Bourke County, Victoria

Lands administrative divisions around Bourke:
Talbot Dalhousie Anglesey
Grant Bourke Evelyn
Grant Port Phillip Mornington

The County of Bourke is one of the 37 counties of Victoria which are part of the Lands administrative divisions of Australia, used for land titles. It is the oldest and most populous county in Victoria and contains the city of Melbourne. Like other counties in Victoria, it is subdivided into parishes. The county was named after Richard Bourke, the governor of New South Wales between 1831 and 1837.[1] It is bordered by the Werribee River in the west, the Great Dividing Range in the north, Port Phillip in the south, and by Dandenong Creek, a small part of the Yarra River, and the Plenty River in the east.

Unlike counties in England and in the United States, Australian counties serve no administrative or political function. Rather, counties exist for purposes of land ownership. For example, property titles in Lands administrative divisions of Australia are often listed as being situated within a parish and county. For political subdivisions, Australia employs the Local Government Area (LGA) system — which includes shires, districts, and city councils — as the third and lowest tier of government (the States and territories of Australia being the second tier and the Federal Government being the highest tier).

The Melbourne and County of Bourke Police was the name for the police force in the area before 1853. The County of Bourke was used on the name of the electoral roll in 1845.[2] There was also the Bourke County Court in the 1850s,[3] which became the County Court of Victoria. Melbourne is also referenced as being in "Bourke county" in the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition.[4]


Following is a list of parishes within the County of Bourke. Many of the links below link to a modern suburb or town, which is situated within the parish. In most cases, the parish itself is much bigger than the modern suburb or town.

Several of the parishes are also part of a neighbouring county. For example, Bylands, Forbes, Goldie, Lancefield and Newham parishes are located in the County of Bourke as well as the County of Dalhousie. Morang, Toorourrong and Yan Yean parishes are in the County of Bourke as well as the County of Evelyn. Finally, Ballan parish is situated within both the County of Bourke and the County of Grant.

Parish LGA Coordinates Ref Map
Blackwood Shire of Moorabool 29|57|S|144|19|25|E|type:city name=Blackwood

}} || Vicnames ||

Bollinda City of Hume 31|57|S|144|47|59|E|type:city name=Bollinda

}} || Vicnames ||

Boroondara City of Boroondara 48|47|S|145|04|04|E|type:city name=Boroondara

}} || Vicnames ||

Bulla Bulla City of Hume 36|05|S|144|48|42|E|type:city name=Bulla Bulla

}} || Vicnames ||

Bulleen City of Manningham 45|59|S|145|09|11|E|type:city name=Bulleen

}} || Vicnames ||

Bullengarook Shire of Macedon Ranges 30|22|S|144|30|49|E|type:city name=Bullengarook

}} || Vicnames ||

Buttlejorrk City of Hume 32|09|S|144|41|21|E|type:city name=Buttlejorrk

}} || [1]

Bylands Shire of Mitchell 20|44|S|144|58|25|E|type:city name=Bylands

}} || Vicnames ||

Chintin Shire of Macedon Ranges 22|36|S|144|51|11|E|type:city name=Chintin

}} || [2]

Coimadai Shire of Moorabool 34|34|S|144|27|25|E|type:city name=Coimadai

}} || [3]

Coornmill Shire of Moorabool 29|20|S|144|25|33|E|type:city name=Coornmill

}} || Vicnames ||

Cut Paw Paw City of Maribyrnong 48|32|S|144|52|29|E|type:city name=Cut Paw Paw

}} || [4]

Dandenong City of Greater Dandenong 58|18|S|145|11|28|E|type:city name=Dandenong

}} || [5]

Darraweit Guim Shire of Macedon Ranges 28|00|S|144|53|41|E|type:city name=Darraweit Guim

}} || Vicnames ||

Derrimut City of Melton 46|46|S|144|45|03|E|type:city name=Derrimut

}} || [6]

Deutgam City of Wyndham 55|17|S|144|43|42|E|type:city name=Deutgam

}} || [7]

Djerriwarrh City of Melton 40|36|S|144|33|44|E|type:city name=Djerriwarrh

}} || [8]

Doutta Galla City of Moonee Valley 44|56|S|144|54|30|E|type:city name=Doutta Galla

}} || [9]

Forbes Shire of Mitchell 18|48|S|144|53|16|E|type:city name=Forbes

}} || Vicnames ||

Gisborne Shire of Macedon Ranges 29|04|S|144|36|01|E|type:city name=Gisborne

}} || Vicnames ||

Goldie Shire of Macedon Ranges 14|31|S|144|49|32|E|type:city name=Goldie

}} || Vicnames ||

Jika Jika City of Darebin 45|02|S|144|59|28|E|type:city name=Jika Jika

}} || Vicnames ||

Havelock Shire of Macedon Ranges 27|16|S|144|48|53|E|type:city name=Havelock

}} || [10]

