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List of Chinook Jargon place names

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Title: List of Chinook Jargon place names  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Lists of placename etymologies, Toponymy, Canada-related lists
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Chinook Jargon place names

The following is a listing of placenames from the Chinook Jargon, generally from the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, the Canadian Yukon Territory and the American states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Some outliers exist in California, Utah, Nevada, the Canadian Prairies and the Great Plains States, and as far east as Michigan, Ontario, Quebec and New Hampshire; those in the Prairies/Plains and Ontario/Quebec may be assumed to have been "carried" there in the era by fur traders.

Note: multiples entries of the same name are sorted in alphabetical order by state or province.


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Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Alki "soon", "the future" West Seattle, King WA neighborhood Duwamish Head 47.576°N 122.409°W The earliest European settlers in the Seattle area called their settlement "New York Alki." "Alki" is the state motto of Washington.
Alki Beach " West Seattle, King WA beach Duwamish Head 47.579°N 122.409°W
Alki Creek " St. Mary Lake, W of Cranbrook BC stream 82F/9 49°36′57″N 116°12′58″W
Alki Creek " near Dawson City YT stream 116B/2 64°03′55″N 138°59′15″W
Alkie Creek " Tatshenshini-Alsek BC stream 114P/11 59°41′33″N 137°12′55″W
Alki Crest " Pierce WA summit Golden Lakes 46.964°N 121.893°W
Alki Elementary " King WA school Duwamish Head 47.578°N 122.406°W
Alki Point " West Seattle, King WA cape Duwamish Head 47.576°N 122.419°W
Alki Point Lighthouse " West Seattle, King WA locale Duwamish Head 47.574°N 122.418°W


Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Big Mowich Mountain mowich="deer" Harney OR summit Big Mowich Mountain 43.952°N 119.564°W also indexed under "M"
Big Mowich Reservoir " Grant OR reservoir Suplee Butte 44.224°N 119.608°W also indexed under "M"
Boston Bar "American" (as opposed to British which was "King George") Fraser Canyon BC community & bar 92H/14 49°51′58″N 121°26′31″W also Boston Bar Indian Reserves nos. 1A, 8, 9, 11. "Bar" means sandy riverbank.
Boston Bar Creek " Coquihalla River,
Canadian Cascades
BC stream 92H/6 49°29′18″N 121°12′41″W
Boston Bay " Comox Lake BC bay 92H/6 49°38′0″N 125°8′0″W
Boston Bluff " Klamath OR cliff Devils Peak 42.678°N 122.226°W
Boston Brook " Shoshone ID stream Steamboat Creek 47.719°N 116.209°W
Boston Canyon " Umatilla OR valley Gibbon 45.684°N 118.362°W
Boston Creek " Comox Lake BC stream 92H/6 49°38′10″N 125°8′2″W
Boston Drain " Malheur OR canal Vale West 43.932°N 117.319°W
Boston Flats " Cache Creek-Ashcroft junction BC locality & flat 92I/14 50°45′57″N 121°18′40″W
Boston Gulch " Boise ID valley Placerville 43.896°N 115.902°W
Boston Harbor " Thurston WA bay Squaxin Island 47.142°N 122.902°W
Boston Harbor " Thurston WA town/city Squaxin Island 47.139°N 122.900°W also Boston Harbor Elementary School
Boston Hill " NE of Red Deer AB summit 83A/6 52°28′00″N 113°26′00″W Alberta location code 29 and 30-40-24-W4; presumably of Chinook origin, but possibly not
Boston Horse Camp " Malheur OR locale Brogan 44.128°N 117.608°W
Boston Islands " Wales Island, Tongass Pass/Chatham Sound BC islands 103J/10 54°42′0″N 130°34′0″W
Boston Lake " N of Comox Lake BC islands 92F/11 49°39′3″N 125°12′44″W source of Boston Creek
Boston Mills (historical) " Linn OR locale Halsey 44.461°N 123.081°W
Boston Mills Post Office (historical) " Linn OR locale Halsey 44.461°N 123.081°W
Boston Mountain " Idaho ID summit Boston Mountain 45.646°N 115.188°W
Boston Mountain Lake " Idaho ID lake Boston Mountain 45.642°N 115.181°W
Boston Point " Cook Channel, Nootka Island, Nootka Sound BC cape 92e/10 49°39′376″N 126°36′53″W
Boston Point " Jefferson WA cape Brinnon 47.665°N 122.903°W
Boston Ridge " N side Comox Lake BC ridge 92F/11 49°38′18″N 125°11′53″W flanks Boston Creek
Boston Sink " Crook OR flat Hardin Ranch 43.882°N 119.926°W
Boston Tunnel " Grant OR mine Granite 44.864°N 118.389°W


Placename Meaning County or Region State/Province Type USGS Quad or NTS topo Latitude Longitude Comments
Chack Chack Lake "bald eagle" Desolation Sound BC lake 92F/9 49°41'00" 124°09'00" "Named after L.H. Roberts of Nelson Island, whose Indian name is Chack-chak (the Chinook Jargon word for "bald eagle")"[1]
Chako Creek "come", "become" Lane OR stream Groundhog Mountain 43.519°N 122.284°W
Chickaman Gulch "metal, ore" Missoula MT valley Carlton Lake 46.746°N 114.193°W usually spelled "chikamin" or "chickaman"
Chickaman Mine " Missoula MT mine Blue Mountain 46.751°N 114.193°W
Chikamin Bay "metal, ore" Chikamin Range,
Hazelton Mountains
BC bay 93E/7 53°28′00″N 126°56′0″W
Chikamin Creek " Chikamin Range,
Hazelton Mountains
BC stream 93E/7 53°28′00″N 126°59′0″W
Chikamin Creek " Chelan WA stream Chikamin Creek 47.904°N 120.729°W
Chikamin Creek " Grays Harbor WA stream Mount Hoquiam 47.503°N 123.541°W
Chikamin Creek " Snohomish WA stream Glacier Peak West 48.033°N 121.198°W
Chikamin Lake " Kittitas WA lake Chikamin Peak 47.481°N 121.305°W
Chikamin Mountain " Chikamin Range,
Hazelton Mountains
BC summit 93E/7 53°23′19″N 127°3′2″W
Chikamin Peak " King WA summit Chikamin Peak 47.480°N 121.315°W
Chikamin Range " Hazelton Mountains BC range 93E/6 53°24′0″N 127°5′0″W Tahtsa Lake;
Chikamin Ridge " Chelan WA ridge Chikamin Creek 47.973°N 120.688°W
Chikamin Ridge " Kittitas WA ridge Chikamin Peak 47.458°N 121.293°W
Chinook see Chinook wind Deer River,
N of Brooks
AB unincorporated area 72M/7 51°27′00″N 110°55′00″W Alberta location code 4-29-7-W4
Chinook " Blaine MT town/city & locale Chinook 48.590°N 109.231°W also Chinook Alliance Church, Chinook Cemetery, Chinook Fire Department, Chinook Golf Club, Chinook High School, Chinook Police Department, Chinook Post Office
Chinook see Chinook salmon Pacific WA town/city Chinook 46.273°N 123.944°W
Chinook Bay Campground see Chinook salmon Custer ID locale Stanley 44.159°N 114.912°W
Chinook Bend see Chinook salmon Lincoln ID bend Devils Lake 44.881°N 123.960°W
Chinook Campground see Chinook salmon Idaho ID locale Loon Lake 45.213°N 115.809°W
Chinook Cove see Chinook salmon North Thompson River,
N of Barriere
BC unincorporated area 92P/1 and 92P/8 51°14′00″N 120°10′00″W
Chinook Creek see Chinook salmon Matanuska-Susitna AK stream Talkeetna Mountains D-5 62.803°N 149.163°W
Chinook Creek see Chinook wind Wapiti River AB stream 83L/12 54°44′00″N 119°57′00″W Alberta location code 66-13-W6
Chinook Creek see Chinook salmon North Thompson River,
N of Barriere
BC stream 92B/8 51°16′00″N 120°11′00″W
Chinook Creek see Chinook salmon Pierce WA stream Chinook Pass 46.800°N 121.558°W
Chinook Creek see Chinook salmon Skamania WA stream Bare Mountain 45.961°N 122.114°W
Chinook Creek " Teslin Lake,
near Carcross
YT stream 105D/8 60°31P0621'00"N 134°13′00″W
Chinook Elementary School see Chinook salmon King WA school Auburn 47.290°N 122.180°W
Chinook Elementary School see Chinook wind and Chinook salmon Cayuga NY locale Fair Haven 43.317°N 76.718°W
Chinook Jetty see Chinook salmon Pacific WA locale Chinook 46.254°N 123.946°W
Chinook, Lac see Chinook wind Riviere St.-Maurice, near La Tuque,
QC lake 31P/6 47°17′00″N 73°01′00″W
Chinook, Lac du " Duhamel, Papineau QC lake 31J/3 46°00′00″N 75°16′00″W
Chinook, Lac du " Riviere de Sault aux Cochons,
near Lac-au-Brochet,
La Haute-Côte-Nord
QC lake 22F/4 49°03′00″N 69°51′00″W
Chinook, Lac du " Lac-Ashuapmushuan, Le Domaine-du-Roy QC lake 32A/12 48°40′00″N 73°58′00″W
Chinook Lake see Chinook salmon Flathead MT lake Tally Lake 48.433°N 114.528°W
Chinook Lake " Etamami River SK lake 63D/8 52°23′00″N 102°28′00″W Saskatchewan location code 39-4-W2
Chinook Lake " Wapiti River AB lake 83L/12 54°38′00″N 119°56′00″W Alberta location code 65-13-W6
Chinook Middle School see Chinook salmon King WA school Clyde Hill 43.37°N 122.126°W
Chinook Middle School see Chinook salmon King WA school Kirkland 47.628°N 122.210°W
Chinook Middle School see Chinook salmon King WA school Des Moines 47.435°N 122.279°W
Chinook Middle School see Chinook salmon Thurston WA school Lacey 47.054°N 122.826°W
Chinook Mountain see Chinook salmon Shuswap Highland, NE of Barriere BC summit 92P/8 51°18′00″N 120°07′00″W
Chinook Mountain see Chinook salmon Valley ID summit Chinook Mountain 44.733°N 115.352°W
Chinook Park see Chinook wind Calgary AB unincorporated area 82J/16 50°59′00″N 114°05′00″W
Chinook Park see Chinook salmon Josephine OR park Grants Pass 42.429°N 123.259°W
Chinook Pass see Chinook Yakima WA gap Chinook Pass 46.872°N 121.514°W
Chinook Pass Work Center see Chinook Yakima WA locale Cliffdell 46.902°N 121.016°W
Chinook Peak see Chinook wind Crowsnest Pass AB summit 82J/16 49°35′00″N 114°37′00″W Alberta location code 27-5-7-W5
Chinook, Petit lac du " Riviere de Sault aux Cochons,
near Lac-au-Brochet,
La Haute-Côte-Nord
QC lake 22F/4 49°04′00″N 69°51′00″W
Chinook Point see Chinook salmon Pacific WA cape Chinook 46.252°N 123.921°W
Chinook Ridge see Chinook Salmon Wapiti River AB/BC summit 83L/12 54°39′00″N 120°00′00″W
Chinook River see Chinook salmon Pacific WA cape Chinook 46.302°N 123.971°W
Chinook School see Chinook salmon Anchorage AK cape Anchorage A-8 NW 61.142°N 149.937°W
Chinook Valley " Peace River AB unincorporated area 83L/12 56°29′00″N 117°39′00″W Alberta location code 24-86-24-W5
Chum Creek "painted, marked" Little Shuswap Lake BC stream 83L/13 50°51′54″N 119°35′52″W Chum (sometimes spelled tzum often means the chum salmon - i.e. spotted salmon (or dog salmon), which may be the case here; given the location (near Chase) it could just as easily have to do with coloured stones, or availability of ochre or other pigments. Also Chum Creek Indian Reserve No. 2 at same location
Chum Lake " S of Little Shuswap Lake BC lake 83L/13 50°49′0″N 119°35′0″W source of Chum Creek
Chum Point " Salmon Inlet BC lake 83L/13 49°39′12″N 123°37′57″W at this location probably refers to salmon; the point opposite is Steelhead Point, and this is Salmon Inlet (an arm of Sechelt Inlet)
Chumstick "painted/marked wood/tree" Chelan WA town/city Winton 47.688°N 120.638°W possibly refers to a type of tree, or to the use of a particular type of wood or tree used as a paintbrush, or as a source of dye or paint.
Chumstick Creek " Chelan WA stream Leavenworth 47.603°N 120.643°W
Chumstick Mountain s" Chelan WA summit Chumstick Mountain 47.651°N 120.450°W
Colchuck Glacier "cold water" i.e. "ice" Chelan WA glacier Enchantment Lakes 47.480°N 120.839°W Cole" + chuck
Colchuck Lake " Chelan WA glacier Enchantment Lakes 47.480°N
Colchuck Lake Dam " Chelan WA dam Enchantment Lakes 47.495°N 120.835°W
Colchuck Pass " Chelan WA gap Enchantment Lakes 47.481°N 120.819°W
Colchuck Peak " Chelan WA summit Enchantment Lakes 47.477°N 120.844°W
Colchuck Trail " Chelan WA trail Enchantment Lakes 47.498°N 120.838°W
Cosho Peak "hog, pig, swine" Skagit WA summit Mount Logan 48.589°N 120.926°W from fr. le cochon; Cosho Peak is on Ragged Ridge, which also includes other Jargon-named peaks: Kimtah Peak, Katsuk Peak, Mesahchie Peak (q.v.)
Coxit Creek "broken, "shattered" Okanogan WA stream Coxit Mountain 48.692°N 119.757°W Coxit is usually kokshut
Coxit Creek Trail (historical) " Okanogan WA trail Coxit Mountain 48.688°N 119.799°W
Coxit Mountain " Okanogan WA ridge Coxit Mountain 48.690°N 119.843°W
Cultus Bay "bad, worthless" Island WA bay Maxwelton 47.919°N 122.396°W
Cultus Corral Horse Camp " Deschutes OR locale Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.822°N 121.800°W
Cultus Creek " Kootenay Lake BC stream 82F/7 49°20′0″N 116°48′0″W 35 km NW of Creston
Cultus Creek " Upper Elk River,
Rocky Mountains
BC stream 82J/7 50°30′0″N 114°59′0″W 85 km N of Sparwood
Cultus Creek " Thompson Plateau BC stream 92I/8 50°19′0″N 120°27′0″W just north of Nicola Lake
Cultus Creek " Valley ID stream Big Baldy 44.813°N 115.176°W
Cultus Creek " Clackamas OR stream Bedford Point 45.147°N 122.206°W
Cultus Creek " Deschutes OR stream Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.802°N 121.805°W
Cultus Creek " Douglas OR stream Red Butte 43.144°N 122.951°W
Cultus Creek " Jefferson OR stream Axehandle Butte 44.707°N 120.743°W
Cultus Creek " Marion OR stream Mother Lode Mountain 44.779°N 122.058°W
Cultus Creek " Jefferson WA stream Indian Pass 47.880°N 124.175°W
Cultus Creek " Skamania WA stream Sleeping Beauty 46.079°N 121.681°W
Cultus Creek Campground " Skamania WA locale Lone Butte 46.047°N 121.754°W
Cultus Creek Station " Skamania WA locale Lone Butte 46.047°N 121.754°W
Cultus Hole " Yakima WA area Fairview Ridge 46.479°N 121.127°W
Cultus Lake " Chilliwack,
BC community 92H/4 49°4′0″N 121°58′0″W
Cultus Lake " Chilliwack,
BC lake 92H/4 49°3′0″N 121°59′0″W
Cultus Lake " Arrowstone Hills,
Bonaparte Plateau
BC lake 92I/14 50°52′0″N 121°3′0″W 15 km NW of Savona
Cultus Lake Park " Chilliwack,
BC lake 92H/4 49°3′0″N 121°58′0″W
Cultus Lake " Deschutes OR lake Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.839°N 121.853°W
Cultus Lake " Douglas OR lake Deadman Mountain 43.119°N 122.960°W
Cultus Lake " Skamania WA lake Lone Butte 46.029°N 121.772°W
Cultus Lake Recreation Site " Deschutes OR locale Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.836°N 121.833°W
Cultus Lake Resort " Deschutes OR locale Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.829°N 121.837°W
Cultus Lake Trail " Deschutes OR trail Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.867°N 121.859°W
Cultus Mountain " Deschutes OR summit Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.819°N 121.869°W
Cultus Mountain " Skagit WA summit Sedro-Woolley South 48.425°N 122.141°W
Cultus Mountain Reservoir " Skagit WA summit Sedro-Woolley South 48.393°N 122.187°W
Cultus Mountain Reservoir Dam A " Skagit WA dam Sedro-Woolley South 48.395°N 122.188°W
Cultus Mountain Reservoir Dam B " Skagit WA dam Sedro-Woolley South 48.393°N 122.187°W
Cultus Mountain Reservoir Dam C " Skagit WA dam Sedro-Woolley South 48.387°N 122.185°W
Cultus Mountains " Skagit WA range Haystack Mountain 48.421°N 122.114°W
Cultus North Shore Recreation Site " Skagit WA locale Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.844°N 121.848°W "North Shore" is or Cultus Lake on same quad
Cultus River " Deschutes OR stream Crane Prairie Reservoir 43.772°N 121.803°W
Cultus Sound " Hunter Island,
Queen Charlotte Sound
BC stream 102P/16 51°54′0″N 128°13′0″W


