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Britain's Got Talent (series 4)

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Title: Britain's Got Talent (series 4)  
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Britain's Got Talent (series 4)

Britain's Got Talent
Series 4
Broadcast from 17 April – 5 June 2010
Judges Simon Cowell
Amanda Holden
Piers Morgan
Louis Walsh (Birmingham auditions)
Presenter(s) Ant & Dec (ITV)
Co-presenter(s) Stephen Mulhern (ITV2)
Broadcaster ITV
ITV2 (Britain's Got More Talent)
Twist and Pulse

The fourth series of Britain's Got Talent was broadcast on ITV from 17 April 2010 to 5 June 2010.[1][2] The show was hosted by Ant & Dec on ITV while . Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden returned as judges.[3][4]

Auditions were then held in Manchester at the Manchester Opera House, Cardiff's Wales Millennium Centre,[5] Newcastle's Journal Tyne Theatre, Birmingham's Birmingham Hippodrome and ended on 10 February at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London. Due to illness, Cowell was unable to attend the filming of the Birmingham auditions and Louis Walsh stood in for him at the last minute, the first time that Cowell has missed an audition show in his entire career.[6] The next five shows were the live semi-finals, the live final and the live final results show. They were shown from 31 May to 5 June.[1] This was Morgan's last series of Britain's Got Talent, as he left to host his new show Piers Morgan Tonight in the United States.[7]

The series was won by gymnastic troupe Spelbound, with dance duo Twist and Pulse finishing in second place and drummer Kieran Gaffney in third place.


The producer audition process took place throughout October, November and December 2009. Contestants gathered in each city to do a preliminary audition. Any successful acts were then invited to a second audition (which viewers see as the "first") during January and February 2010. The Birmingham auditions gained notable press attention as Louis Walsh replaced Cowell on the judging panel as Cowell fell ill, the first time in Cowell's career that he had to miss an audition show.[8] The auditions 6 episode that was due to be broadcast on 22 May was pushed back to 23 May due to the Champions League Final being played on the 22nd.[9] Auditions were held in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Newcastle upon Tyne. This was the first year that Britain's Got Talent auditions were held in Newcastle upon Tyne, as auditions there were cancelled in series 3 at the last minute.


On 29 May, the 40 semi-finalists selected from the almost 200 successful auditions in the First round call-backs were revealed.[10]

Key      Winner      Runner up      Third place      Finalist      Semi-finalist (lost judges' vote)
Name / name of act Age(s) Genre Act From Semi[11] Position reached
A3 13-19 Dancing Brothers dancing trio Swansea, South Wales 5 Semi-finalist
Alesia Vazmitsel 30 Gymnastics Pole dancer East London; originally from Belarus 5 Semi-finalist
Chloe Hickinbottom 10 Singing Singer Walsall, West Midlands 3 Semi-finalist
Christopher Stone 28 Singing Singer Harrogate, North Yorkshire 3 Finalist
Connected 13-15 Singing Boyband Manchester 2 Finalist
Dance Flavourz 22-37 Dancing Samba & Bollywood dance act 5 Semi-finalist
Emile Harris 17 Singing Singer-songwriter Caldicot, Monmouthshire 4 Semi-finalist
Father and Son 53, 26 Singing Father and son singing duo Bolton, Greater Manchester 5 Semi-finalist
Ice 12-18 Dancing Street dancers Rotherham, South Yorkshire 4 Semi-finalist
Janey Cutler 81 Singing Singer Wishaw 4 Finalist
Jimmy Forde 75 Dancing Leprachaun act Birmingham; originally from County Mayo, Republic of Ireland 3 Semi-finalist
Josh Barry 16 Singing Singer London 1 Semi-finalist
Kev Orkian 36 Entertainer/Music Comedic singer impersonator North London 2 Semi-finalist
Kevin Cruise 33 Entertainer Ferry entertainment act Glastonbury, Somerset 1 Semi-finalist
Kieran Gaffney 13 Music Drummer Kent 5 Third place
Liam McNally 14 Singing Singer New Moston, Greater Manchester 5 Finalist
Mark James 30 Singing Half & half drag singer Barnoldswick, Lancashire 4 Semi-finalist
Maxxie Oliver 21 Performer Drag act London 2 Semi-finalist
Michael Fayombo Jnr and Snr 14, 38 Dancing Michael Jackson dance performers Hounslow, West London 2 Semi-finalist
Myztikal 10-30 Singing / dancing Vocal Streetdance troupe London 5 Semi-finalist
Neil Fullard 42 Singing Singer 2 Semi-finalist
Olivia Archbold 14 Singing Singer Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside 1 Semi-finalist
Paul Burling 40 Comedy Impressionist/Impersonator Bristol 3 Finalist
Peridot 21-27 Dancing Street dancers London 3 Semi-finalist
Philip Grimmer 57 Dancing Drag dancer Essex 3 Semi-finalist
Ruby Girls 19-25 Dancing Dance group 2 Semi-finalist
Sean Sheehan 66 Performing / singing Wood chopping and singing Anglesey 1 Semi-finalist
Spelbound 12-24 Gymnastics Acrobatic Gymnastics Ashford, Surrey 1 Winner
Starburst 9-13 Dancing Dance troupe Barry, Wales 3 Semi-finalist
Stevie Starr 43 Performer Professional regurgitator Glasgow 1 Semi-finalist
Taboo 7-23 Dancing Street dancers Gravesend, Kent 2 Semi-finalist
Team Shaolin 8-29 Dancing Martial arts troupe Camden, London 4 Semi-finalist
The Arrangement 17-18 Music Classical comedy music band Cambridgeshire 3 Semi-finalist
The Chippendoubles 30-48 Variety act Impersonator dancers 5 Semi-finalist
The Fusion 15-30 Dancing Dance troupe Glasgow 4 Semi-finalist
Three Bee 18-30 Dancing Bollywood dance troupe Manchester 1 Semi-finalist
Tina and Chandi 37, 11 Animals Dog dancing Shrewsbury, Shropshire 2 Finalist
Tobias Mead 22 Dancing Dancer Warminster, Wiltshire 1 Finalist
Twist and Pulse 18, 19 Dancing Dancing duo Thamesmead, South London 4 Runner up
Tyler Patterson 10 Dancing Street dancer 4 Semi-finalist

