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Franciscan orders in Lutheranism

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Title: Franciscan orders in Lutheranism  
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Subject: Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, Order of Lutheran Franciscans, Third order, Franciscan
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Franciscan orders in Lutheranism

Franciscan spirituality, especially scotism, was not favoured by Reformation, but later the 20th century High Church Movement has given birth to Franciscan orders among revival of religious orders and confraternities in Lutheran Churches.


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Third orders

In Europe, there are nine Franciscan third orders, two of which are commonly referenced.

Evangelische Franziskaner-Tertiaren (Lutheran Franciscan Tertiaries, officially "Evangelische Franziskanerbruderschaft der Nachfolge Christi") was founded in Germany 1927 within Hochkirchliche Vereinigung.

Franciskus Tredje Orden, FTO in Church of Sweden, is part of the European Province of the Third Order of the Anglican Society of St Francis. Stockholm based pastor Ted Harris is a well established member and contact man for Franciskus Tredje Orden.[1][2]

Other Franciscan orders

The Order of Lutheran Franciscans is an order within the Lutheran Tradition.

In the Evangelical Church in Germany, apart from the high church movement, there exists a Protestant Evangelische Kanaan Franziskus-Bruderschaft (Kanaan Franciscan Brothers), affiliated with Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary.

In Church of Sweden, there is Helige Franciskus Systraskap (Sisterhood of Saint Francis), a religious community in Klaradal convent in Sjövik.

Franciscan Brothers of St. Michael (FBSM), also in North America, within Evangelical Marian Catholic Church, is a Congregation of men, women and children. are now part of the American Orthodox Catholic Church Inc.

The Franciscan Order of the Divine Mercy (FODM), Based in the United States of America and live in harmony with the creeds and confessions of the Lutheran faith under the Lutheran Orthodox Church and its Churches and invite other Christian faiths to follow an Ecumenical Christian path.

In the Lutheran church, there has been also more general interest to Franciscan spirituality. E.g. "Assisi-Kredsen" in Denmark and "Franciskus-Sällskapet i Finland" are ecumenical societies, which e.g. arrange journeys to Assisi and in Franciscan convents. Members are mostly Lutherans.


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