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List of ghost towns in California

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Title: List of ghost towns in California  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Deadwood, Placer County, California, Visitor attractions in California, Masonic, California, Skidoo, California, Picacho, California
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of ghost towns in California

This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in California sortable by town or county.

Alma, California in present times
A sign for Amboy, California, on the west side of town
Town County
18 Mile House Kern
Agua Fria Mariposa
Agua Mansa San Bernardino
Allard Kern
Alma Santa Clara
Amalie Kern
Amboy San Bernardino
Antelope House Calaveras
Artwell Kern
Ashford Mill Inyo
Asphalto Kern
Atolia San Bernardino
Avena Inyo
Bagdad San Bernardino
Balaklava Hill Calaveras
Ballarat Inyo
Banta San Joaquin
Barnes Settlement Kern
Beeks Place Orange County
Belleville San Bernardino
Benita Kern
Bennettville Mono
Bend City Inyo
Benton Mono
Bestville Siskiyou
Big Blue Mill Kern
Blue Mountain Calaveras
Bodie Mono
Bondville Mariposa
Borel Mariposa
Bradford Siding Inyo
Branson City San Diego
Brownsville Calaveras
Buckeye Hill Calaveras
Burkeville Kern
Cabernet Kern
Calico San Bernardino
Camanche Calaveras
Cambio Kern
Camp Spirito Calaveras
Canebrake Kern
Canfield Kern
Carnegie San Joaquin
Carthage Inyo
Carson Hill Calaveras
Cerro Gordo Inyo
Cerro Gordo Landing Inyo
Chambless San Bernardino
Chanz Kern
Cherokee Butte
Chichi Calaveras
Chinquapin Mariposa
Chinese Camp Tuolumne
Chloride City Inyo
Chrysopolis Inyo
Clark Inyo
Clarkson Kern
Code Kern
Coleman City San Diego
Copperfield Inyo
Coso Inyo
Cox & Clark Trading Post and Steamboat Landing Kings
Coyote Santa Clara
Craft Kern
Cuttens Kern
Cuyamaca City San Diego
Darwin Inyo
Deadwood Placer
Denny Trinity
Desert Spring Kern
Dogtown Mono
Domino Kern
Drawbridge Alameda
Drum Mariposa
Drytown Amador
Dunmovin Inyo
Eagle Mountain Riverside
Eastwood San Diego
Eaires Kern
Echo Inyo
Eightmile Mariposa
El Dorado Bar Calaveras
Eldoradoville Los Angeles
Elevenmile Mariposa
Elkhorn Mariposa
Elna Inyo
Empire City Stanislaus
Emory Mariposa
Eric Kern
Essex San Bernardino
Fluhr Kern
Fountain Springs Tulare
Fram Kern
Freeman Junction Kern
Fremont Valley Calaveras
French Flat Tuolumne
Furnace Inyo
Furnace Creek Inn Inyo
Gamba Kern
Garlock Kern
Gibsonville Sierra
Girard Kern
Goffs San Bernardino
Gold Town Kern
Goler Heights Kern
Greasertown Calaveras
Greenwater Inyo
Greenwich Kern
Gerstley Inyo
Grub Gulch Madera
Gullion's Bar Siskiyou
Gyle Kern
Haiwee Inyo
Hamilton Butte
Hart San Bernardino
Hatfields Camp[1], Kern,
Hoboken Sacramento
Hodson Calaveras
Hokokwito Mariposa
Holy City Santa Clara
Horseshoe Bend Mariposa
Hollands Los Angeles
Horton Inyo
Independence Flat Calaveras
Indian Gulch Mariposa
Indian Springs Kern
Inmans Kern
Intake Inyo
Iowa Hill Placer
Isabella Kern
Ivanpah San Bernardino
Jaeger City Imperial
Jay Inyo
Joe Walker Town Kern
Joyfull Kern
Kasson Inyo
Kern River Slough Kern
Kernvale Kern
Kernville Kern
Kearsarge Inyo
Keeler Inyo
Kelso San Bernardino
Kingston Kings
Kocher Mariposa
Kumaini Mariposa
Kyan Kern
Lane Mill Inyo
La Panza San Luis Obispo
La Rose Kern
Langdon Kern
Lavers' Crossing Kern
Leadfield Inyo
Lee Inyo