Semi-final summary

The "Order" columns lists the order of appearance each act made for every episode.

Key Buzzed out Judges' choice   Won the public vote   Won the judges' vote

Semi-final 1 (31 May)

Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished[12] Result
Cowell Holden Morgan
Threebee 1 Bollywood dance troupe 6th – 1.7% Eliminated
Olivia Archbold 2 Singer 3rd – 11.3% Top 3 (Lost judges' vote)
Kevin Cruise 3 Entertainer 7th – 1.5% Eliminated
Stevie Starr 4 Regurgitator 4th – 6.4% Eliminated
Tobias Mead 5 Dancer 2nd – 14.3% Top 3 (Won judges' vote)
Sean Sheehan 6 Kindling cutter 8th – 0.7% Eliminated
Josh Barry 7 Singer 5th – 1.7% Eliminated
Spelbound 8 Gymnastics 1st – 62.4% Won public vote

Semi-final 2 (1 June)

Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished[12] Result
Cowell Holden Morgan
Taboo 1 Dance troupe 4th – 3.4% Eliminated
Neil Fullard 2 Singer 2nd – 17.2% Top 3 (Lost judges' vote)
Ruby Girls 3 Dance troupe 8th – 1.0% Eliminated
Connected 4 Boy band 3rd – 15.3% Top 3 (Won judges' vote)
Kev Orkian 5 Pianist/Impersonator 6th – 1.4% Eliminated
Michael Fayombo Jnr and Snr 6 Dance impersonators 5th – 2.5% Eliminated
Tina and Chandi 7 Dancing dog act 1st – 58.1% Won public vote
Maxxie Oliver 8 Drag act 7th – 1.1% Eliminated

Semi-final 3 (2 June)

Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished[12] Result
Cowell Holden Morgan
Starburst 1 Dance troupe 6th – 3.5% Eliminated
Chloe Hickinbottom 2 Singer 5th – 6.2% Eliminated
Philip Grimmer 3 Drag dancer 8th – 0.4% Eliminated
Paul Burling 4 Impressionist/Impersonator 1st – 36.4% Won public vote
The Arrangement 5 Classical/Pop Comedy Band 4th – 7.8% Eliminated
Jimmy Forde 6 Irish Dancer 7th – 1.7% Eliminated
Christopher Stone 7 Singer 2nd – 33.0% Top 3 (Won judges' vote)
Peridot 8 Street dance troupe 3rd – 11.0% Top 3 (Lost judges' vote)

Semi-final 4 (3 June)

Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished[12] Result
Cowell Holden Morgan
Ice 1 Dance troupe 5th – 1.7% Eliminated
Tyler Patterson 2 Street dancer 4th – 6.3% Eliminated
Emile Harris 3 Singer/songwriter 8th – 0.6% Eliminated
Twist and Pulse 4 Dancers 2nd – 37.4% Top 3 (Won judges' vote)
Team Shaolin 5 Martial arts troupe 7th – 0.8% Eliminated
Mark James 6 Half & half drag act 6th – 0.9% Eliminated
The Fusion 7 Dance troupe 3rd – 9.4% Top 3 (Lost judges' vote)
Janey Cutler 8 Singer 1st – 42.9% Won public vote

Semi-final 5 (4 June)

Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished[12] Result
Cowell Holden Morgan
The Chippendoubles 1 Impersonators 8th – 2.2% Eliminated
Liam McNally 2 Boy soprano 2nd – 21.0% Top 3 (Won judges' vote)
Alesia Vazmitsel 3 Pole dancer 4th – 5.3% Eliminated
Myztikal 4 Musical dance troupe 5th – 4.4% Eliminated
Dance Flavourz 5 Carnival dance troupe 6th – 3.4% Eliminated
Father and Son 6 Singers 7th – 2.4% Eliminated
A3 7 Dancers 3rd – 12.1% Top 3 (Lost judges' vote)
Kieran Gaffney 8 Drummer 1st – 49.2% Won public vote

Final (5 June)

Key   Winner   Runner-up   3rd place
Artist Order Act Finished[12]
Twist and Pulse 1 Dancing duo 2nd – 12.4%
Liam McNally 2 Boy soprano 10th – 3.0%
Paul Burling 3 Impressionist 5th – 8.7%
Christopher Stone 4 Singer 7th – 5.1%
Tina and Chandi 5 Dancing dog act 4th – 9.0%
Connected 6 Boyband 8th – 4.8%
Kieran Gaffney 7 Drummer 3rd – 9.6%
Tobias Mead 8 Dancer/Body Popping 6th – 6.9%
Janey Cutler 9 Singer 9th – 3.6%
Spelbound 10 Acrobatic Gymnasts 1st – 36.9%

Live show chart

Winner Runner-up Third place
Won semi-final Judges' choice Top 3 (Eliminated) Eliminated
Show Contestant Result
SF 1 SF 2 SF 3 SF 4 SF 5 Final
Final Spelbound Win 1st
Twist and Pulse JC 2nd
Kieran Gaffney Win 3rd
Tina And Chandi Win 4th
Paul Burling Win 5th
Tobias Mead JC 6th
Christopher Stone JC 7th
Connected JC 8th
Janey Cutler Win 9th
Liam McNally JC 10th
Final 5
A3 Top 3
Alesia Vazmitsel ELIM
Dance Flavourz
Father and Son
The Chippendoubles
Final 4
The Fusion Top 3
Tyler Patterson ELIM
Mark James
Team Shaolin
Emile Harris
Final 3
Peridot Top 3
The Arrangement ELIM
Chloe Hickinbottom
Jimmy Forde
Philip Grimmer
Final 2
Neil Fullard Top 3
Taboo ELIM
Michael Fayombo Jnr and Snr
Kev Orkian
Maxxie Oliver
Ruby Girls
Final 1
Olivia Archbold Top 3
Stevie Starr ELIM
Josh Barry
Kevin Cruise
Sean Sheehan


Show Date Official ratings
Weekly rank[13] Share
Auditions 1 17 April 11.87 1 44.0%[14]
Auditions 2 24 April 11.45 1 45.7%[15]
Auditions 3 1 May 11.72 1 43.9%[16]
Auditions 4 8 May 11.87 1 44.1%[17]
Auditions 5 15 May 10.61 1 43.8%[18]
Auditions 6 22 May 10.38 1 42.8%[19]
Auditions 7 29 May 10.40 1 40.3%[20]
Semi-final 1 31 May 11.22 2 43.1%[21]
Semi-final 1 results 10.69 4 40.3%[21]
Semi-final 2 1 June 10.64 5 41.5%[22]
Semi-final 2 results 10.23 8 39.0%[22]
Semi-final 3 2 June 10.43 6 45.6%[23]
Semi-final 3 results 8.78 13 34.2%[23]
Semi-final 4 3 June 9.91 9 44.3%[24]
Semi-final 4 results 9.87 10 40.6%[24]
Semi-final 5 4 June 9.67 11 46.3%[25]
Semi-final 5 results 9.18 12 39.4%[25]
Live final 5 June 12.83 1 54.6%[26]
Series average 2010 11.05 TBC 43.0%


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