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Fame Academy discography

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Title: Fame Academy discography  
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Fame Academy discography

Fame Academy is a British television programme that ran for two series, in 2002 and 2004. The show was produced for the BBC in a reality television format. The winners of the show, David Sneddon[1][2] and Alex Parks,[3] were awarded music recording contracts to allow them to release music and live like top recording artists for a year. Sneddon had a run of three top-20 hits, including his debut single "Stop Living the Lie", which peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart in January 2003.[4] David Sneddon signed to major music publisher Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2009 as a songwriter. Parks' debut single "Maybe That's What It Takes" charted at number three in November 2003.[5]

In addition to Sneddon and Parks, several other contestants have gone on to have successful music careers, while others were given record deals and released several songs before leaving the music industry.[6] The runner-up from the first series, Sinéad Quinn, signed a record deal with Mercury Records,[7] the same company as Sneddon, and released her debut single "I Can't Break Down" in February 2003. The song charted at number two on the UK Singles Chart. Her second single, "What You Need Is..." peaked in top 20 in June 2003. Ainslie Henderson's debut, and thus far only single "Keep Me A Secret" ranked number five in February 2003. Malachi[7] and Alistair Griffin released self-penned songs in 2003 but were subsequently dropped from their record labels.[8] James Fox was chosen as the United Kingdom's representative for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest; he sang "Hold Onto Our Love", which charted at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart in April 2003, and received 29 points for his performance.[9][10]

Lemar, who finished in third place in the first series, has been the most successful contestant from the show. He released his first single, "Dance (With U)", which charted at number-two on the UK Singles Chart, in August 2003; he has since recorded nine further top 40 hit singles, including six that charted in the top 10.[11] He has released four studio albums; The Truth About Love is the most successful, charting at number three on the UK Albums Chart in 2006.

As of July 2009, Fame Academy contestants have released 26 charting singles and 10 charting albums. Of the 19 singles that reached the top twenty, 12 were top-ten hits. Only one album missed out on a place in the top 40 and seven of the ten releases peaked inside the top 20. Lemar is the only artist who is still releasing music.


Artist Series Position in show Song title Release date UK peak chart
Sneddon, DavidDavid Sneddon 1 Winner "Stop Living the Lie" 1 [12]
Quinn, SinéadSinéad Quinn 1 Runner-up "I Can't Break Down" 2 [13]
Henderson, AinslieAinslie Henderson 1 4th "Keep Me A Secret" 5 [14]
Cush, MalachiMalachi Cush 1 5th "Just Say You Love Me" 49 [15]
Sneddon, DavidDavid Sneddon 1 Winner "Don't Let Go" 3 [16]
Quinn, SinéadSinéad Quinn 1 Runner-up "What You Need Is..." 19 [17]
Sneddon, DavidDavid Sneddon 1 Winner "Best of Order" 18 [18]
Lemar 1 3rd "Dance (With U)" 2 [19]
Sneddon, DavidDavid Sneddon 1 Winner "Baby Get Higher" 38 [20]
Lemar 1 3rd "50/50" / "Lullaby" 5 [21]
Parks, AlexAlex Parks 2 Winner "Maybe That's What It Takes" 3 [22]
Griffin, AlistairAlistair Griffin 2 Runner-up "Bring It On" / "My Lover's Prayer"B 5 [23]
Lemar 1 3rd "Another Day" 9 [24]
Parks, AlexAlex Parks 2 Winner "Cry" 13 [25]
Griffin, AlistairAlistair Griffin 2 Runner-up "You and Me (Tonight)" 18 [26]
Fox, JamesJames Fox 2 5th "Hold Onto Our Love" 13 [27]
Lemar 1 3rd "If There's Any Justice" 3 [28]
Lemar 1 3rd "Time to Grow" 9 [29]
Lemar 1 3rd "Don't Give It Up" 21 [30]
Parks, AlexAlex Parks 2 Winner "Honesty" 56 [31]
Lemar 1 3rd "It's Not That Easy" 7 [32]
Lemar 1 3rd "Someone Should Tell You" 21 [33]
Lemar 1 3rd "Tick Tock" 45 [34]
Fox, JamesJames Fox 1 5th "Bluebirds Flying High"A 15 [35]
Lemar 1 3rd "If She Knew" 14 [36]
Lemar 1 3rd "Weight of the World" 31 [37]
Griffin, AlistairAlistair Griffin 2 Runner-up "Just Drive" 38 [38]
Lemar 1 3rd "The Way Love Goes" 8 [36]


Only albums that charted in the Top 100 of the UK albums chart are included in this list.

Artist Album title Release date UK peak chart
Cush, MalachiMalachi Cush Malachi 17 [39]
Sneddon, DavidDavid Sneddon Seven Years - Ten Weeks 5 [40]
Quinn, SinéadSinéad Quinn Ready to Run 48 [41]
Lemar Dedicated 16 [42]
Griffin, AlistairAlistair Griffin Bring It On 12 [43]
Parks, AlexAlex Parks Introduction 5 [44]
Lemar Time to Grow 8 [45]
Parks, AlexAlex Parks Honesty 24 [46]
Lemar The Truth About Love 3 [47]
Lemar The Reason 41 [48]
Lemar The Hits 18 [47]
Lemar Invincible 49 [47]

Fame Academy albums

At the end of both series, a compilation album was released featuring cover versions from the contestants. The first album reached number two on the UK Compilation Chart. A third album, Bee Gees Special, was released during the show's broadcast and featured cover versions of Bee Gees songs.

Album title Record label Series Release date UK peak
chart position
Fame Academy Mercury Records 1 2
Fame Academy Bee Gees Special Polydor Records 2
Fame Academy - The Finalists Polydor Records 2

Other releases

  • Alistair Griffin released a cover version of "Hallelujah" called "Hallelujah Mark Viduka" through iTunes.[49]
  • Malachi Cush has released four further albums that have failed to chart: Celtic Heartbeat (Where the Heart Is) (2005) and Two Sides of Malachi and New Day (both 2007) and Timeless (2009).
  • James Fox released an EP entitled Six Strings and an album that failed to chart called Rocking Chairs and Lemonade. He released a single "Higher" in 2008.[50]
  • Alex Parks released "Looking for Water" as a download-only single but the song only peaked at number 250.
  • Peter Brame released an album, My Secret Suicide, in 2008, but it failed to chart.

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A Bluebirds Flying High was recorded by James Fox with Cardiff City F.C. as the club's official song for the 2008 FA Cup Final.[51]

B Alistair Griffin recorded "My Lover's Prayer" with Robin Gibb, who had appeared as a guest judge on Fame Academy.[52]


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