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41 (number)

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Title: 41 (number)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Twin prime, 168 (number), 14 (number), Natural logarithm of 2, Prime factor exponent notation
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41 (number)

40 41 42
Cardinal forty-one
Ordinal 41st
Factorization prime
Divisors 1, 41
Roman numeral XLI
Binary 1010012
Ternary 11123
Quaternary 2214
Quinary 1315
Senary 1056
Octal 518
Duodecimal 3512
Hexadecimal 2916
Vigesimal 2120
Base 36 1536

41 (forty-one) is the natural number following 40 and preceding 42.

In mathematics

Forty-one is the 13th smallest prime number. The next is forty-three, with which it comprises a twin prime. It is also the sum of the first six prime numbers (2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13), and the sum of three primes (11 + 13 + 17).

Forty-one is also the 12th supersingular prime, a Sophie Germain prime and a Newman–Shanks–Williams prime. 41 is the smallest Sophie Germain prime to start a Cunningham chain of the first kind of three terms, {41, 83, 167}. It is an Eisenstein prime, with no imaginary part and real part of the form 3n − 1. 41 is a Proth prime as it is  5 × 23 + 1.

The number figures in the polynomial f(n) = n2 + n + 41, which yields primes for −40 ≤ n < 40. This is also called the lucky number of Euler Prime. It is the biggest of such primes.

Forty-one is the sum of two squares, 42 + 52. Adding up the sums of divisors for 1 through 7 yields 41.

41 is the smallest integer whose reciprocal has a 5-digit repetend. That is a consequence of the fact that 41 is a factor of 99999.

It is a centered square number.

In science

In astronomy

In music

In film

In sports

  • The retired number of the back of the uniform worn by Hall of Famers Tom Seaver of the New York Mets and by Eddie Mathews of the Atlanta Braves.
  • Worn by and retired for Brian Piccolo, running back for the Chicago Bears. Died June 16, 1970 of embryonal cell carcinoma.
  • The race number worn by Sir Roger Bannister when he broke the mythical 4-minute mile barrier in 1954.[3]
  • The Number 41 has been a car number driven by various drivers in NASCAR over the years and is currently driven by the 2004 Sprint Cup Series Champion Kurt Busch

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