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Army Academy (Finland)

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Title: Army Academy (Finland)  
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Subject: Did you know nominations/Army Academy (Finland), Hamina
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Army Academy (Finland)

Army Academy
The Colour of Army Academy
Active 2001-: Maasotakoulu
Country  Finland
Branch Finnish Army seal Finnish Army
Type Military school
Role Career, reservist and conscript training
Size ca. 600 career personnel [1]
ca. 430 "ordinary" conscripts[2]
ca. 110 3rd year cadets of the land warfare line[3][4]
ca. 700 officer students during reserve officer courses[5]
Part of Finnish Army
Garrisons Lappeenranta, Hamina

Army Academy (Finnish: Maasotakoulu, abbr. MAASK) is a brigade-level unit of the Finnish Army responsible for:

  • organising the service-specific and branch-specific parts of studies of Army cadets in Finnish National Defence University
  • organising the reserve officer training of the Army in the Reserve Officer School
  • guiding the career NCO training of the Army
  • organising other training for Army career personnel
  • pursuing research and development activities.


The Headquarters of the Army Academy are in Lappeenranta. Otherwise, the Army Academy is formed of the following units:[6]

The Training Centre specialises in the training of the Army career personnel. The Reserve Officer School gives, in addition to the eponymous reserve officer training for conscripts and reservists, normal conscript training for infantry, transport and military police conscripts in three companies,[8] two of which are located in Hamina, with the third in Lappeenranta. The company in Lappeenranta, the Dragoon Troop (Finnish: Rakuunaeskadroona) which specialises in military police training, is also, after the disbanding of Häme Regiment, the last unit bearing the branch colours of cavalry in Finland.[9]


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