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List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Colorado

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Title: List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Colorado  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Krepps Covered Bridge, List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Nevada, New Harmony Toll Bridge, List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Hawaii, List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Alaska
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List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Colorado

This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of Colorado.[1]

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
19th Street Bridge 1888 1985-02-04 Denver
Denver 2-span Pratt Through Truss
Alpine Tunnel Historic District 1879, 1881, 1910 1996-04-01 Hancock, Pitkin, Quartz Chaffee, Gunnison
Argo Tunnel and Mill Argo Gold Mine and Mill 1893 1978-01-31 Idaho Springs Clear Creek
Arkansas River Bridge Arkansas River Bridge 1937 1985-02-04 Buena Vista
Chaffee Pratt Deck Truss
Avondale Bridge 1913 1985-02-04 Avondale
Pueblo Luten Arch
Big Thompson River Bridge III 2002-10-15 Loveland
Larimer Camelback pony truss
Big Thompson River Bridge IV 2002-10-15 Loveland
Larimer Camelback pony truss
Black Squirrel Creek Bridge 2002-10-15 Falcom
El Paso Parker through truss
Boulder Creek Bridge 1953 2003-03-11 Boulder
Boulder Concrete slab and girder
Bridge No. 10/Adelaide Bridge 1894 1985-02-04 Florence
Fremont Built-up Deck Girder bridge
Bridge over Burro Canon 1936 1985-02-04 Madrid
Las Animas Stone Multiplate Deck Arch
Bridge over Fountain Creek Bridge over Fountain Creek 1932 1985-02-04 Manitou Springs
El Paso Open Spandral Deck Arch
Browns's Canyon Bridge Brown's Canyon Bridge 1908 2013-07-30 Salida Chaffee Concrete slab and girder
Cherry Creek Bridge 2002-10-15 Franktown
Douglas Two-rib open-spandrel arch
Colorado River Bridge Colorado River Bridge 2002-10-15 De Beque
Mesa Parker through truss
Costilla Crossing Bridge Costilla Crossing Bridge 1892 1985-02-04 Antonito
Conejos Thatcher Through Truss
Cottonwood Creek Bridge 1923 2001-10-12 Colorado Springs
El Paso cantilevered concrete girder
D & RG Narrow Gauge Trestle ca. 1880 1976-06-18 Cimarron
Montrose Pratt truss
Dolores River Bridge 2002-10-15 Bedrock
Montrose Pennsylvania through truss
Dotsero Bridge 2002-10-15 Dotsero
Eagle Parker through truss
Douglas Crossing Bridge 1936 1985-02-04 Granada
Prowers Stone Ashlar Filled Arch
Eagle River Bridge Eagle River Bridge 1933 2002-10-15 Eagle
Eagle Parker through truss
F Street Bridge F Street Bridge 1907 1985-02-04 Salida
Chaffee Luten Arch
Fruita Bridge Fruita Bridge 1906 1985-02-04 Fruita
Mesa Parker Through Truss
Granada Bridge Granada Bridge 2002-10-15 Granada
Prowers Steel I-beam stringer
Gunnison River Bridge I Gunnison River Bridge I 2002-10-15 Gunnison
Gunnison Pratt through truss
Gunnison River Bridge II Gunnison River Bridge II 2002-10-15 Gunnison
Gunnison Pratt through truss
Gunnison Tunnel Opening of the Gunnison Tunnel 1901, 1909 1979-07-22 Montrose Montrose Irrigation tunnel
Hay's Ranch Bridge 1900 1985-02-04 Meeker
Rio Blanco Pratt Pony Truss
Huerfano Bridge 1921 1985-02-04 Boone
Pueblo Filled Spandrel Arch
Labo Del Rio Bridge 1913 1985-06-24 Arboles
Archuleta Pratt through truss
Lebanon and Everett Mine Tunnels ca. 1870 1971-10-07 Silver Plume
Clear Creek
Little Fountain Creek Bridge 2002-10-15 Widefield
El Paso Steel multiplate arch
Little Thompson River Bridge 2002-10-15 Berthoud
Weld Camelback pony truss
Main Street Bridge 2002-10-15 Florence
Fremont Spandrel arch
Maitland Arroyo Bridge 2002-10-15 Walsenburg
Huerfano Timber stringer
Manitou Springs Bridges 1906, 1907 1985-06-24 Manitou Springs
El Paso Stone arch
Maroon Creek Bridge 1888, 1929 1985-02-04 Aspen
Pitkin Multi-span Trestle Bridge
Miner Street Bridge Miner Street Bridge 1901 1985-02-04 Idaho Springs
Clear Creek Skewed Pratt Pony Truss
Morley Bridge Morley Bridge 1881 2003-08-14 Romley
Chaffee Pratt deck truss
North St. Vrain Creek Bridge North St. Vrain Creek Bridge 2002-10-15 Lyons
Boulder Concrete rigid frame