Placename Meaning County State Type USGS Quad Latitude Longitude Comments
Eena Creek "beaver" Benewah ID stream Emida 47.069°N 116.533°W


Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Hiyu Creek "many", or "a party" Fraser River,
near confluence Bowron River
BC stream 93I/4 54°0′59″N 121°45′47″W
Hyak "fast", or "hurry up" Kittitas WA town/city Snoqualmie Pass 47.393°N 121.392°W
Hyak County Park " Benton OR park Lewisburg 44.639°N 123.159°W
Hyak Creek " Clallam WA stream Slide Peak 47.925°N 123.964°W
Hyak Creek " Kittitas WA stream Snoqualmie Pass 47.400°N 121.405°W
Hyak Junior High School " King WA school Mercer Island 47.604°N 122.169°W
Hyak Lake " Kittitas WA lake Snoqualmie Pass 47.393°N 121.421°W
Hyak Shelter " Clallam WA locale Slide Peak 47.924°N 123.971°W
Hyak Mountain "fast", or "hurry up" Purcell Mountains,
near Argenta-Lardeau
BC summit 82K/1 50°15′00″N 116°26′00″W
Hyas "big, great, important" near Norquay SK town 62M/16 51°54′00″N 102°16′00″W
Hyas Creek " Clallam WA stream Reade Hill 47.960°N 124.256°W
Hyas Lake " E of Mount Lolo,
Shuswap Highland,
near confluence Bowron River
BC lake 82L/13 50°47′50″N 119°57′58″W c. 30 km ENE of Kamloops, British Columbia
Hyas Lake " Kitsap WA lake The Cradle 47.567°N 121.119°W
Hyas Lake " Kittitas WA lake Mount Daniel 47.575°N 121.128°W
Hyas Lake " Skagit WA lake Huckleberry Mountain 48.366°N 121.362°W
Hyas Lookout " Clallam WA locale Indian Pass 47.981°N 124.133°W


Placename Meaning County or region State or Province Type USGS Quad or NTS topo Latitude Longitude Comments
Ikt Butte "one" Deschutes OR summit 43.858°N 121.276°W Lava Cast Forest
Ikt Glacier " Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/6 Moxt Glacier ("two"), Kloon Glacier ("three"), Lahkit Glacier ("four"), Kwinnum Glacier ("five"), Taghum Glacier ("six"), Sinnamoxt Glacier ("seven"), Stotekin Glacier ("eight") are nearby
Ikt Lake " nr Ocean Falls BC lake 93D/5 Mokst Lake (from "two") is immediately upstream
Illahee "land, grassland" Curry OR community
Illahee Meadows " Bonaparte Plateau BC flat 92P/3 51°10′0″N 121°17′0″W 22 km NE of Clinton, British Columbia
Illahee Xing " Marion OR overpass Named overpass S of Salem, OR crossing Interstate 5
Inati Creek "across" Parsnip Reach, Williston Lake BC stream 93O/12 55°44′22″N 123°31′23″W
Ipsoot Butte "hidden" Klamath OR summit Spring Butte 43.553°N 121.354°W
Ipsoot Creek "hidden" Rutherford Creek, W of Pemberton and N of Whistler BC stream 92P/8 51°15′56″N 120°10′37″W there are two Ipsoot Creeks coming of the Ipsoot Glacier, this one on the NE flank of the Ipsoot massif, the other on its south. This one comes from the main toe of the Ipsoot Glacier.
Ipsoot Creek "hidden" Lillooet River, NW of Pemberton BC stream 92J/7 50°17′6″N on S flank of Ipsoot massif
Ipsoot Creek " Latah ID stream Sand Mountain 46.928°N 116.542°W
Ipsoot Glacier " Pemberton Icecap-Rutherford Creek BC glacier 92J/6 50°19′59″N 123°0′10″W
Ipsoot Lake " Whatcom WA lake Bacon Peak 48.713°N 1121.539°W
Ipsoot Mountain " SE Pemberton Icecap-Rutherford Creek BC summit 92J/7 50°19′36″N 122°59′30″W NW of Pemberton, N of Whistler
Ipsut Creek " Pierce WA stream Mowich Lake 46°58′47″N 121°40′56″W


Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Kahkwa Creek "like", "as", "similar to" Jefferson WA stream Indian Pass 47.881°N 124.248°W
Kahkawa Lake "similar to" Upper Fraser Valley BC lake
Kalahin Mountain poss. var. of kullaghan — "fence, fenced enclosure" Boundary Ranges,
just S of Iskut River
BC summit 104B/11 56°34′43″N 131°0′32″W maybe Tahltan in origin
Kalitan Creek "arrow", also means "shot-ball", i.e. for a musket, or "bullet" Kitimat Ranges,
Kitlope River basin
BC stream 93E/4 53°03′10″N 127°48′55″W pron. "Kuh-LIE-tun". see BCGNIS "Kalitan Creek" for more
Kalitan Peak Three Sisters Wilderness OR south of S. Sister
Kanaka Bar "Hawaiian man";
see also Owyhee
Fraser Canyon BC bar & locality 92I/4 50°7′0″N 121°34′0″W Kanaka is also name of CNR railway point here; also Kanaka Bar Indian Reserves 1A and 2; Kanaka Bar Tunnel on TransCanada Highway Kanaka Mountain is nearby
Kanaka Bar " Butte CA bar Forbestown 39.601°N 121.317°W more southerly Californian Kanaka placenames not necessarily Chinook in origin, could be direct into local English from Hawaiian
Kanaka Bar " Siskiyou CA bar Badger Mountain 41.865°N 122.726°W
Kanaka Bay " San Juan WA bay False Bay 48.485°N 123.083°W
Kanaka Bluff " W tip Portland Island,
off Swartz Bay
BC bluff False Bay 48°43′32″N 123°23′12″W SW of Fulford Harbour, Saltspring Island
Kanaka Cemetery " Siskiyou CA cemetery Badger Mountain 41.864°N 122.722°W
Kanaka Creek " Maple Ridge,
just east of Haney
BC stream & neighbourhood 92G/2 49°12′0″N 122°35′0″W
Kanaka Creek " Butte CA stream Stirling City 39.943°N 121.575°W
Kanaka Creek " Butte CA stream Forbestown 39.600°N 121.313°W
Kanaka Creek " Shasta CA stream Igo 40.542°N 122.532°W
Kanaka Creek " Sierra CA stream Pike 39.420°N 120.942°W
Kanaka Creek " Siskiyou CA stream Clear Creek 41.745°N 123.399°W
Kanaka Creek " Tuolumne CA stream Moccasin 37.844°N 120.356°W
Kanaka Creek " Skamania WA stream Bonneville Dam 45.696°N 121.876°W
Kanaka Cutoff " Yolo CA canal Knights Landing 38.768°N 121.637°W
Kanaka Flat " San Diego CA flat Julian 33.107°N 116.616°W
Kanaka Glade " Lake CA flat Hough Springs 39.207°N 122.579°W
Kanaka Gulch " Amador CA valley Amador City 38.422°N 120.813°W
Kanaka Gulch " El Dorado CA valley Georgetown 38.996°N 120.798°W
Kanaka Gulch " Siskiyou CA valley Sawyers Bar 41.300°N 123.220°W
Kanaka Gulch " Jackson OR valley Squaw Lakes 42.067°N 123.113°W
Kanaka Hill Mine " Siskiyou CA mine Clear Creek 41.744°N 123.399°W
Kanaka Lake " Shuswap Highland,
12 km SE of Sicamous
BC lake 82L/10 50°44′25″N 118°55′6″W
Kanaka Lake " Tooele UT reservoir Salt Mountain 40.562°N 112.744°W
Kanaka Mine " Tuolumne CA mine Groveland 37.870°N 120.161°W
Kanaka Mountain " Canadian Cascades,
Fraser Canyon
BC summit 92I/3 50°6′57″N 121°29′11″W near Kanaka Bar
Kanaka Peak " Butte CA summit Forbestown 39.583°N 121.303°W
Kanaka Peak " Shasta CA summit Igo 40.562°N 122.554°W
Kanaka Rapids " Gooding ID rapids Thousand Springs 42.665°N 114.802°W
Katsuk Butte "middle", "in the middle of" Deschutes OR summit South Sister 44.017°N 121.756°W
Katsuk Butte " Lane OR summit Harvey Mountain 44.110°N 122.283°W
Katsuk Creek " Thompson Canyon BC summit 92I/6 50°22′0″N 121°22′0″W 7 km SW of Spences Bridge, British Columbia
Katsuk Glacier " Skagit WA glacier Mount Logan 48.583°N 120.895°W
Katsuk Peak " Skagit WA summit Mount Logan 48.579°N 120.887°W Katsuk Peak is on Ragged Ridge, which also includes other Jargon-named peaks: Kimtah Peak, Cosho Peak, Mesahchie Peak (q.v.)
Kilpill Mountain "hard blood", "hard red" Murtle Lake,
Shuswap Highland
BC stream 104H/8 52°6′2″N 119°55′39″W just south of Pillpill ("blood") Mountain; maybe adaptation of kull ("hard", "difficult") + pill ("red" or "blood")
Kimtah Glacier "behind", "in back of" Skagit WA glacier Mount Logan 48.589°N 120.916°W
Kimtah Peak " Skagit WA summit Mount Logan 48.585°NN 120.909°W Kimtah Peak is on Ragged Ridge, which also includes other Jargon-named peaks: Katsuk Peak, Cosho Peak, Mesahchie Peak (q.v.)
Klahanie "outside", "the outdoors" King WA town/city Vashon 47.431°N 122.435°W
Klahanie Campground "outside", "the outdoors" Clallam WA locale Reade Hill 47.964°N 124.304°W
Klahhane Ridge " Clallam WA ridge Mount Angeles 47.995°N 123.439°W var. of klahanie
Klahn Creek "wide" Tillamook OR stream Cedar Butte 45.554°N 123.676°W klahn may not be Chinook, but possibly var. of klah
Klahowya Campground equiv. to "hello", "howdy" Clallam WA stream Snider Peak 48.066°N 124.113°W
Klahowya Creek " Spatsizi Plateau BC stream 104H/8 57°21′0″N 128°29′0″W
Klahowya Creek " Pend Oreille WA stream Gleason Mountain 48.508°N 117.054°W
Klahowya Lake " Spatsizi Plateau BC lake 104H/8 58°19′0″N 128°24′0″W source of Klahowya Creek
Klahowya Mountain " Purcell Mountains BC summit 82F/16 49°59′0″N 116°27′35″W 80 km NE of Nelson BC)
Klak Butte "wide, open" Deschutes OR summit Pistol Butte 43.867°N 121.610°W
Klak Creek " Bethel AK stream Goodnews Bay D-5 59.786°N 160.756°W
Klak Lake " Bethel AK lake Goodnews Bay C-4 59.727°N 160.458°W
Klipsan Beach "sunset", variant of klip sun Pacific WA populated place Ocean Park 46.466°N 124.053°W
Klonas Lake "maybe" (der. from klone="three") Sandell River, Rivers Inlet BC lake 92M/11 51°35′0″N 127°17′0″W 11 km S of Rivers Inlet, British Columbia
Klone Butte "three" Deschutes OR summit Lava Cast Forest 43.815°N 121.277°W
Klone Creek " Chelan WA stream Pinnacle Mountain 48.188°N 120.663°W
Klone Lakes " Grays Harbor WA lakes Wynoochee Lake 47.474°N 123.542°W
Klone Meadow " Chelan WA flat Chikamin Creek 47.955°N 120.631°W
Klone Peak " Chelan WA summit Silver Falls 47.962°N 120.620°W
Kloosh Creek "good" Nelson Range BC stream 82F/7 49°18′1″N 116°56′0″W 40 km NW of Creston, British Columbia)
Klootch Canyon *from Klootchman — "woman, female" Skeena BC canyon 103I/16 54°55′N 128°33′W originally Klootchman Canyon
Klootch Mountain " Boundary ID summit Priest Lake NE 48.720°N 116.756°W
Klootchie Creek " Clatsop OR stream Tillamook Head 45.911°N 123.882°W
Klootchie Creek Campground " Clatsop OR locale Tillamook Head 45.921°N 123.892°W
Klootchlimmis Creek " Quatsino Sound BC stream 92L/5 "limmis" unknown meaning; possibly from Kwak'wala or Nuu-chah-nulth
Klootchman Canyon " Stikine River BC canyon 104G/12
Klootchman Creek " Crook OR stream Pringle Flat 43.985°N 120.452°W
Klootchman Creek Dam " Crook OR dam Pringle Flat 43.992°N 120.463°W
Klootchman Creek Reservoir " Crook OR reservoir Pringle Flat 43.992°N 120.463°W
Klootchman Rock " Island WA bar Oak Harbor 48.252°N 122.651°W
Klootchville Creek " Thompson River BC stream 92I/11 near Ashcroft, British Columbia
Konamoxt Glacier "together" or "to meet, a meeting" Boundary Ranges,
Juneau Icefield
AK glacier Skagway B-1 59°22′59″N 135°01′36″W 25 km SE of Skagway
Konamoxt Glacier " Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/32
Kula Kula Peak "geese" Orford-Southgate Divide BC summit 92K/9 50°44′31″N 124°28′13″W to the north of Nanitch Peak (q.v.); Kula Kula Peak is to the west of the Compton Neve
Kulla Kulla Creek "geese" King WA stream Bandera 47.451°N 121.524°W "geese" or any other large flying bird; usually kalakala (onomatopoeic)
Kulla Kulla Lake "geese" King WA lake Bandera 47.001°N 121.050°W Source of Kulla Kulla Creek
Kullagh Creek "fence",
"fenced enclosure"
Stump Lake, Nicola Valley BC stream 92I/8 50°23′0″N 120°20′34″W usually kullaghan; may be otherwise Nlaka'pamux, Shuswap or Okanagan in origin.
Kullagh Creek " Stump Lake, Nicola Valley BC stream 92I/8 50°23′49″N 120°21′30″W Source of Kullagh Creek.
Kumtux "to know", "to understand" Clark WA town/city Battle Ground 45.789°N 122.520°W


Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Lapie Creek "foot" Liard Country BC stream 94M/8 59°28′N 126°23′W from the Chinook for "foot" and/or "feet" from fr. le pied
La Push "mouth" Clallam WA town/city La Push 47.909°N 124.635°W from the Chinook for "mouth" from fr. la bouche
Latah "tooth", "teeth" Spokane WA town/city Latah 47.282°N 117.154°W from fr. les dents, le dent
Latah Cemetery " Spokane WA cemetery Latah 47.282°N 117.126°W
Latah County " Latah ID civil Tekoa 47.125°N 117.000°W
Lebahdo "shingle" Slocan BC locality & rail siding 82F/12 49.6°N 117.600°W from fr. le bardeau. There had been a shingle mill here.
Lemah Mountain "hand" King WA mountain Chikamin Peak 47.5°N 121.3°W from fr. le main.
Lolo "to carry" Missoula MT town/city and locale Southwest Missoula 46.759°N 114.080°W poss. from fr la-là (idiomatic for "get/do that!", "that there")
Lolo Butte " Deschutes OR summit Pistol Butte 43.853°N 121.607°W
Lolo Creek " Benewah ID stream Tensed 47.186°N 116.974°W
Lolo Creek " Idaho ID stream Sixmile Creek 46.372°N 116.171°W
Lolo Creek " Lake MT stream Woods Bay 47.879°N 114.033°W
Lolo Creek " Missoula MT stream Florence 46.743°N 114.061°W
Lolo Creek " Clallam WA stream Slide Peak 47.925°N 123.966°W
Lolo Creek Campground " Idaho ID locale Brown Creek Ridge 46.293°N 115.751°W
Lolo Creek Mine " Missoula MT mine Camp Creek 46.768°N 114.340°W
Lolo Hot Springs " Missoula MT town/city Lolo Hot Springs 46.728°N 114.530°W
Lolo, Mount " Kamloops BC summit 50°48′01″N 120°07′06″W also Lolo Creek in same area; named for Jean-Baptiste Lolo, aka Chief Lolo
Lolo, Mount Quadra Island BC summit 50°08′52″N 125°20′39″W
Lolo National Forest " Sanders MT forest Driveway Peak 47.583°N 115.583°W
Lolo Pass " Benewah ID gap Benewah 47.220°N 116.835°W
Lolo Pass " Clearwater ID gap Lolo Hot Springs 46.635°N 114.579°W
Lolo Pass " Missoula MT gap Lolo Hot Springs 46.635°N 114.579°W same as Lolo Pass, Clearwater County, ID (previous)
Lolo Pass " Hood River OR gap Bull Run Lake 45.427°N 121.795°W
Lolo Pass Ski Area " Idaho ID locale Lolo Hot Springs 46.637°N 114.576°W
Lolo Pass Winter Sports Area " Missoula MT locale Lolo Hot Springs 46.637°N 114.579°W
Lolo Peak " Missoula MT summit Carlton Lake 46.675°N 114.244°W
Lolo Peak Trailer Court " Missoula MT town/city Florence 46.749°N 114.093°W
Lolo Ranger Station " Missoula MT locale Garden Point 46.774°N 114.433°W
Lummi "old woman", "widow" Whatcom WA town/city Ferndale 48.795°N 122.613°W from fr. la vieille, sometimes spelled lummieh.
Lummi Bay " Whatcom WA bay Lummi Bay 48.777°N 122.675°W
Lummi Cemetery " Whatcom WA cemetery Ferndale 48.779°N 122.608°W
Lummi Flats " Whatcom WA flat Lummi Bay 48.787°N 122.668°W
Lummi Indian Reservation " Whatcom WA reserve Lummi Bay 48.817°N 122.633°W
Lummi Island " Whatcom WA island Lummi Island 48.696°N 122.669°W
Lummi Island " Whatcom WA town/city Lummi Island 48.725°N 122.685°W
Lummi Island Est. Dam " Whatcom WA dam Lummi Island 48.680°N 122.640°W
Lummi Marine Park " Whatcom WA park Lummi Island 48.726°N 122.658°W
Lummi Peak " Whatcom WA pillar Lummi Island 48.669°N 122.640°W
Lummi Point " Whatcom WA cape Lummi Island 48.734°N 122.688°W
Lummi River " Whatcom WA stream Lummi Bay 48.790°N 122.663°W
Lummi Rocks " Whatcom WA island Lummi Island 48.671°N 122.666°W
Lummi Tribal School " Whatcom WA school Ferndale 48.795°N 122.612°W


Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Malakwa "mosquito"
from Fr. maringouin
Shuswap BC community 82L/15 50°56′0″N 118°48′0″W 18 km NE of Sicamous
Melakwa Lake "mosquito" King WA lake Snoqualmie Pass 47°27′1.16″N 121°28′8.27″W
Memaloose "dead, to die, dead person/thing" Clackamas OR locale Bedford Point 45.196°N 122.214°W
Memaloose Airstrip " Wallowa OR airport Hat Point 45.433°N 116.696°W
Memaloose Creek " Manning Park BC stream 92H/2 49°6′0″N 121°51′0″W
Memaloose Creek " Clackamas OR stream Bedford Point 45.191°N 122.225°W
Memaloose Creek " Tillamook OR stream Netarts 45.469°N 123.886°W
Memaloose Guard Station " Wallowa OR locale Hat Point 45.437°N 116.688°W
Memaloose Island " Bonner ID island Hope 48.204°N 116.296°W
Memaloose Island " Klickitat WA island Petersburg 45.619°N 121.118°W
Memaloose Island (historical) " Umatilla OR island Hat Rock 45.922°N 119.192°W
Memaloose Island (historical) " Wasco OR island Lyle 45.703°N 121.341°W
Memaloose Island Light " Klickitat WA locale Stacker Butte 45.653°N 121.078°W
Memaloose Lake " Clackamas OR lake Wanderers Peak 45.098°N 122.236°W
Memaloose Lake " Lane OR lake Huckleberry Mountain 43.849°N 122.315°W
Memaloose Overlook " Wasco OR locale Lyle 45.694°N 121.350°W
Memaloose Point " Tillamook OR cape Netarts 45.471°N 123.888°W
Memaloose Ridge " Chelan WA ridge Goode Mountain 48.475°N 120.886°W
Memaloose Rock " Cowlitz WA bar Oak Point 46.191°N 123.166°W
Memaloose State Park " Wasco OR park Lyle 45.696°N 121.332°W
Memaloose Trail " Clackamas OR trail Bedford Point 45.160°N 122.211°W
Mesachie Lake "evil",
Cowichan BC lake 92C16 48°49′N 124°06′W
Mesachie Lake " Cowichan BC community 92C16 48°49′N 124°07′W
Mesachie Nose " Dean Channel BC point 93D6 52°30′25″N 127°09′45″W
Mesahchie Glacier "evil",
Skagit WA glacier Mount Arriva 48.583°N 120.864°W Mesahchie, usually mesachie, can mean "naughty" or "mischievous" for a child, but the more devilish implication seems clear here, as with the Pass and Peak.
Mesahchie Pass " Skagit WA gap Mount Logan 48.598°N 120.864°W
Mesahchie Peak " Skagit WA summit Mount Logan 48.579°N 120.879°W Mesahchie Peak is on Ragged Ridge, which also includes other Jargon-named peaks: Kimtah Peak, Katsuk Peak, Cosho Peak (q.v.)
Mesatchee Creek var. mesachie, mesahchie, "evil"
Lewis WA stream Sawtooth Ridge 46°42'N 121° 54'W
Mesatchee Creek " Yakima WA stream Norse Peak 46.901 -121.415
Mimulus Creek var. of memaloose" (dead, dead man) Garibaldi Park BC creek 92G14 59°57′00″N 123°03′00″W
Mimulus Lake " Garibaldi Park BC lake 93G14 52°30′25″N 123°02′00″W
Mokst Lake "two" Ocean Falls BC lake 93D/5 Ikt Lake (from "one" is immediately downstream
Moolack Beach "elk" Lincoln OR beach Newport North 44.700°N 124.064°W
Moolack Butte " Deschutes OR summit Elk Lake 43.988°N 121.787°W
Moolack Creek " Boise ID stream Warbonnet Peak 44.121°N 115.084°W
Moolack Creek " Lane OR stream Chucksney Mountain 43.879°N 122.117°W
Moolack Creek " Lincoln OR stream Newport North 44.703°N 124.063°W
Moolack Flat " Lane OR flat Waldo Mountain 43.838°N 122.085°W
Moolack Lake " Lane OR lake Waldo Mountain 43.823°N 122.070°W
Moolack Mountain " Lane OR summit Waldo Mountain 43.850°N 122.094°W
Moolack Spring " Columbia WA spring Oregon Butte 46.121°N 117.726°W
Mowich "deer" Klamath OR locale Muttonchop Butte 43.372°N 123°1′0″W
Mowich Butte " Skamania WA summit Lookout Mountain 45.799°N 122.029°W
Mowich Butte Lookout " Skamania WA locale Lookout Mountain 45.800°N 122.029°W
Mowich Camp " Skamania WA locale Lookout Mountain 45.793°N 122.042°W
Mowich Creek " Shoshone ID stream Monumental Buttes 47.071°N 115.753°W
Mowich Creek " Douglas OR stream Potter Mountain 43.251°N 122.338°W
Mowich Creek " Lillooet River
NW of Pemberton
BC stream 92J/11 50°30′0″N 123°1′0″W
Mowich Creek " Manning Park
near the Lightning Lakes
BC stream 92H/2 49°0′0″N 120°59′0″W
Mowich Face " Pierce WA cliff Mount Rainier West 46.868°N 121.791°W
Mowich Flats " Birkenhead Ranges
N of Pemberton
BC flat 92J/10 50°33′0″N 122°55′0″W just E of Tenquille Mountain
Mowich Illahee "deer pasture"
"place you'll find deer"
Okanogan WA town/city Buck Mountain 48.398°N 119.813°W
Mowich Lake " Deadman River
Bonaparte Plateau
BC lake 92P/2 51°1′0″N 121°54′0″W
Mowich Lake " Linn OR lake Marion Forks 44.503°N 121.880°W
Mowich Lake " Pierce WA lake Mowich Lake 46.939°N 121.860°W
Mowich Lake Entrance " Pierce WA locale Golden Lakes 46.927°N 121.914°W
Mowich Park " Douglas OR flat Potter Mountain 43.258°N 122.269°W
Mowich Post Office (historical) " Klamath OR po Muttonchop Butte 43.372°N 121.828°W
Mowich Recreation Site " Baker OR locale Phillips Lake 44.692°N 118.068°W
Mowich River " Pierce WA stream Le Dout Creek 46.901°N 122.029°W
Mowich Spring " Harney OR spring Big Mowich Mountain 43.952°N 119.581°W
Mowich Spring Butte " Klamath OR summit Big Hole 43.378°N 121.369°W
Mowich Mountain, Big " Harney OR summit Big Mowich Mountain 43.952°N 119.564°W also indexed under "B"
Mowich Reservoir, Big " Grant OR reservoir Suplee Butte 44.224°N 119.608°W also indexed under "B"
Mowitch Basin "deer" Pondera MT basin Mitten Lake 48.252°N 112.970°W
Mowitch Creek " Snake Indian River
Jasper National Park
AB stream 83E/8 53°25′00″N 118°29′00″W Alberta location code 51-4-W6
Mowitch Creek " Valley ID stream Pungo Mountain 44.779°N 115.124°W
Mowitch Lake " King WA lake Lake Philippa 47.597°N 121.548°W
Mowitch Point " Skeena estuary
near Prince Rupert
BC cape 103J/1 54°10′00″N 130°01′00″W opposite Port Essington
Mox Chehalis Creek "two Chehalis", "No. 2 Chehalis" Grays Harbor WA stream Malone 46.966°N 123.361°W mox is a variant of moxt or mokst for "two"
Mox Chuck Slough "two water(s)" Grays Harbor WA stream Central Park 46.958°N
Mox Chuck Truck Trail "two water(s)" Grays Harbor WA trail Kamilche Valley 123.240°W|
Mox Creek "two" Idaho ID stream Hemlock Butte 46.384°N 115.679°W
Mox Creek "two" Price WI stream Jump River Fire Tower NW 45.427°N 90.641°W As this is in Wisconsin, the origin may not be Chinook; but it wouldn't be the only Chinook word to migrate to the eastern Plains, via fur trade usage perhaps.
Mox Lake "two" Kenai Peninsula AK lake Kenai C-1 SW 60.513°N 150.308°W
Mox Peaks "two" Whatcom WA summit Mount Redoubt 48.948°N 121.254°W also known as the Twin Spirs; named Mox Peaks by the US Parks Service
Moxt Glacier "two" Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/6 Flanked by Ikt Glacier ("one") and Kloon Glacier ("three") and other numbered glaciers
Muckamuck Creek "food", "to eat" Okanogan WA stream Conconully West 48.554°N 119.844°W
Muckamuck Hill " Okanogan WA summit Conconully West 48.603°N 119.798°W
Muckamuck Mountain " Okanogan WA summit Conconully West 48.611°N 119.855°W
Muckamuck Pass " Okanogan WA gap Conconully West 48.588°N 119.811°W
Muckamuck Trail " Clackamas OR trail Coxit Mountain 48.634°N 119.842°W


Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Nanitch Campground "lookout", "guard" Clackamas OR locale Mount Hood South 45.310°N 121.734°W nanitch means to watch, to see, to look out.
Nanitch Peak "to watch", "to see", "to guard", "to look out" Orford-Southgate Divide BC locale 92K/9 50°43′37″N 124°28′29″W Nanitch Peak is to the west of the Compton Neve
Nowitka Lake "indeed, verily" Purcell Mountains/East Kootenay BC lake 49°55′00″N 115°22′00″W
Nowitka Lake "indeed, verily" Purcell Mountains/East Kootenay BC lake 49°55′12″N 116°24′08″W


