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List of British Jewish scientists

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Title: List of British Jewish scientists  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Steven Haberman, Steven Rose
Collection: Lists of British Jews, Lists of Scientists by Nationality
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of British Jewish scientists

List of British Jewish scientists is a list that includes scientists from the United Kingdom and its predecessor states who are or were Jewish or of Jewish descent.


  • Physicists 1
  • Chemists 2
  • Biologists 3
  • Mathematicians and statisticians 4
  • Computer scientists 5
  • Economists 6
  • Social scientists 7
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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "In 1946 Dennis Gabor became a naturalized British citizen."
"study at the university was open to him, despite being a Jew ... Kurti became a naturalized British citizen just before the outbreak of the Second World War"
Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "son of Lithuanian-Jewish immigrants"


father of Prof. James Neuberger, Lord Justice Sir David Neuberger and Prof. Michael Neuberger, and father-in-law of Julia Neuberger


Mathematicians and statisticians

Computer scientists


Social scientists

"You are a Jewish, Zimbabwean, Mancunian philosopher... I have lived in Manchester more than half my life and am very much at home here."

See also


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