Bishop of pontefract

The Bishop of Pontefract is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Wakefield, in the Province of York, England.[1] The title takes its name after the town of Pontefract in West Yorkshire. The Bishop of Pontefract is the suffragan bishop for the diocese as a whole but primarily has alternative episcopal oversight for those parishes which do not in conscience accept the ordination of women as priests and bishops.

Upon the expected creation of the Diocese of Leeds, approved by the General Synod on 8 July 2013,[2] the see will be renamed to become the suffragan see for the area Bishop of Wakefield.[3]

List of bishops of Pontefract

Bishops of Pontefract
From Until Incumbent Notes
1931 1938 Campbell Hone, DD Domestic Chaplain to Bishop Eden, Wakefield, 1902-5. Vice Principal of Leeds Clergy School, 1905-9. Vicar of Mount Pellon, Halifax, 1909-16. Vicar of Brighouse, 1916-20. Rector and Rural Dean of Whitby, 1920-7. Canon and Prebendary Wistow in York Minster,1927-31.Archdeacon 1931-38, Subsequently to Bishop of Wakefield 1938-46.
1939 1949 Tom Longworth, DD Canon and Archdeacon, 1938. Subsequently Bishop of Hereford, 1949-61.
1949 1954 Arthur Morris DD Canon and Archdeacon, 1946. Subsequently Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, 1954–65.
1954 1961 George Clarkson Canon, 1936. Vicar of Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Newark-on-Trent 1948. Archdeacon, 1954. Subsequently Dean of Guildford, 1961–68, Assistant Bishop of Lincoln, 1968-77.
1961 1968 Eric Treacy Vicar St Mary's Edge Hill, 1936-41. Chaplain to the Forces, 1940-5. Rector of Keighley, 1945-9. Rural Dean of South Craven, 1947-9. Rural Dean and Vicar of Halifax, 1950-61. Archdeacon of Halifax, 1949-61. Archdeacon 1961-8. Subsequently Bishop of Wakefield, 1968-77.
1968 1971 Gordon Fallows, MA Canon 1952. Archdeacon of Lancaster, 1955. Subsequently Bishop of Sheffield, 1971-79.
1971 1992 Thomas Hare MA Canon 1959-65. Archdeacon of Westmorland and Furness, 1965-71.
1993 1998 John Finney, MA Canon 1984-9. Officer for Decade of Evangelism.
1998 2002 David James Subsequently Bishop of Bradford, 1992-2002.
2002 present Tony Robinson
Source(s): [1]

Area Bishop of Wakefield

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