Placename Meaning County
or Region
State/Province Type USGS Quad
or NTS topo
Latitude Longitude Comments
Olalla "berries" Similkameen-Okanagan BC community 82E/5 49°15′56″N 119°49′40″W on Hwy 3A between Keremeos and Okanagan
Olalla "berries" Kitsap WA community 47°25′45″N 122°32′44″W
Ollala Creek " Similkameen-Okanagan BC stream 82E/5 49°15′52″N 119°49′45″W at Olalla, BC
Ollala Creek " Douglas County, Oregon OR Stream 43°00′23″N 123°35′13″W
Ollala Canyon " Chelan WA valley Peshastin 47.539°N 120.541°W
Ollala Dam " Lincoln OR dam Toledo North 44.682°N 123.930°W
Ollala Lake " Lincoln OR reservoir Toledo North 44.682°N 123.930°W
Olallie Creek "berry" Lewis County, Washington WA stream Chinook Pass 46.77425 N 121.55494 W [2]
Olo Mountain "hunger", "to be hungry" Snohomish WA summit Meadow Mountain 48.158°N 121.859°W (or thirsty)


Placename Meaning County or region State/province Type USGS Quad or NTS topo Latitude Longitude Comments
Pill Point "red" Barclay Sound BC cape 92C/14 48°58′0″N 125°5′0″W may be of English origin, but possibly Chinook
Pillchuck Creek "red water" Squamish River BC stream 92G/14 49°52′0″N 123°14′0″W
Pillman Creek "red man" Atlin Lake BC stream 104N/5 59°17′0″N 133°48′0″W may be an English surname, but possibly Chinook
Pilchuck "red water" Snohomish WA town/city McMurray 48.266°N 122.165°W
Pilchuck " Snohomish WA town/city Granite Falls 48.019°N 121.913°W
Pilchuck Bridge Campground " Skagit WA locale McMurray 48.321°N 122.141°W
Pilchuck Creek " Clallam WA stream Ozette 48.246°N 124.626°W
Pilchuck Creek " Snohomish WA stream Arlington West 48.209°N 122.224°W
Pilchuck River " Snohomish WA stream Snohomish 47.904°N 122.090°W
Pilchuck River Dam " Snohomish WA dam Granite Falls 48.018°N 121.905°W
Pilchuck, Mount "red water" Snohomish WA summit Verlot 48.058°N 121.796°W
Pilldolla Creek "red dollar", "gold dollar" Skwawka River,
Jervis Inlet
BC stream 92K/8 50°17′0″N 124°2′0″W "Pil" in this context probably refers to gold, rather than the colour red; context may be "blood money"
Pillpill Mountain "blood" Murtle Lake,
Shuswap Highland
BC stream 104N/5 52°7′57″N 119°54′50″W doubling pil ("red") means "blood"; Kilpill Mountain is to south (q.v.)
Piluk Glacier "red here/this" Stave River,
Garibaldi Ranges
BC glacier 92G/10 49°40′42″N 122°32′6″W maybe of Halqemeylem origin, but possibly Chinook
Piluk Peak "red here/this" Stave River,
Garibaldi Ranges
BC summit 92G/10 49°40′0″N 122°34′0″W maybe of Halqemeylem origin, but possibly Chinook; -uk ending may mean "people", as in Halqemeylem
Pish Dam "fish" Glacier MT dam Rocky Buttes 48.833°N 112.562°W
Pish River " Northwest Arctic AK stream Kotzebue A-4 66.178°N 163.948°W pish is a usual native adaptation of "fish", and is standard Jargon. But given the location this may not be Jargon as such, but an independent native adaptation from the local language (Eyak?)
Pishak Island "bad", "evil", "malicious" Sitka AK island Port Alexander D-5 56.811°N 135.434°W


