Djibouti; part of the Radio Hargeisa generation of Somali artists.
  • Maryam Mursal (b. January 1, 1950) – famous musician from Somalia; composer and vocalist whose work has been produced by the record label Real World.
  • Mohamed Mooge Liibaan (?–June 1984) – Somali artist from the Radio Hargeisa generation.
  • Abdi Sinimo (b. 1920s) – prominent Somali artist and inventor of the Balwo musical style.
  • Waaberi – Somalia's foremost musical group that toured throughout several countries in Africa and Asia, including Egypt, Sudan and China.
  • Abdullahi Qarshe (1924–1994) – Somali musician, poet and playwright known for his innovative styles of music which included a wide variety of musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, and oud.
  • Hassan Sheikh Mumin – Somali poet, playwright, broadcaster, actor and composer.
  • Jiim Sheikh Muumin – Somali singer and instrumentalist
  • Mohamed Nuur Giriig – Somali traditional singer
  • Jonis Bashir – Somali-Italian actor and singer
  • Elisa Kadigia Bove – Somali-Italian actress and activist
  • Saba Anglana – Somali-Italian actress and international singer
  • Abdi Bashir Indhobuur – poet and songwriter
  • Marian Joan Elliott Said (Poly Styrene) (July 3, 1957 – April 25, 2011) – pioneering Somali-British punk rock singer with X-Ray Spex
  • Mocky (Dominic Salole) (b. October 7, 1974) – Somali-Canadian pop music performer
  • Hassan Sheikh Mumin (1930/31–January 16, 2008) – Somali poet, reciter and playwright
  • Waayaha Cusub – Somali music collective led by Falis Abdi
  • Sherissa – Somali singer-songwriter
  • A'maal Nuux – Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Sulekha Ali – Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Amin Amir – Somali-Canadian cartoonist and painter





  • Abdirashid Duale – award-winning Somali entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the CEO of the multinational enterprise Dahabshiil.
  • Omar A. Ali – Somali entrepreneur, accountant, financial consultant, philanthropist, and leading specialist on Islamic finance. Formerly CEO of Dar al-Maal al-Islami (DMI Trust), which under his management increased its assets from $1.6 billion USD to $4.0 billion USD. He is currently the chairman and founder of the multinational real estate corporation Integrated Property Investments Limited and its sister company Quadron investments.
  • Amina Moghe Hersi (b. 1963) – Award-winning Somali entrepreneur that has launched several multimillion-dollar projects in Kampala, Uganda, such as the Oasis Centre luxury mall and the Laburnam Courts. She also runs Kingstone Enterprises Limited, one of the largest distributors of cement and other hardware materials in Kampala.
  • Aden Mohammed – prominent Somali banker and entrepreneur. He is the managing director of Barclays Bank in East and West Africa. Under his tenure BBK won the Banker Awards 2009.
  • Yussur A.F. Abrar – banker and entrepreneur. First female Governor of the Central Bank of Somalia.
  • Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim – twin fashion designers and owners of the Mataano brand.
  • Liban Abdi Egal – Founder and Chairman of First Somali Bank.
  • Hodan Nalayeh – Somali media executive and entrepreneur. President of the Cultural Integration Agency and the Vice President of Sales & Programming Development of Cameraworks Productions International.
  • Abdulkadir Ali – Somali-American entrepreneur. Former President of the Somali American Chamber of Commerce.
  • Hussein Mohamed – Somali entrepreneur. Vice Chairman of the Eastleigh Business Association.
  • Hussein Shire – Somali businessman. Founder and former CEO of Gateway Bus Company.
  • Nuria Sheikh Farah – Somali entrepreneur. Owner of Risala Enterprises Ltd. and Chairperson of Gargaar.
  • Nasra Agil – Somali-Canadian civil engineer and entrepreneur.
  • Nathif Jama Adam – Somali banker and politician. Former Senior Vice President and the Head of Sharjah Islamic Bank's Investments & International Banking Division, and Governor of Garissa County.
  • Faisal Hawar – Somali engineer and entrepreneur. CEO/President and co-founder of the International Somalia Development Foundation as well as the Maakhir Resource Company.



Military leaders




  • Asli Hassan Abade – was the first Somali female pilot. A prominent member of the Somali Air Force, she paved the way for gender equality within the military ranks.
  • Ali Matan Hashi (Cali Mataan Xaashi) – first Somali pilot and prominent member of the Supreme Revolutionary Council. Established the Somali Air Force.
  • Mustafa Mohamed Moalim (Mustafa Maxamed Macalin) (March 25, 1943 – December 27, 2009) – first Somali fighter pilot, chief of the Somali Air Force School and chief of the Somali Air Force Operations.



Prime ministers





  • Hussain Bisad – Tallest Somali man alive with the largest hand span in the world

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