Holden City of Melton 37|06|S|144|42|29|E|type:city name=Holden

}} || [11]

Jika Jika City of Whittlesea 45|02|S|144|59|28|E|type:city name=Jika Jika

}} || Vicnames ||

Kalkallo City of Whittlesea 33|02|S|144|59|51|E|type:city name=Kalkallo

}} || [12]

Keelbundora City of Darebin 42|53|S|145|03|45|E|type:city name=Keelbundora

}} || Vicnames ||

Kerrie Shire of Macedon Ranges 26|00|S|144|41|44|E|type:city name=Kerrie

}} || [13]

Korkuperrimul Shire of Moorabool 39|09|S|144|24|08|E|type:city name=Korkuperrimul

}} || Vicnames ||

Kororoit City of Melton 41|50|S|144|38|48|E|type:city name=Kororoit

}} || [14]

Lancefield Shire of Macedon Ranges 17|01|S|144|44|47|E|type:city name=Lancefield

}} || Vicnames ||

Macedon Shire of Macedon Ranges 24|36|S|144|33|51|E|type:city name=Macedon

}} || Vicnames ||

Maribyrnong City of Brimbank 42|45|S|144|46|40|E|type:city name=Maribyrnong

}} || [15]

Melbourne North City of Yarra 47|59|S|144|58|46|E|type:city name=Melbourne North

}} || Vicnames ||

Melbourne South City of Port Phillip 50|11|S|144|57|25|E|type:city name=Melbourne South

}} || Vicnames ||

Merriang City of Whittlesea 28|46|S|145|00|27|E|type:city name=Merriang

}} || [16]

Merrimu Shire of Moorabool 39|13|S|144|29|34|E|type:city name=Merrimu

}} || [17]

Mickleham City of Hume 32|26|S|144|53|50|E|type:city name=Mickleham

}} || [18]

Monegeetta Shire of Macedon Ranges 22|46|S|144|45|34|E|type:city name=Monegeetta

}} || [19]

Moorabbin City of Kingston 56|29|S|145|02|30|E|type:city name=Moorabbin

}} || [20]

Moorarbool East Shire of Moorabool 29|49|S|144|13|11|E|type:city name=Moorarbool East

}} || [21]

Morang City of Whittlesea 38|09|S|145|05|26|E|type:city name=Morang

}} || [22]

Mordialloc City of Kingston 57|32|S|145|07|15|E|type:city name=Mordialloc

}} || Vicnames ||

Mulgrave City of Monash 53|18|S|145|08|52|E|type:city name=Mulgrave

}} || [23]

Myrniong Shire of Moorabool 36|32|S|144|20|37|E|type:city name=Myrniong

}} || [24]

Nunawading City of Whitehorse 49|41|S|145|09|54|E|type:city name=Nunawading

}} || [25]

Prahran City of Glen Eira 52|38|S|145|02|28|E|type:city name=Prahran

}} || [26]

Pywheitjorrk City of Melton 46|09|S|144|38|19|E|type:city name=Pywheitjorrk

}} || [27]

Rochford Shire of Macedon Ranges 18|44|S|144|40|53|E|type:city name=Rochford

}} || [28]

Springfield Shire of Macedon Ranges 19|29|S|144|48|55|E|type:city name=Springfield

}} || [29]

Tarneit City of Wyndham 50|47|S|144|40|38|E|type:city name=Tarneit

}} || [30]

Toorourrong City of Whittlesea 29|31|S|145|06|52|E|type:city name=Toorourrong

}} || Vicnames ||

Truganina City of Hobsons Bay 51|01|S|144|47|06|E|type:city name=Truganina

}} || Vicnames ||

Tullamarine City of Hume 40|33|S|144|50|45|E|type:city name=Tullamarine

}} || [31]

Wallan Wallan Shire of Mitchell 25|22|S|145|03|43|E|type:city name=Wallan Wallan

}} || [32]

Will Will Rook City of Hume 41|15|S|144|56|30|E|type:city name=Will Will Rook

}} || [33]

Wollert City of Whittlesea 37|28|S|145|00|05|E|type:city name=Wollert

}} || Vicnames ||

Yangardook City of Melton 36|02|S|144|35|35|E|type:city name=Yangardook

}} || [34]

Yuroke City of Hume 36|53|S|144|54|35|E|type:city name=Yuroke

}} || [35]

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