Placename Meaning County or region State/province Type USGS Quad or NTS topo Latitude Longitude Comments
Saltchuck "salt water" the sea, the ocean, the Pacific
Sinnamoxt Glacier "seven" Tatshenshin-Alsek BC glacier 114P/3 flanked by Taghum Glacier ("six") and Stotekin Glacier ("eight") in numbered glaciers area
Siskiyou County "bob-tailed horse" Siskiyou CA county Yreka 41.59°N 122.53°W
Sitkum "half", "halfway", "halfbreed" Coos OR town/city Sitkum 43.148°N 123.860°W
Sitkum Butte " Deschutes OR summit Pistol Butte 43.827°N 121.545°W
Sitkum Creek " Wrangell-Petersburg AK stream Petersburg D-6 56.932°N 133.868°W
Sitkum Creek " Kootenay Lake BC creek 82F/11 49°36′0″N 117°10′0″W halfway along west arm of lake, and halfway between Nelson and Balfour
Sitkum Creek " Shuswap River BC stream 82L/8 50°23′0″N 118°28′0″W Halfway down east side of Sugar Lake
Sitkum Creek " Lane OR stream Huckleberry Mountain 43.794°N 122.297°W
Sitkum Creek " Snohomish WA stream Glacier Peak West 48.104°N 121.184°W
Sitkum Glacier " Snohomish WA glacier Glacier Peak West 48.109°N 121.130°W
Sitkum Lake " Gold Range,
Monashee Mountains
BC lake 82L/8 50°26′0″N 118°17′0″W at head of Sitkum Creek and halfway between Sugar Lake and Arrow Lake, and on Sitkum Plateau
Sitkum Pass " Yukon–Koyukuk AK gap Wiseman A-1 67.182°N 150.011°W
Sitkum Plateau " Gold Range,
Monashee Mountains
BC plateau 82L/8 50°25′0″N 118°15′0″W halfway between Sugar Lake and Arrow Lake
Sitkum Post Office (historical) " Coos OR town/city Sitkum 43.148°N 123.860°W
Sitkum River " Clallam WA stream Indian Pass 47.953°N 124.242°W
Sitkum Shelter " Clallam WA locale Indian Pass 47.945°N 124.169°W
Siwash Bay "Indian/First Nations/Native American male" Valdez–Cordova AK bay Seward D-2 60.955°N 147.651°W see Siwash
Siwash Bay " Knight Inlet BC bay 92K/12 50°40′0″N 125°47′0″W "
Siwash Cove " Flores Island,
Clayoquot Sound
BC cove 92E/8 49°16′0″N 126°11′0″W "
Siwash Creek " Matanuska-Susitna AK stream Talkeetna C-3 62.571°N 151.069°W "
Siwash Creek " Yukon–Koyukuk AK stream Chandalar A-6 67.126°N 149.557°W "
Siwash Creek " Yukon–Koyukuk AK stream Black River A-2 NW 66.233°N 141.833°W "
Siwash Creek " Thompson Plateau BC stream 92H/9 49°40′0″N 120°20′0″W "
25 km NNE of Princeton
Siwash Creek " Fraser Canyon BC stream 92H/11 49°35′0″N 121°24′0″W "
5 km NE of Yale
Siwash Creek " Monashee Mountains,
Canoe Reach, Kinbasket Lake
BC stream 83D/7 2°15′0″N 118°48′0″W "
45 km NE of Blue River
Siwash Creek " Fraser Canyon BC stream 92I/4 50°6′0″N 121°34′0″W "
15 km S of Lytton
Siwash Creek " Clearwater ID stream Clarke Mountain 46.671°N 115.550°W "
Siwash Creek " Shoshone ID stream Three Sisters 47.232°N 115.745°W "
Siwash Creek " Douglas OR stream Steamboat 43.369°N 122.671°W "
Siwash Creek " Clallam WA stream Dickey Lake 48.058°N 124.617°W "
Siwash Creek " Lewis WA stream Blue Lake 121.693°W "
Siwash Creek " Okanogan WA stream Tonasket 48.713°N 119.437°W "
Siwash Gulch " Siskiyou CA valley Indian Creek Baldy 41.686°N 122.814°W "
Siwash Island " Valdez–Cordova AK island Seward D-2 60.961°N 147.614°W "
Siwash Island " Pitt River
(Pitt Polder)
BC island 92G/7 49°20′0″N 122°39′0″W "
Siwash Lake " Quesnel Highland BC lake 82F/6 53°31′5″N 121°59′55″W "
60 km SE of Prince George
Siwash Lake " Thompson Plateau BC lake 93H/12 49°50′0″N 120°18′0″W "
45 km SE of Merritt
Siwash Lake " Bonnington Range BC lake 82H/16 49°22′0″N 117°28′0″W "
15 km NE of Castlegar, near Siwash Mountain
Siwash Mountain " Bonnington Range BC summit 82F/6 49°21′24″N 117°27′3″W "
15 km NE of Castlegar, near Siwash Lake
Siwash Pass " Yukon–Koyukuk AK gap Chandalar B-3 67.315°N 148.379°W "
Siwash Peak " Shoshone ID summit Three Sisters 47.205°N 115.741°W "
Siwash Point " Okanagan Lake BC point 982E/13 49°53′0″N 119°31′0″W "
W. end Kelowna-Westbank bridge
Siwash Reservoir " Phillips MT reservoir Pea Ridge 47.748°N 107.933°W "
Siwash Rock " Stanley Park,
BC rock 92G/6 49°18′32″N 123°9′11″W "
NB see Siwash Rock
Siwash Rock " Johnstone Strait BC rock 92K/6 50°21′0″N 125°28′0″W "
off S shore East Thurlow Island
Siwash Rock Mountain " Shuswap Highland
-Salmon River
BC summit 82L/5 50°23′44″N 119°32′28″W "
25 km WSW of Armstrong, British Columbia
Siwash Slough " Skagit WA gut Bow 48.563°N 122.491°W "
Skook Creek see Skookum Lewis WA stream Toledo 46.464°N 122.770°W Skook is a short form of Skookum
Skook Davidson, Mount " Kechika Ranges,
Northern Rockies
BC summit 94L/11 58°40′55″N 127°19′57″W "
Named for John "Skook" Davidson who was an outfitter and rancher in this region, and a contractor on the Alaska Highway. The mountain overlooks his Flying J Ranch
Skook Jim, Mount " Stein River,
Lillooet Ranges
BC summit 94J/1 50°7′12″N 122°13′20″W "
Skook Jim or Skookum Jim, aka 25-Mile Jim, was a pioneer in the Pemberton-Birken area
Skooks Landing see Skookum Rabbit River
at confluence Liard River
BC landing 94M/11 59°37′56″N 127°7′12″W Skook is a short form of Skookum; named in reference to "Skook" Davidson
Skookoleel Creek "big berries"? Flathead MT stream Skookoleel Creek 48.571°N 114.313°W possibly not of Chinook origin, but if so "oleel" may be from "olallie ("berry")
Skookum see Skookum Lake MI town/city Luther 44.081°N 85.644°W
Skookum (historical) " Flathead MT locale Somers 48.014°N 114.217°W Usages of Skookum in Montana, Idaho and points east and south may derive from the "monster" meaning, rather than the usual "strong, capable, genuine" context more familiar nearer the Pacific Coast.
Skookum (historical) " Lander NV town/city Vigus Butte 39.538°N 117.175°W
Skookum Bay " Red Lake,
near Kenora
ON bay 52 N/4 51°01′18″N 93°52′12″W
Skookum Bridge " Lake MI bridge Luther 44.079°N 85.643°W
Skookum Butte " Idaho ID summit West Fork Butte 46.665°N 114.394°W
Skookum Butte " Missoula MT summit West Fork Butte 46.665°N 114.394°W
Skookum Butte " Klamath OR summit Walker Mountain 43.254°N 121.655°W
Skookum Butte Lookout " Missoula MT locale West Fork Butte 46.665°N 114.394°W
Skookum Canyon " Shoshone ID valley Three Sisters 47.231°N 115.711°W
Skookum Canyon " Harney OR valley Dollar Basin 44.040°N 118.539°W
Skookum Canyon " Franklin WA valley Monumental Rock 46.595°N 118.440°W
Skookum Canyon " Klickitat WA valley Wahkiacus 45.818°N 121.124°W
Skookum Chuck Camp (historical) " Douglas OR locale Acker Rock 43.019°N 122.671°W
Skookum Chuck Creek " Baker OR stream Sturgill Creek 44.685°N 117.079°W
Skookum Community Center " Pend Oreille WA locale Skookum Creek 48.257°N 117.220°W
Skookum Creek " Anchorage AK stream Seward D-6 SE 60.786°N 148.996°W
Skookum Creek " Nome AK stream Solomon D-6 64.850°N 164.550°W
Skookum Creek " Nome AK stream Nome C-1 64.640°N 165.216°W
Skookum Creek " Nome AK stream Teller A-3 65.099°N 166.247°W
Skookum Creek " Nome AK stream Teller A-3 65.031°N 166.196°W
Skookum Creek " Nome AK stream Bendeleben C-5 65.652°N 164.421°W
Skookum Creek " Nome AK stream Teller C-5 65.631°N 167.435°W
Skookum Creek " Nome AK stream Bendeleben C-5 65.516°N 164.269°W
Skookum Creek " Prince of Wales – Hyder AK stream Ketchikan D-1 55.984°N 130.052°W
Skookum Creek " Valdez–Cordova AK stream Nabesna A-2 62.109°N 141.835°W
Skookum Creek " Valdez–Cordova AK stream Nabesna B-4 62.401°N 142.973°W
Skookum Creek " Yukon–Koyukuk AK stream Medfra A-4 63.097°N 154.925°W
Skookum Creek " Yukon–Koyukuk AK stream Tanana A-1 65.199°N 150.144°W
Skookum Creek " Mamquam River,
BC stream 92G/10 49°43′7″N 122°59′35″W
Skookum Creek " Idaho ID stream Holly Creek 46.422°N 115.147°W
Skookum Creek " Kootenai ID stream Skitwish Peak 47.739°N 116.469°W
Skookum Creek " Shoshone ID stream Three Sisters 47.228°N 115.707°W
Skookum Creek " Baker OR stream Bennet Peak 45.004°N 117.426°W
Skookum Creek " Clatsop OR stream Gearhart 46.033°N 123.908°W
Skookum Creek " Douglass OR stream Hamaker Butte 43.131°N 122.349°W
Skookum Creek " Grant OR stream Johnny Cake Mountain 44.969°N 119.433°W
Skookum Creek " Harney OR stream Dollar Basin 44.040°N 118.538°W
Skookum Creek " Jackson OR stream Cascade Gorge 42.714°N 122.543°W
Skookum Creek " Jackson OR stream Parker Mountain 42.023°N 122.360°W