Lee Camp[2] Kern
Leliter Kern
Leon Riverside
Leonards Kern
Levee Kern
Levee Spur Kern
Lexington Santa Clara
Linda Rosa Riverside
Lila C Inyo
Little Dixie Kern
Llano del Rio Los Angeles
Lone Pine Station Inyo
Lookout City Inyo
Lower Calaveritas Calaveras
Ludlow San Bernardino
Lyons Station Los Angeles
Macheto Mariposa
Mammoth Cave Calaveras
Mammoth City Mono
Manchester Monterey
Manzanar Inyo
Martendale Kern
Masonic Mono
McLeans Bar Calaveras
McLeans Ferry Calaveras
Melones Calaveras
Mentryville Los Angeles
Merced Falls Merced
Midland Riverside
Midway Kern
Mill Valley Calaveras
Minear Mariposa
Mount Ophir Mariposa
Miramonte Kern
Monterio Kern
Moore's Flat Nevada
Mormon Island Sacramento
Mountain House Kern
Moseman Kern
Muroc Kern
Nadeau Kern
Narka Inyo
Neil Inyo
Negro Flat Siskiyou
Neuralia Inyo
New Almaden Santa Clara
Newburyport Inyo
New Idria San Benito
Newtown Mariposa
9 Mile Station Inyo
Nome Kern
Noonday Camp Inyo
Norristown Sacramento
North American House Calaveras
North Muroc Kern
North Shore Riverside
Nortonville Contra Costa
Norval Calaveras
Notomidula Mariposa
Olig Kern
Opie Mariposa
Oregon Bar Calaveras
Owensville Inyo
Packwood Kern
Packwood Station Tulare
Page Kern
Paloma Kern
Panamint City Inyo
Parsons Kern
Pasinogna San Bernardino
Patchen Santa Clara
Pattees Ranch Calaveras
Petersburg Kern
Petro Kern
Petroleopolis Los Angeles
Phillip's Flat Mariposa
Picacho Imperial
Pine Kern
Pinacate Riverside
Piute Kern
Politana San Bernardino
Port Chicago Contra Costa
Port Wine Sierra
Proctor Kern
Prado San Bernardino
Prairie City Sacramento
Progress Kern
Providence San Bernardino
Purissima San Mateo
Pylema Kern
Quartzburg Kern
Quartzburg Mariposa
Rincon San Bernardino
Redrock Kern
Reefer City Kern
Reilly Inyo
Reservoir Kern
Rice San Bernardino
Ridleys Ferry Mariposa
Rincon San Bernardino
Rio Bravo Kern
Riverview Kern
Roachville Inyo
Rock Springs Kern
Rogersville Kern
Sage Kern
San Carlos Inyo
San Joaquin City San Joaquin
San Miguel de los Noches Kern
Sakaya Mariposa
Sandy Bar Calaveras
Sand Cut Kern
Sawmill Flat Tuolumne
Scheelite Inyo
Schwaub Inyo
Scovern Hot Springs Kern
Second Garrotte Tuolumne
Sedwell Kern
Seneca Plumas
Shady Rest Kern
Shale Kern
Shamrock Kern
Shasta Shasta
Siberia San Bernardino
Silver Lake San Bernardino
Skidoo Inyo
Skyes Inyo
Sloss Mariposa
Smyrna Kern
Sodan Inyo
Solon Kern
Sorrell's Kern
Spanish Bar Calaveras
St. Louis Sierra
Stewarts Inyo
Stickneys Ferry Tulare
Stonewall San Diego
Stony Bar Calaveras
Stoutenburg Calaveras
Strader Kern
Strand Kern
Stratton San Diego
Sullivan Kern
Summers Kern
Sunland Inyo
Sunset Kern
Swansea Inyo
Taylors Bar Calaveras
Teagle Kern
Tehichipa Kern
Tejon Kern
Temescal Riverside
Terese Kern
Terese Siding Kern
Terra Cotta Riverside
Timbuctoo Yuba
Toolwass Kern
Tremont House Calaveras
Trescape Kern
Treves Kern
Tule Station Inyo
Tumco Imperial
Una Siding Kern
Unadilla Kern
Vaca Adobe Kings
Vaccaro Kern
Vallecito San Diego
Valley Wells[3] San Bernardino
Vanderbilt San Bernardino
Vaughn Kern
Vernette Kern
Warren (Mojave) Kern
Water Station Kern
Wenger Mariposa
West Baker Kern
Westville Placer
White Mountain City Inyo
Willard Riverside
Wingo Sonoma
Winter Garden Kern
Wiskala Mariposa
Woolsey Flat Nevada
Wrights Santa Clara
Wycoff Yolo
Yaqui Camp Calaveras
You Bet Nevada
Yosemite Mill Mariposa
Zurich Inyo
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