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List of places in California (K)

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Title: List of places in California (K)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of places in California (H), List of places in California (F), List of places in California (D), List of places in California (C), List of places in California (B)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of places in California (K)

This list of current:

Information on the number and names of counties in which the place lies, and its lower and upper ZIP code bounds, if applicable are also included.

Name of place Number of counties Principal county Lower zip code Upper zip code
Kadota 1 Merced County    
Kagel Canyon 1 Los Angeles County 91342  
Kaiser 1 San Bernardino County    
Kaiser Center 1 Alameda County 94612  
Kaiser's Eagle Mountain 1 Riverside County 92241  
Kalina 1 Modoc County    
Kamondorski 1 Alameda County    
Kamp Klamath 1 Del Norte County 95548  
Kanawyers 1 Fresno County    
Kandra 1 Modoc County    
Kane Spring 1 Imperial County    
Karlo 1 Lassen County    
Karnak 1 Sutter County 95645  
Karuk Reservation 2 Humboldt County    
Karuk Reservation 2 Siskiyou County    
Kathryn 1 Orange County    
Kaweah 1 Tulare County 93237  
Kayandee 1 Kern County    
Kearney 1 Los Angeles County    
Kearsarge 1 Inyo County    
Keddie 1 Plumas County 95952  
Keefer 1 Butte County    
Keeler 1 Inyo County 93530  
Keenbrook 1 San Bernardino County    
Keene 1 Kern County 93531  
Keene Summit 1 Mendocino County 95427  
Kegg 1 Siskiyou County    
Keith 1 Ventura County    
Kekawaka 1 Trinity County    
Kellog 1 Sonoma County 94515  
Kelsey 1 El Dorado County 95643  
Kelseyville 1 Lake County 95451  
Kelso 1 San Bernardino County 92351  
Kennedy 1 San Joaquin County    
Kennedy Meadow 1 Tuolumne County 95370  
Kenny 1 Mendocino County    
Kensington 1 Contra Costa County 94707  
Kensington Park 1 San Diego County    
Kentfield 1 Marin County 94904  
Kenton Mill 1 San Bernardino County    
Kentucky House 1 Calaveras County    
Kentwood-In-The-Pines 1 San Diego County    
Kent Woodlands 1 Marin County 94904  
Kenwood 1 Sonoma County 95452  
Keough Hot Springs 1 Inyo County 93514  
Kephart 1 Modoc County    
Kerens 1 San Bernardino County    
Kerlinger 1 San Joaquin County    
Kerman 1 Fresno County 93630  
Kern City 1 Kern County    
Kernell 1 Kern County    
Kern Homes 1 Kern County 93306  
Kern Junction 1 Kern County    
Kern Lake 1 Kern County    
Kernvale 1 Kern County 93240  
Kernville 1 Kern County 93238  
Kester 1 Los Angeles County 91405  
Keswick 1 Shasta County 96001  
Kett 1 Shasta County    
Kettenpom 1 Trinity County    
Kettleman 1 San Joaquin County    
Kettleman City 1 Kings County 93239  
Kettleman Station 1 Kings County    
Kevet 1 Ventura County    
Keyes 1 Stanislaus County 95328  
Keyesville 1 Kern County    
Keystone 1 Los Angeles County    
Keystone 1 Tuolumne County 95327  
Kibesillah 1 Mendocino County    
Kiesel 1 Yolo County    
Kilaga Springs 1 Placer County    
Kilkare Woods 1 Alameda County 94586  
Kilowatt 1 Kern County    
Kimball 1 Ventura County    
Kincaid 1 Los Angeles County    
King 1 Orange County 92706  
King City 1 Monterey County 93930  
Kingdon 1 San Joaquin County    
King Farms 1 Yolo County    
King Salmon 1 Humboldt County    
Kings Beach 1 Placer County 96143  
Kingsburg 1 Fresno County 93631  
Kings Canyon National Park 2 Fresno County 93633  
Kings Canyon National Park 2 Tulare County 93633  
Kings Park 1 Kings County    
Kingsville 1 El Dorado County    
Kingvale 1 Nevada County 95728  
Kinneloa Mesa 1 Los Angeles County 99107  
Kinyon 1 Siskiyou County    
Kirkville 1 Sutter County 95645  
Kirkwood 1 Alpine County 95646  
Kirkwood 1 Glenn County    
Kirkwood 1 Tehama County 96021  
Kiska 1 Tehama County    
Kismet 1 Madera County    
Kister 1 Butte County    
Kit Carson 1 Amador County 95644  
Kiva Beach 1 El Dorado County    
Klamath 1 Del Norte County 95548  
Klamath Air Force Station 1 Del Norte County 95548  
Klamath Glen 1 Del Norte County 95548  
Klamath River 1 Siskiyou County 96050  
Klau 1 San Luis Obispo County 93446  
Klinefelter 1 San Bernardino County    
Klondike 1 San Bernardino County    
Kneeland 1 Humboldt County 95549  
Knightsen 1 Contra Costa County 94548  
Knights Ferry 1 Stanislaus County 95361  
Knights Landing 1 Yolo County 95645  
Knob 1 Shasta County 96001  
Knowles 1 Madera County 93653  
Knowles Corner 1 Sonoma County    
Knowles Junction 1 Madera County    
Knoxville 1 Napa County    
Kohler 1 Alameda County    
Komandorski Village 1 Alameda County 94568  
Korbel 1 Humboldt County 95550  
Korbel 1 Sonoma County    
Korblex 1 Humboldt County    
Kramer Hills 1 San Bernardino County    
Kramer Junction 1 San Bernardino County 93516  
Kramm 1 Butte County    
Krug 1 Napa County 94574  
Kyburz 1 El Dorado County 95720  
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