Skookum Creek " Lane OR stream Waldo Mountain 43.856°N 122.063°W
Skookum Creek " Umatilla OR stream Jubilee Lake 45.867°N 117.983°W
Skookum Creek " Wallowa OR stream Duck Creek 45.109°N 116.939°W
Skookum Creek " Wasco OR stream Kaskela 44.922°N 121.080°W
Skookum Creek " Clallam WA stream Mount Zion 47.930°N 123.092°W
Skookum Creek " Mason WA stream Shelton 47.133°N 123.087°W
Skookum Creek " Pend Oreille WA stream Cusick 48.299°N 117.251°W
Skookum Creek " Pierce WA stream Sun Top 47.054°N 121.573°W
Skookum Creek " Whatcom WA stream Acme 48.671°N 122.140°W
Skookum Creek Camp " Douglas OR locale Acker Rock 43.020°N 122.670°W
Skookum Creek Recreation Site " Lane OR locale Waldo Mountain 43.861°N 122.044°W
Skookum Flat " Klickitat WA flat Klickitat 45.805°N 121.176°W
Skookum Game Exclosure " Morrow OR locale Madison Butte 45.016°N 119.412°W
Skookum Glacier " Kenai Peninsula AK glacier Seward C-6 60.730°N 148.896°W
Skookum Gorge " Jackson OR valley Cascade Gorge 42.713°N 122.544°W
Skookum Gulch " Yukon–Koyukuk AK valley Iditarod D-1 NW 62.985°N 156.383°W
Skookum Gulch " Sooke,
Greater Victoria
BC locale 92B/5 48°22′56″N 123°51′28″W
Skookum Gulch " Siskiyou CA valley Gazelle Mountain 41.493°N 122.693°W
Skookum Gulch " Stewart River,
NE of Mayo
YT river 106D/6 64°29′58″N 135°14′40″W
Skookum Gulch " Yukon River,
near Dawson City
YT valley 115O/14 63°55′04″N 139°20′20″W
Skookum Island " Skookumchuck Narrows,
Sechelt Inlet
BC island 92G/12 49°43′28″N 123°52′36″W
Skookum Jim Mountain " Peel River,
N of Dawson City
Ogilvie Range
YT summit 116G/3 65°10′35″N 139°02′20″W named for Skookum Jim, co-discoverer of Klondike goldfields; not to be confused with namesake of Mount Skook Jim (q.v.)
Skookum Joe Canyon " Sweet Grass MT valley Enos Mountain 45.542°N 110.041°W
Skookum Lake " Kenai Peninsula AK lake Kenai C-2 NW 60.688°N 150.749°W
Skookum Lake " Deadman River,
Bonaparte Plateau
BC lake 92P/2 51°6′37″N 120°52′52″W
Skookum Lake " Idaho ID lake Dick Creek 46.636°N 114.363°W
Skookum Lake " Flathead MT lake Marion 48.023°N 114.743°W
Skookum Lake " Mississagi River,
near Sault Ste. Marie
ON lake 41J/12 46°31′30″N 83°35′50″W
Skookum Lake " Clackamas OR lake Bagby Hot Springs 44.998°N 122.162°W
Skookum Lake " Douglas OR lake Garwood Butte 43.167°N 122.334°W
Skookum Lake " Lake OR lake Commodore Ridge 42.712°N 120.072°W
Skookum Lake " Lane OR lake Waldo Mountain 43.865°N 122.032°W
Skookum Lake " Tillamook OR reservoir Blaine 45.373°N 123.701°W
Skookum Lake Campground " Clackamas OR locale Bagby Hot Springs 44.998°N 122.164°W
Skookum Lake Dam " Tillamook OR dam Blaine 45.373°N 123.697°W
Skookum Lake Waterhole " Lake OR reservoir Commodore Ridge 42.708°N 120.068°W
Skookum Lakes " Marion OR lake Newberg 45.263°N 122.959°W
Skookum Meadow " Skamania WA flat Lone Butte 46.096°N 121.844°W
Skookum Mine " Summit CO mine Dillon 39.629°N 106.098°W
Skookum Mine " Lander NV mine Vigus Butte 39.541°N 117.178°W
Skookum Mine " Kittitas WA mine Mount Stuart 47.411°N 120.975°W
Skookum Mining District " Lander NV civil Vigus Butte 39.558°N 117.179°W
Skookum Mountain " Lincoln MT summit Sylvanite 48.715°N 115.790°W
Skookum Peak " Pend Oreille WA summit Skookum Creek 48.303°N 117.189°W
Skookum Peninsula " Red Lake,
near Kenora
ON cape 52N/4 51°01′39″N 93°51′44″W
Skookum Point " Pelican Lake,
SE of Brandon
MB cape 62G/12 49°30′21″N 99°40′32″W
Skookum Point " Sanders MT summit Bend 47.968°N 115.020°W
Skookum Point " Mason WA cape Shelton 47.205°N 123.009°W
Skookum Portage " Churchill River, between Nelson and Granville Lakes MB portage 63N/16 55°59′42″N 100°28′26″W
Skookum Pond " Douglas OR lake Buckeye Lake 43.009°N 122.596°W
Skookum Prairie " Humboldt CA area French Camp Ridge 41.159°N 123.867°W
Skookum Prairie " Douglas OR flat Garwood Butte 43.146°N 122.325°W
Skookum Prairie Lookout " Douglas OR locale Garwood Butte 43.138°N 122.328°W
Skookum Puss Mountain "strong cat" (big cougar) Chelan WA summit Prince Creek 48.199°N 120.480°W
Skookum Reservoir see Skookum Delta CO reservoir Grand Mesa 39.062°N 107.880°W
Skookum River " Nome AK stream Solomon C-4 64.663°N 163.799°W
Skookum Rock " Crook OR pillar Opal Mountain 44.548°N 120.586°W
Skookum Saddle " Kootenai ID gap Skitwish Peak 47.706°N 116.432°W
Skookum Spring " Grant OR spring Dollar Basin 44.052°N 118.502°W
Skookum Spring " Harney OR spring Van 43.939°N 118.699°W
Skookum Spring " Harney OR spring Round Top Butte 43.401°N 119.889°W
Skookum Spring " Klamath OR spring Walker Mountain 43.260°N 121.697°W
Skookum Spring " Morrow OR spring Madison Butte 45.014°N 119.408°W
Skookum Spring " Umatilla OR spring Jubilee Lake 45.842°N 117.984°W
Skookum Tum Tum Park "brave",
or "big/powerful waterfall"
Marion OR park Drake Crossing 44.961°N 122.631°W
Skookumchuck "rapids"
("strong water");
See Skookumchuck
Prince of Wales – Hyder AK channel Craig D-4 55.915°N 133.313°W
Skookumchuck " Lillooet River BC locality 92G/16 49°56′14″N 122°24′29″W (Skookumchuck Hot Springs/Skatin); name derives from "Falls of the Lillooet", which are shallow rapids in this area, although implies also the hot spring as well; Skookumchuck Indian Reserves Nos. 4 and 4A, and Skookumchuck SB 27 Indian Government District, are same area
Skookumchuck " Columbia River,
East Kootenay
BC community 82G/13 49°54′50″N 115°45′35″W name derives from Skookumchuck Rapids on Columbia River in this area
Skookumchuck " Thurston WA town/city East Olympia 46.906°N 122.770°W
Skookumchuck Brook " Grafton NH stream Franconia 44.194°N 71.694°W
Skookumchuck Campground " Idaho ID locale Slate Creek 45.703°N 116.314°W
Skookumchuck Canyon " Douglas WA valley Palisades 47.421°N 119.925°W
Skookumchuck Creek " Columbia River,
East Kootenay
BC stream 82G/13 49°55′50″N 115°46′17″W name derives from Skookumchuck Rapids on the Columbia River
Skookumchuck Creek " Idaho ID stream Slate Creek 45.700°N 116.317°W
Skookumchuck Creek " Kittitas WA stream Cape Horn SE 47.039°N 120.023°W
Skookumchuck Dam " Thurston WA dam Vail 46.785°N 122.717°W
Skookumchuck Heights Spring " Kittitas WA spring Whiskey Dick Mountain 47.046°N 120.199°W
Skookumchuck Mountain " Purcell Mountains,
East Kootenay
BC summit 82F/16 49°50′38″N 116°13′38″W name derives from Skookumchuck Rapids on Columbia River
Skookumchuck Narrows " Sechelt Inlet BC saltwater rapids 92G/12 49°44′13″N 123°53′35″W
Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park " Sechelt Inlet BC park 92G/12 49°44′0″N 123°54′0″W
Skookumchuck Rapids " Columbia River,
East Kootenay
BC rapids 82L/10 49°55′26″N 115°45′22″W earliest documented use of "Skookumchuck", by explorer David Thompson; location is approximate as uncharted in BC Basemap
Skookumchuck Rapids " Shuswap River,
just downstream from Mabel Lake
BC rapids 82L/10 49°50′38″N 116°13′38″W also Skookumchuck Rapids Provincial Park
Skookumchuck Rapids " Jefferson WA rapids Kalaloch Ridge 47.644°N 124.250°W
Skookumchuck Reservoir " Thurston WA reservoir Vail 46.785°N 122.717°W
Skookumchuck River " Lewis WA stream Centralia 46.720°N 122.981°W
Skookumchuck Spring " Douglas WA spring Palisades 47.422°N 119.925°W
Skookumchuck Trail " Grafton NH trail Franconia 44.186°N 71.658°W
Skookumchuck Work Center " Idaho ID locale Dairy Mountain 45.696°N 116.123°W
Skookumhouse Butte "prison", "jail" Curry OR summit Quosatana Butte 42.480°N 124.212°W
Skookumhouse Canyon " Curry OR valley Quosatana Butte 42.488°N 124.206°W
Skookumhouse Prairie " Curry OR flat Soldier Camp Mountain 42.519°N 124.202°W
Skookumschuck " Prince of Wales – Hyder AK gut Craig D-4 55.913°N 133.313°W
Skukum Creek see Skookum Southeast Fairbanks AK stream Eagle A-1 64.077°N 141.218°W
Skukum Group see Skookum BC/YT volcanic group 60°N 134°W
Slatechuck Creek "slate creek" Queen Charlotte Islands BC stream 103F1 53.24°N 132.25°W the slate referred to is black argillite, used in Haida carving and found only in this creek basin
Slatechuck Mountain " Queen Charlotte Islands BC summit 103F4 53.25°N 132.25°W
Snass Creek "rain" Manning Park BC creek
Snass Mountain Manning Park BC mountain
Spatsum "basket-making grass" Thompson BC rail siding 50° 33.56'N 121° 17.75'W


