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Kernstown II Confederate order of battle

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Title: Kernstown II Confederate order of battle  
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Subject: Kernstown II Union order of battle, Loudoun County in the American Civil War, Army of the Valley, List of orders of battle
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Kernstown II Confederate order of battle

The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the American Civil War's Second Battle of Kernstown on July 24, 1864 in Kernstown, now part of the Virginia city of Winchester. The Union order of battle is shown separately.


  • Abbreviations used 1
    • Military rank 1.1
    • Other 1.2
  • Army of the Valley 2
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Abbreviations used

Military rank


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Army of the Valley

LTG Jubal A. Early

Breckinridge’s Command
   MG John C. Breckinridge[1]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
(Echols’ Division)
      BG Gabriel C. Wharton

Wharton’s Brigade
   Col Augustus Forsberg

Echols’ Brigade

   Col George S. Patton

Smith’s Brigade

   Col Thomas A. Smith

Second Division
(Gordon’s Division)
      MG John B. Gordon

Evans’ Brigade

   Col E.N. Atkinson

  • 13th Georgia Infantry
  • 26th Georgia Infantry
  • 31st Georgia Infantry
  • 38th Georgia Infantry
  • 60th Georgia Infantry
  • 61st Georgia Infantry
  • 12th Georgia Infantry Battalion
York’s Consolidated Louisiana Brigade

   BG Zebulon York

Hays’s Old Brigade (Louisiana Tigers) - Col W. R. Peck

  • 5th Louisiana Infantry
  • 6th Louisiana Infantry
  • 7th Louisiana Infantry
  • 8th Louisiana Infantry
  • 9th Louisiana Infantry

Stafford’s Old Brigade - Col E. Waggaman

  • 1st Louisiana Infantry
  • 2nd Louisiana Infantry
  • 10th Louisiana Infantry
  • 14th Louisiana Infantry
  • 15th Louisiana Infantry
Terry’s Consolidated Virginia Brigade

   BG William Terry

Stonewall Brigade - Col J.H.S. Funk

Jones’s Old Second Brigade - Col R. H. Dungan

Steuart’s Old Third Brigade - Cpt Peter Yancy

Forces reporting directly to Early
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Rodes’ Division
     MG Robert E. Rodes

Battle’s Brigade

   Col Samuel Pickens

  • 3rd Alabama Infantry
  • 5th Alabama Infantry
  • 6th Alabama Infantry
  • 12th Alabama Infantry
  • 61st Alabama Infantry
Grimes’ Brigade

   Ltc James Moorehead

  • 32nd North Carolina Infantry
  • 43rd North Carolina Infantry
  • 45th North Carolina Infantry
  • 53rd North Carolina Infantry
  • 2nd North Carolina Infantry Battalion
Cook’s Brigade

   BG Philip Cook

  • 4th Georgia Infantry
  • 12th Georgia Infantry
  • 21st Georgia Infantry
  • 44th Georgia Infantry
Cox’s Brigade

   BG William Ruffin Cox

  • 1st North Carolina Infantry
  • 2nd North Carolina Infantry
  • 3rd North Carolina Infantry
  • 4th North Carolina Infantry
  • 14th North Carolina Infantry
  • 30th North Carolina Infantry

Ramseur’s Division
     MG Stephen Dodson Ramseur

Lilley’s Brigade

   Col John Hoffman

Johnston’s Brigade

   BG Robert D. Johnston

  • 5th North Carolina Infantry
  • 12th North Carolina Infantry
  • 20th North Carolina Infantry
  • 23rd North Carolina Infantry
Lewis’ Brigade

   Col Archibald Godwin

  • 6th North Carolina Infantry
  • 21st North Carolina Infantry
  • 54th North Carolina Infantry
  • 57th North Carolina Infantry
  • 1st North Carolina Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters

Ransom’s Cavalry Division
     BG John C. Vaughn

Imboden’s Brigade

   BG John D. Imboden

McCausland’s Brigade

   BG John McCausland

Johnson’s Brigade

   BG Bradley T. Johnson

Jackson’s Brigade

   BG W. L. Jackson

     BG Armistead L. Long

Braxton’s Battalion

   Maj Carter M. Braxton

  • Allegheny County (Virginia) Artillery
  • Lee County (Virginia) Artillery
  • Stafford County (Virginia) Artillery
King’s Battalion

   Maj J. Floyd King

  • Wise Legion (Virginia) Artillery
  • Lewisburg (Virginia) Artillery
  • Monroe (Virginia) Battery
Nelson’s Battalion

   Maj William Nelson


  • Kernstown Battlefield Association


  1. ^ Breckinridge commanded the First and Second Divisions of the Army of the Valley, while the others reported directly to Early. Since the Valley District was itself the Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia it is inaccurate to refer to these two divisions as a "corps", however much it functioned like one.
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