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List of radio stations in Naples

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Title: List of radio stations in Naples  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Lists of radio stations in Europe, List of radio stations in Italy, Naples
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List of radio stations in Naples

The following is a list of licensed FM/AM radio stations in the city of Naples, Italy, sorted by frequency.

FM frequency (MHz) Name Owner Transmitter position Description Website
87.500 Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory Italian music
87.600 Radio Capri Vico Equense/Monte Faito
87.700 TRBC - Tele Radio Buon Consiglio Naples/Camaldoli
87.900 Radio Camaldoli Stereo Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
88.100 Radio Capri Anacapri
88.200 Radio 105 Network Finelco Vico Equense/Monte Faito
88.400 m2o Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Naples/Camaldoli
88.450 Radio Azzurra Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
88.600 Radio Camaldoli Stereo Vico Equense/Monte Faito
88.700 Radio Quinta Rete Naples/Camaldoli
Radio Azzurra Napoli Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
89.000 Radio Kiss Kiss Naples/Camaldoli
89.300 Rai Radio 1 Campania RAI Naples/Camaldoli
89.500 Radio Centro Campania Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
89.600 Radio DeeJay Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Vico Equense/Monte Faito
Prima Radio - FM Italia Monte di Procida
89.800 Radio Nuova Vomero Naples/Camaldoli
New Radio Network Casertavecchia
90.000 Radio Maria Vico Equense/Monte Faito Religious
90.250 Radio Nuova San Giorgio Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
90.500 Radio Dimensione Suono RDS Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
90.800 Radio Club 91 Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
91.000 Rai GR Parlamento RAI Vico Equense/Monte Faito
91.150 Radio Maria Tramonti/Monte Sant'Angelo Religious
91.300 Rai Radio 2 RAI Naples/Camaldoli
91.600 Radio Monte Carlo Finelco Vico Equense/Monte Faito Italian language
91.900 Radio Maria Naples/Camaldoli Religious
92.100 Ecoradio Naples/Camaldoli
92.300 Radio DeeJay Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Naples/Camaldoli
92.500 Radio Norba Naples/Via Bernardo Cavallino
Radio Sant'Anna Lettere
92.700 Radio Norba Vico Equense/Monte Faito
93.000 Radio Club 91 Monte Sant'Angelo
93.300 Rai Radio 3 RAI Naples/Camaldoli
93.500 Virgin Radio Italia Finelco Naples/Camaldoli Rock music
93.700 Virgin Radio Italia Finelco Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory Rock music
93.900 Radio Quinta Rete Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
94.100 Rai Radio 1 Campania RAI Vico Equense/Monte Faito
94.300 Radio Maria Casertavecchia Religious
94.400 Radio Tour Naples/Camaldoli
94.600 Kiss Kiss Italia Naples/Camaldoli
94.800 Radio Ibiza Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
Radio Antenna 2 Vico Equense/Monte Faito
95.000 Radio Amore Italia Naples/Camaldoli
95.200 Radio Amore Vico Equense/Monte Faito
95.300 Radio Graffiti Naples/Camaldoli
95.380 Radio Amore Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
95.400 Radio Stereo 5 Vico Equense/Monte Faito
95.600 Radio Marte Stereo Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory Sports talk radio
95.900 Kiss Kiss Italia Vico Equense/Monte Faito
96.100 Rai Radio 2 RAI Vico Equense/Monte Faito
96.400 Radio Studio Napoli Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
96.600 R101 Monradio Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
96.800 Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana Vico Equense/Monte Faito Italian music
Naples/Camaldoli Italian music
97.000 Radio Kiss Kiss Vico Equense/Monte Faito
95.300 Radio Ibiza Naples/Camaldoli Club music
97.500 Radio Radicale Radical Party Casertavecchia
97.700 Radio Marte Stereo Naples/Camaldoli Sports talk radio
97.800 Onda Verde Vico Equense/Monte Faito
97.900 Radio Marte Stereo Naples/Camaldoli Sports talk radio
98.000 Radio Ibiza Casertavecchia
98.100 Rai Radio 3 RAI Vico Equense/Monte Faito
98.300 m2o Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
98.600 Radio Monte Carlo Finelco Vico Equense/Monte Faito Italian language
98.800 Radio Maria Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory Religious
99.000 Radio Punto Nuovo Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
99.250 Kiss Kiss Napoli Vico Equense/Monte Faito
99.500 Radio DeeJay Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
99.700 Radio 105 Network Finelco Vico Equense/Monte Faito
100.000 Radio Capri Naples/Camaldoli
100.250 Radio Subasio Naples/Camaldoli
100.500 Radio CRC Targato Italia Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
100.700 Radio Margherita Naples/Camaldoli
Vico Equense/Monte Faito
100.950 Rai GR Parlamento RAI Naples/Camaldoli
101.200 Radio LatteMiele Vico Equense/Monte Faito
101.400 Radio Antenna 1 Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
101.600 Radio Radicale Radical Party Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
101.800 Radio Radicale Radical Party Naples/Camaldoli
102.000 RPZ - Radio Punto Zero Vico Equense/Monte Faito
102.300 RTL 102.5 Vico Equense/Monte Faito
102.600 RTL 102.5 Naples/Camaldoli
102.800 Radio Evangelo Assemblies of God in Italy Naples/Camaldoli Religious
103.000 Kiss Kiss Napoli Naples/Camaldoli
103.300 Rai Isoradio RAI Naples/Camaldoli
103.500 Radio 24 Il Sole 24 Ore Naples/Camaldoli All-news and Talk radio
103.700 Radio 24 Il Sole 24 Ore Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory All-news and Talk radio
103.900 Rai FD5 Auditorium RAI Naples/Camaldoli Classical music
104.100 Radio Italia Anni 60 Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
104.300 Radio Italia Anni 60 Naples/Camaldoli
104.500 Radio Capital Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Frigento
104.800 Radio Capital Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Naples/Camaldoli
104.950 Radiolina Naples/"Officina" Community centre
105.000 Radio 105 Network Finelco Tramonti/Monte Sant'Angelo
105.100 Radio Kiss Kiss Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
105.300 Radio Cuore Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
105.550 Radio Maria Naples/Camaldoli Religious
105.650 Radio FM Music Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
105.800 Radio Amore Naples/Camaldoli
106.000 AFN Napoli-The Eagle AFN Camaldoli
106.200 RTL 102.5 Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
106.500 Radio Subasio Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
106.800 RPZ - Radio Punto Zero Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
107.000 AFN Napoli-Power 107 AFN Camaldoli
107.200 R101 Monradio Vico Equense/Monte Faito
107.500 Radio Dimensione Suono RDS Vico Equense/Monte Faito
107.800 Radio Radicale Radical Party Vico Equense/Monte Faito
108.000 Radio Studio Emme Ercolano/Mount Vesuvius/Vesuvius Observatory
AM frequency (KHz) Name Owner Transmitter position Description
657 Rai Radio Uno RAI Naples/Marcianise
1620 Radio Galaxy Naples

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