Placename Meaning County/region State/province Type USGS Quad/NTS topo Latitude Longitude Comments
Taghum "six" West Kootenay BC community six miles from the confluence of the Slocan and Kootenay Rivers and/or six miles (10 km) west of Nelson, British Columbia
Tamanawas Falls "spirit, power, sorcerer" Hood River OR falls Dog River 45.401°N 121.588°W
Tamanos Mountain "spirit, power" Pierce WA summit Chinook Pass 46.872°N 121.596°W
Tatoosh Buttes "breasts", "chest" Okanogan WA summit Tatoosh Buttes 48.902°N 120.541°W can also mean "milk" but in topographic terms almost invariably "breasts" or "teats"
Tatoosh Creek " Lewis WA stream Mount Rainier West 46.766°N 121.763°W
Tatoosh Hills " Skamania WA summit Gumboot Mountain 45.855°N 122.186°W
Tatoosh Island " Clallam WA island Cape Flattery 48.393°N 124.737°W
Tatoosh Islands " Ketchikan Gateway AK island Ketchikan C-6 55.522°N 131.841°W
Tatoosh Creek " Lewis WA stream Mount Rainier West 46.766°N 121.763°W
Tatoosh Lakes " Lewis WA lake Tatoosh Lakes 46.715°N 121.677°W
Tatoosh Lookout " Lewis WA locale Tatoosh Lakes 46.706°N 121.663°W
Tatoosh Point " Ketchikan Gateway AK cape Ketchikan C-6 SE 55.529°N 131.824°W
Tatoosh Range " Lewis WA range Mount Rainier East 46.757°N 121.719°W
Tatoosh Ridge " Lewis WA ridge Tatoosh Lakes 46.723°N 121.661°W
Tatoosh Ridge Lookout " Lewis WA locale Tatoosh Lakes 46.706°N 121.663°W
Tatoosh Rocks " Ketchikan Gateway AK area Ketchikan C-6 55.533°N 131.849°W
Tatoosh Trail " Lewis WA trail Tatoosh Lakes 46.673°N 121.664°W
Tatoosh Trailhead " Lewis WA locale Tatoosh Lakes 46.669°N 121.633°W
Tatoosh Wilderness " Lewis WA park Tatoosh Lakes 46.700°N 121.668°W
Tenas Camp (historical) "small, little, young" Hood River OR locale Tanner Butte 45.604°N 121.879°W
Tenas Creek " Valdez–Cordova AK stream Valdez B-2 61.434°N 144.446°W
Tenas Creek " Birkenhead River, near Pemberton BC stream 92J/7
Tenas Creek " Bulkley River, near Smithers BC stream 93L/11
Tenas Creek " Benewah ID stream Sanders 47.073°N 116.765°W
Tenas Creek " Chelan WA stream Pinnacle Mountain 48.188°N 120.684°W
Tenas Creek " Pierce WA stream Sawtooth Ridge 46.748°N 121.937°W
Tenas Creek " Skagit WA stream Prairie Mountain 48.324°N 121.439°W
Tenas Creek " Ross River,
near Faro
YT stream 105K/1 62°02′35″N 132°20′20″W
Tenas George Canyon "little George", "young George" Chelan WA valley Rocky Reach Dam 47.572°N 120.258°W could be someone who was called "little George", or a child named George
Tenas Hill " Skeena River, near Hazelton BC summit 93M/5
Tenas Island " Tolmie Channel,
between Princess Royal Island and Sarah Island
BC island 103A/10
Tenas Lake " Matanuska-Susitna AK lake Healy A-1 63.187°N 147.189°W
Tenas Lake " Atnarko River,
near Bella Coola
BC lake 93C/4
Tenas Lake " Birkenhead River,
near Pemberton
BC lake 93C/4 52°9′35″N 125°42′45″W
Tenas Lake " Lillooet River,
just downstream from Lillooet Lake
BC lake 92J/2 Tenas Lake is a.k.a. Little Lillooet Lake, which is joined to Lillooet Lake by Tenas Narrows since raising of lake level
Tenas Lake " Mason WA lake Mount Washington 47.504°N 123.160°W
Tenas Lakes " Lane OR lake Linton Lake 44.229°N 121.917°W
Tenas Mary Creek "little Mary" Ferry WA stream Toroda 48.955°N 118.768°W either a child named Mary, or an adult nicknamed "little Mary"
Tenas Mountain " Okanogan WA summit Brewster 48.088°N 119.869°W
Tenas Narrows " Lillooet River, between Lillooet Lake and Tenas Lake, which is a.k.a. Little Lillooet Lake) BC narrows 92J/2
Tenas Peak " Garibaldi Ranges-Lillooet River BC summit 92G/15
Tenas Peak " Douglas OR summit Tolo Mountain 43.324°N 122.035°W
Tenas Peak Lookout Station " Douglas OR locale Tolo Mountain 43.325°N 122.035°W
Tenas Tikke Glacier "small desire/need", "small request" Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/6 Tikke Glacier is nearby; tikke is usually ticky or tikegh
Tenasillahe Island "little land", i.e. "island" Clatsop OR island Cathlamet 46.229°N 123.455°W
Tenaskli Creek "little joy", "small joke" Bowron River BC stream 093H13 53°51′00″N 121°55′00″W could be Carrier, rather than Chinook, but klee in Chinook is from Engl. "glee", usually means happiness or joke
Tenass Island "little, small", i.e. "island" Prince of Wales – Hyder AK island Craig D-4 55.998°N 133.296°W
Tenass Lake " Mississagi River,
near Sault Ste. Marie
ON lake 041J/5 46°26′38″N 83°37′13″W
Tenass Pass "little, small", i.e. "island" Prince of Wales – Hyder AK island Petersburg A-5 56.000°N 133.342°W
Tilikum Crossing "people, friend, kin" Multnomah OR bridge Portland 45.506°N 122.665°W
Tillicum " The Gorge,
BC community 92B/6 48°27′5″N 123°24′3″W also Tillicum Mall
Tillicum " Pierce WA town/city Fort Lewis 47.124°N 122.556°W
Tillicum Beach " Lincoln OR town/city Yachats 44.363°N 124.092°W
Tillicum Beach " Island WA locale Langley 48.103°N 122.399°W
Tillicum Beach Recreation Site " Lincoln OR locale Yachats 44.366°N 124.091°W
Tillicum Campground " Skamania WA locale Lone Butte 46.123°N 121.779°W
Tillicum Bay " Sechelt Inlet BC bay 92G/12 49°32′0″N 123°46′0″W in "Greater Sechelt"
Tillicum Bay " Parry Sound ON bay 31L/3 46°12′23″N 79°29′19″W near North Bay
Tillicum Creek " Pend-d'Oreille River BC bay 82F/3 49°2′0″N 117°25′0″W 14 km E of Trail
Tillicum Creek " Umatilla OR stream Huron 45.481°N 118.304°W
Tillicum Creek " Chelan WA stream Huckleberry Mountain 43.794°N 122.295°W
Tillicum Creek " Lane OR stream Chumstick Mountain 47.748°N 120.393°W
Tillicum Creek " Pend Oreille WA stream Orwig Hump 48.725°N 117.069°W
Tillicum Creek " Skamania WA stream Quartz Creek Butte 46.180°N 121.831°W
Tillicum Elementary School " Victoria BC school Vancouver Island
Tillicum Elementary School " Pierce WA school Steilacoom 47.126°N 122.552°W
Tillicum Junior High School " King WA school Issaquah 47.599°N 122.124°W
Tillicum Mine " Grant OR mine Granite 44.857°N 118.381°W
Tillicum Peak " Pend Oreille WA summit Monumental Mountain 48.729°N 117.152°W
Tillicum Point " Pierce WA summit Mowich Lake 46.906°N 121.827°W
Tillicum Rock " Mason WA pillar Shelton 47.155°N 123.008°W
Tillicum Siding " Pierce WA locale Steilacoom 47.130°N 122.538°W
Tillicum Village " Kitsap WA locale Duwamish Head 47.541°N 122.482°W
Tillicum Lake " Cariboo BC lake 93A/3 52°6′0″N 121°26′0″W 50 km E of Williams Lake
Tillicum Mountain " Dickson Range, Bridge River Country BC summit 92J/14 50°52′39″N 123°15′32″W
Tillicum Mountain " Valhalla Range, Slocan Valley BC lake 82F/13 49°59′1″N 117°42′36″W
Tikke Glacier " Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/6 59°18′0″N 137°15′0″W
Tkope Creek "white" Tatshenshini-Alsek BC stream 114P/55 issues from Tkope Glacier
Tkope Glacier "white: Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/36
Tokatee Klootchman State Natural Site "pretty woman" Lane OR state park
Toketic "pretty" Thompson BC whistlestop 50° 32.06'ºN 121° 16.94'
Toketie Creek "pretty" Chelan WA stream Leavenworth 47.522°N 120.717°W
Toketie Lake " Chelan WA lake Leavenworth 47.510°N 120.743°W
Tolo "win", "earn", "pay" (as in paycheque) Jackson OR town/city Sams Valley 42.424°N 122.970°W
Tolo " Kitsap WA town/city Suquamish 47.655°N 122.584°W
Tolo Creek " Douglas OR stream Tolo Mountain 43.299°N 122.057°W
Tolo Creek " Hood River OR stream Badger Lake 45.311°N 121.504°W
Tolo Creek " Chelan WA stream Goode Mountain 48.425°N 120.911°W
Tolo Lake " Idaho ID lake Grangeville West 45.916°N 116.235°W
Tolo Lake Access Area " Idaho ID lake Grangeville West 45.914°N 116.238°W
Tolo Mountain " Orford-Southgate Divide British Columbia glacier 92K/10 50°43′36″N 124°31′15″W in the same area as Kula Kula Peak and Nanitch Peak (q.v.); west of the Compton Neve
Tolo Mountain " Douglas OR summit Tolo Mountain 43.319°N 122.012°W
Tolo Mountain " Chelan WA summit Goode Mountain 48.395°N 120.894°W
Tolo Lake Access Area " Jackson OR po Sams Valley 42.424°N 122.970°W
Tomahnous Creek "spirit, power" Tatshenshini-Alsek BC stream 114P/44 issues from Tomahnous Glacier
Tomahnous Glacier " Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/45 tomahnous is usually tamahnous, sometimes tamanass or tamanawass/tamanawaz
Towagh Creek "shining, bright" Tatshenshini-Alsek BC stream 114P/43 issues from Tomahnous Glacier
Towagh Glacier " Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/44
Tsee Creek "sweet" Shalalth BC stream 92J/9 50°43′41″N 122°13′12″W when in reference to water, tsee can mean "fresh" or "potable"; this is a semi-arid area with few streams, so that is its probable reference
Tsiatko Glacier "mountain monster" Tatshenshini-Alsek BC glacier 114P/35 tsiatko is something like a sasquatch
Tukwila "nut", "hazelnut" King WA city
Tum Lake "heart, heartbeat, soul/mind, feeling" Deschutes OR lake Broken Top 44.034°N 121.638°W tum is possibly short for tumwater ("waterfall") rather than tumtum
Tumtum, Washington "heart, heartbeat, soul/mind, feeling" Stevens WA town/city Tumtum 47.892°N 117.682°W
Tumtum Creek " North Thompson River BC stream 82M/14 55 km NE of Clearwaterf
Tumtum Lake " Adams River BC llake 82M/14 70 km NE of Clearwater, British Columbia; not connected to Tumtum Creek but nearby)
Tumtum Lake " Harney OR lake Tumtum Lake 42.140°N 118.585°W
Tumtum Mountain " Clark WA summit Yale Dam 45.935°N 122.335°W
Tumtum Peak " Pierce WA summit Wahpenayo Peak 46.750°N 121.868°W
Tumtum River " Lincoln OR stream Marys Peak 44.589°N 123.511°W
Tumwata Creek "waterfall" Jefferson WA stream Hunger Mountain 47.883°N 124.105°W
Tumwater (historical) "waterfall" Wasco OR locale Wishram 45.648°N 120.963°W
Tumwater "waterfall" Thurston WA town/city Tumwater 47.008°N 122.908°W
Tumwater Basin " Okanogan WA basin Stubblefield Point 48.101°N 119.461°W
Tumwater Botanical Area " Chelan WA area Leavenworth 47.621°N 120.708°W
Tumwater Bridge " Chelan WA bridge McGregor Mountain 48.391°N 120.844°W
Tumwater Butte " Klickitat WA summit Lone Pine Butte 45.914°N 120.531°W
Tumwater Campground " Chelan WA locale Winton/McGregor Mountain 47.677°N 120.732°W
Tumwater Canyon " Chelan WA valley Leavenworth 47.585°N 120.677°W
Tumwater Canyon Dam " Chelan WA dam Leavenworth 47.617°N 120.722°W
Tumwater Corral Spring " Klickitat WA spring Lone Pine Butte 45.920°N 120.541°W
Tumwater Creek " Clallam WA stream Port Angeles 48.123°N 120123.445°W
Tumwater Creek " Lewis WA stream Cowlitz Falls 46.467°N 122.112°W
Tumwater Creek " Okanogan WA stream Stubblefield Point 48.080°N 119.460°W
Tumwater Falls " Sherman OR falls Quinton 45.659°N 120.501°W
Tumwater Falls Dam " Thurston WA dam Tumwater 47.015°N 122.903°W
Tumwater Lake " King WA lake Grotto 47.632°N 121.403°W
Tumwater Lake " Thurston WA school Maytown 46.992°N 122.924°W
Tumwater Mountain " Chelan WA summit Leavenworth 47.616°N 120.700°W
Tumwater Mountain " Chelan WA summit Leavenworth 47.616°N 120.700°W
Tumwater Mountain " Lewis WA summit Cowlitz Falls 46.428°N 122.103°W
Tyee "chief, big, boss" Skagway-Hoonah–Angoon AK town/city Sitka A-2 57.041°N 134.543°W
Tyee " Skeena Estuary,
near Prince Rupert
BC railway point 103I/4 54°12′0″N 129°57′0″W opposite Port Essington
Tyee " Douglas OR town/city Tyee 43.444°N 123.550°W
Tyee Bank " Skeena Estuary,
near Prince Rupert
BC bank 103I/4 54°11′0″N 129°59′0″W opposite Port Essington
Tyee Bar " Josephine OR bar Bunker Creek 42.658°N 123.656°W
Tyee Beach " Island WA town/city Langley 48.093°N 122.384°W
Tyee Butte " N shore Cheslatta Lake BC summit Lick Creek 53°43′59″N 125°31′0″W
Tyee Butte " Wallowa OR summit Lick Creek 45.177°N 117.014°W
Tyee Camp " Douglas OR locale Tyee 43.439°N 123.575°W
Tyee City " Humboldt CA town/city Tyee City 40.923°N 124.126°W
Tyee Cove " Clark NV bay Mount Davis 35.619°N 114.669°W
Tyee Creek " Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area AK stream Bradfield Canal A-5 56.213°N 131.526°W
Tyee Creek " Ruby Range,
near Bonanza Pass
BC stream 82K/4 44.918°N 116.000°W S of Nakusp-Slocan divide (Bonanza Pass)
Tyee Creek " Ladysmith BC stream 92G/4 49°0"N 123°49′0″W
Tyee Creek " Valley ID stream McCall 44.918°N 116.000°W
Tyee Creek " Deschutes OR stream South Sister 44.036°N 121.763°W
Tyee Creek " Wallowa OR stream Lick Creek 45.220°N 117.004°W
Tyee Creek " Chelan WA stream Tyee Mountain 47.829°N 120.415°W
Tyee Glacier " Mamquam Mountain,
near Squamish
BC glacier 92G/15 49°48′18″N 122°53′36″W
Tyee High School " King WA school Des Moines 47.436°N 122.276°W
Tyee Hill " Clallam WA summit Lake Pleasant 48.086°N 124.343°W
Tyee Lake " Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area AK lake Bradfield Canal A-5 56.191°N 131.481°W
Tyee Lake " Cariboo,
N of Williams Lake
BC lake 93B/8 52°22′34″N 122°4′49″W
Tyee Lake " 40 km NW of Summit Lake BC lake 93B/8 54°33′15″N 123°2′22″W 75 km NNW of Prince George
Tyee Lakes " Inyo CA lake Mount Thompson 37.181°N 118.578°W
Tyee Middle School " King WA school Mercer Island 47.574°N 122.156°W
Tyee Mine " Stevens WA mine Deep Lake 48.858°N 117.619°W
Tyee Mountain " Gold River, W of Campbell River BC summit 92F/13 49°58′46″N 125°53′39″W on divide between Gold, Heber and Salmon Rivers.
Tyee Mountain " Boise ID summit Tyee Mountain 44.018°N 115.303°W
Tyee Mountain " Douglas OR summit Tyee Mountain 43.433°N 123.460°W
Tyee Mountain " Chelan WA summit Tyee Mountain 47.855°N 120.470°W
Tyee Mountain Recreation Area " Douglas OR locale Tyee Mountain 43.486°N 123.483°W
Tyee Park Elementary School " Pierce WA school Steilacoom 47.149°N 122.507°W
Tyee Peak " Pierce WA summit Mowich Lake 46.963°N 121.766°W
Tyee Point " Horseshoe Bay BC cape 92G/6 49°22′51″N 123°16′28″W
Tyee Point " West Thurlow Island,
Johnstone Strait
BC cape 92K/5 50°23′16″N 125°47′3″W
Tyee Pool Camp " Snohomish WA locale Bedal 48.068°N 121.407°W
Tyee Post Office (historical) " Douglas OR po Tyee 43.444°N 123.550°W
Tyee Prairie " Clallam WA flat Lake Pleasant 48.051°N 124.358°W
Tyee Rapids " Josephine OR rapids Bunker Creek 42.656°N 123.663°W
Tyee Recreation Site " Lane OR locale Florence 43.882°N 124.122°W
Tyee Ridge " Chelan WA ridge Tyee Mountain 47.816°N 120.459°W also Tyee Ridge Spring Nos. 1-3, 6-8 in situ
Tyee Shoal " Kitsap WA bar Duwamish Head 47.611°N 122.485°W
Tyee Split " Campbell River BC split 92K/3 50°3′0″N 125°15′26″W Campbell River Airfield
Tyee Springs " Skamania WA spring Termination Point 45.875°N 121.970°W
Tyee Valley Golf Course " King WA locale Des Moines 47.428°N 122.310°W
Tyee View Cemetery " Douglas OR cemetery Tyee Mountain 43.404°N 123.426°W
Tyeen Glacierl " Skagway-Hoonah–Angoon AK glacier Mount Fairweather D-4 58.868°N 137.179°W probably Tlingit, but possibly Chinook adaptation
Tyhee "chief, big, boss" Bannock ID town/city Pocatello North 42.952°N 112.466°W
Tyhee Creek " Telkwa BC stream 93L/11 54°41′2″N 127°1′44″W
Tyhee Elementary School " Bannock ID school Pocatello North 42.949°N 112.470°W
Tyhee Lake " Telkwa BC lake 93L/11 54°42′59″N 127°2′35″W Aso Tyhee Lake Provincial Park
Tyhee Lateral " Bannock ID canal Michaud 42.950°N 112.508°W
Tyhee Wasteway " Bannock ID canal Pocatello North 42.962°N 112.465°W
Tzum Point "painted, marked, spotted" Bear Lake, Takla Country ID canal Pocatello North 56°5′24″N 126°47′27″W 110 km NE of Hazelton;tzum is often spelled chum (q.v.)


Placename Meaning County/region State/province Type USGS Quad/NTS topo Latitude Longitude Comments
Wake Creek "not, nothing" Tillamook OR stream Blaine 45.256°N 123.656°W
Wakepish Creek "no fish" Skamania WA stream French Butte 46.324°N 121.971°W
Waketickeh Creek "don't want", "don't need" Mason WA stream Eldon 47.559°N 123.024°W


Placename Meaning County/region State/province Type USGS Quad/NTS topo Latitude Longitude Comments
Yakawawa Canyon "it talks" Whitman WA valley Granite Point 46.576°N 117.288°W yaka means "it, he, she", wawa is "speech" or "to talk". Presumably named because the canyon's river is loud, or there's an echo
Yukwah Recreation Site "here", "this place", "this thing here" Linn OR locale Upper Soda 44.400°N 122.337°W usually yukwa

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