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Public health laboratory

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Title: Public health laboratory  
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Subject: Naomi Datta, Turnaround time, Health Forecasting (UCLA), Public health emergency (United States), Modernising Scientific Careers
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Public health laboratory

Public Health Laboratories are governmental reference laboratories that protect the public against diseases and other health hazards.

International accreditation

In 2007, Haim Hacham et al. published a paper addressing the need for and the process of international standardised accreditation for laboratory proficiency in Israel. Their practice is an invaluable experience for all in the sector.[1] With similar efforts, both the Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (JAB) and the European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EC4) have validated and convened ISO 15189, respectively [2],.[3] However, Spitzenberger and Edelhäuser have expressed their concerns in that ISO accreditation may include obstacles rising from new emerging medical devices and the new approach of assessment, indicating the time dependence of the standards.[4]

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