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Kazakhstani Footballer of the Year

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Title: Kazakhstani Footballer of the Year  
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Subject: Football in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstani Women's Cup, Kazakhstani women's football championship, Samat Smakov, Kazakhstan national football team 1994
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Kazakhstani Footballer of the Year

The title Kazakhstani Footballer of the Year (Қазақстанның ең үздік футболшысы) has been awarded in Kazakhstan since 1992. The award is determined by a poll of Kazakhstani professional journalists, football coaches, specialists, veterans and captains of playing teams of Premier League. Generally there are two different pools. The first one is conducted by the Football Federation (1992–2005, 2008) and others are conducted by football journal GOAL (starting from 1999) and (starting from 2011).

Annual Awards

Football Federation poll GOAL Journal poll poll
Season Player Pos Club Player Pos Club Player Pos Club
1992 Volgin CM KRT
1993 Kurganskiy FW EKI
1994 Kanat Musataev CD ORD
1995 Miroshnichenko FW SEM
1996 Voskoboynikov GK TAR
1997 Voskoboynikov GK TAR
1998 Voskoboynikov GK KSR
1999 Avdeev CD KYZ Zubarev FW IRT
2000 Avdeev CD KYZ Mendes FW IRT
2001 Tlekhugov FW A64 Tlekhugov FW A64
2002 Lovchev CM A64 Lovchev CM A64
2003 Zhumaskaliyev FW TOB Novikov GK IRT
2004 Smakov CD KRT Smakov CD KRT
2005 Zhumaskaliyev FW TOB Litvinenko FW ALM
2006 not held Loria GK A64
2007 not held Smakov CD AKT
2008 Smakov CD AKT Smakov CD AKT
2009 not held Smakov CD AKT
2010 Zhumaskaliyev FW TOB Zhumaskaliyev FW TOB
2011 Konysbayev FW SHA Schmidtgal FW GRE Bakayev FW IRT
2012 Nurdauletov MF AST Bakayev FW IRT Bakayev FW IRT
2013 Finonchenko FW SHA Finonchenko FW SHA Finonchenko FW SHA
2014 Islamkhan FW KAI Islamkhan FW KAI Islamkhan FW KAI

Monthly Awards

Web portal holds "Almaz" monthly award for the best players since 2011 season.
2011 Player Pos Club
MAR Khairullin CM AKT
APR Bogavac FW AST
MAY Khairullin CM AKT
JUN Bakayev FW IRT
JUL Malick Mané FW AKT
AUG Bakayev FW IRT
SEP Zhumaskaliyev FW TOB
2012 Player Pos Club
MAR Dzholchiyev FW TOB
APR Dzholchiyev FW TOB
MAY Tazhimbetov FW ORD
JUN Bikmaev FW AKT
JUL Khairullin CM AKT
AUG Kenzhesariev LB AKT
SEP Bakayev FW IRT
2013 Player Pos Club
MAR Manuel Curto CM TAR
APR Khairullin CM AKT
MAY Zenkovich FW AKZ
JUN Kapadze FW AKT
AUG Khizhnichenko FW SHA
SEP Finonchenko FW SHA
2014 Player Pos Club
MAR Savio Nsereko FW ATY
APR Khairullin CM AKT
MAY Momodou Ceesay FW KRT
JUN Islamkhan FW KRT
JUL Foxi Kéthévoama FW AST
AUG Islamkhan FW KRT
SEP Islamkhan FW KRT

2015 Player Pos Club
MAR Roger Canas CM AST
APR Gerard Gohou FW KAI
MAY Gerard Gohou FW KAI
JUN Gerard Gohou FW KAI


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