Plum Bush Creek Bridge 2002-10-15 Last Chance
Washington Concrete rigid frame
Portland Bridge 1926 1985-02-04 Portland
Fremont Pratt Semi-deck Truss
Prowers Bridge 1902, 1906, 1909 1985-02-04 Prowers
Bent Camelback & Pratt Through
Rainbow Arch Bridge 1923 1985-02-04 Fort Morgan
Morgan Fixed Rainbow (Marsh) Arch
Red Cliff Bridge Red Cliff Bridge 1940 1985-02-04 Red Cliff
Eagle Deck Arch Bridge
Rifle Bridge Rifle Bridge 1909 1985-02-04 Rifle
Garfield Pennsylvania/Parker Truss
Rio Grande Railroad Viaduct 1931 2002-10-15 Florence
Fremont Cantilevered deck girder
Rito Seco Creek Culvert 1936 2002-10-15 San Luis
Costilla Multiplate arch
Rouch Gulch Bridge 2002-11-27 Swissvale
Fremont Concrete spandrel arch
Royal Gorge Bridge and Incline Railway 1929, 1931 1983-09-02 Canon City Fremont Suspension bridge
San Luis Bridge 1911 1985-02-04 San Luis
Costilla Open Spandrel Arch
San Luis Southern Railway Trestle aka Rattlesnake Trestle San Luis Southern Railway Trestle 1910 2004-01-06 Blanca
Costilla Railroad Trestle
Santa Fe Avenue Bridge Santa Fe Ave. Bridge 2002-10-15 Pueblo
Pueblo Pennsylvania through truss
Satank Bridge Satank Bridge 1900 1985-02-04 Carbondale
Garfield Pratt Through Truss
Sevenmile Bridge 1935, 1981 1985-07-11 Creede
Mineral Pratt deck truss
Sheely Bridge 1911, 1966 1985-02-04 Aspen
Pitkin Pratt Through Truss
Slate Creek Bridge 1924 1985-06-24 Slate Creek
Summit Parker Pony truss
South Canon Bridge 1914 1985-02-04 Glenwood Springs
Garfield Pennsylvania Through Truss
South Platte River Bridges South Platte River Bridges 1951 2002-10-15 Denver
Denver Girder-ribbed deck arch
Spring Creek Bridge Spring Creek Bridge 2002-10-15 Vona
Kit Carson Concrete Slab
St. Charles Bridge 1924 1985-02-04 Pueblo
Pueblo Filled Spandrel Arch
State Bridge 1890 1985-06-24 State Bridge
Eagle Howe truss
Sutherland Bridge Sutherland Bridge 1924 1985-02-04 Del Norte
Rio Grande Warren Pony Truss
West Plum Bush Creek Bridge 2002-10-15 Last Chance
Washington Concrete rigid frame
Wheeler Bridge Wheeler Bridge 1924 1985-02-04 Del Norte
Rio Grande Howe Pony Truss
14th Street Viaduct 14th Street Viaduct 1898
removed 1994-07-22
Denver Denver steel stringer viaduct
20th Street Viaduct 1909
removed 1994-07-22
Denver Denver Deck Girder/Through Truss
Avery Bridges 1914
removed 2002-09-16
Hoehne and Aguilar Las Animas Avery pony truss
Big Thompson River Bridge I 2002-10-15
removed 2010-11-29
Estes Park
Larimer Camelback pony truss
Big Thompson River Bridge II 2002-10-15
removed 2010-11-29
Estes Park
Larimer Camelback pony truss
Black Bridge Black Bridge 1891
removed 1994-07-22
Grand Junction Mesa Pratt Through Truss
Broadway Bridge Broadway Bridge 1895
removed 1995-02-27
Denver Denver Open-Web Deck Girder
Commercial Street Bridge Commercial Street Bridge 1905
removed 1994-07-22
Trinidad Las Animas Luten Arch
Delta Bridge Delta Bridge 1923
removed 1994-07-22
Delta Delta 4-span Parker Through Truss
Elson Bridge Elson Bridge 1905
removed 2002-09-16
El Moro Las Animas Pratt Through Truss
Escalante Canon Bridge 1890, 1908, 1938
removed 1994-07-22
Delta Delta Camelback Through Truss
Fourth Street Bridge 1891 1985-02-04
removed 2010-1-14
Canon City
Fremont Pratt Through Truss
Fifth Street Bridge Fifth Street Bridge 1933
removed 1994-07-22
Grand Junction Mesa Parker Through Truss
Four Mile Bridge Four Mile Bridge 1900
removed 1994-07-22
Steamboat Springs Routt Pratt Through Truss
Hortense Bridge Hortense Bridge 1880
removed 1997-04-14
Nathrop Chaffee Queenpost Pony Truss
Hotchkiss Bridge Hotchkiss Bridge 1911
removed 1994-07-22
Hotchkiss Delta Camelback Through Truss
Howard Bridge 1924
removed 2002-09-16
Howard Fremont Warren Pony Truss Bridge
Manzanola Bridge Manzanola Bridge 1911, 1950
removed 1994-07-22
Manzanola Crowley Pennsylvania through truss
Masonic Park Bridge 1909, 1933
removed 1994-07-22
South Fork Rio Grande Pratt Through Truss
Nepesta Bridge 1905
removed 1994-07-22
Boone Pueblo Pratt Through Truss
Roubideau Bridge Roubideau Bridge 1911
removed 1994-07-22
Delta Delta Warren Through Truss
Whiskey Creek Trestle 1905
removed 1987-11-25
Rangely Rio Blanco
Wolcott Bridge 2002-10-15
removed 2012-3-12
Eagle Luten arch


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