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Dayemi Complex Bangladesh (DCB) is a United Nations affiliated international non-governmental humanitarian organization from Bangladesh.[1] The DCB was founded by two descendants of the Prophet Muhammad and followers of the Qadiri Sufi order, Sheikh Dayemullah and Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam, in 1979. It is headquartered in the 700-year old Qadiri Sufi dynasty of Chotto Dayera Sharif, located in Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sheikh Dayemullah died on 29 January 1995 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was buried in Nabinagar Upazila, Brahmanbaria District, Bangladesh. Sheikh Dayemullah bestowed successor-ship to Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam as President of the DCB and custodian of Chotto Dayera Sharif since 1987, Syed Fayeze Haramayen KhalilUllah grand son of Sheikh Syed Dayemullah and son of Dr Alam designated as UN main representative at the UN headquarters in USA since 2009. In 1995, professor Dr Jr Allama Hakimul Ummah Sheikh Shah Sufi K.M Shamimul Hasan designated as chief khalifa of 700 years old Sufi dynasty of Azimpur Dayera Sharif and UN additional representative DCB UN office New York, USA and Geneva, Switzerland.

Brief History of Azimpur Dayera Sharif

Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem was one of the most[weasel words] prominent Sufi Saint of his time. He came into the lime light in the Eighteenth century. He was one of the few Saints of high order in Bangladesh and the Indian sub-continent. The famous historical shrine of 'Dayera Sharif' situated at Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, was founded by him for his continuous religious, spiritual, and humanitarian services to the mankind. It was recorded that, from the paternal side, Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem is the descendant of Hazrat Ali the fourth Caliph of Islam ; I.e. Alwi Syed and his wife was the descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique, his fore-father Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar, the leader of Baro Awlia (Leader of 12 Saints delegation), who happened to be grandson of the Gausul Azam Hazrat Sheikh Syed Mahiuddin Abdul Qadir Jillani popularly known as “Baro Peer Shaheb” I.e. Gausul Arab and Gausul Azam.[2]

Brief History of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

The family members of Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar, had preached Islam in many Asian countries especially Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and Indonesia. His last family descendant 6th generation Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayem Ullah along with his designated Chief Khalifa Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam had established DAYEMI COMPLEX BANGLADESH in 1979 in commemoration of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem, the founder of Azimpur Dayera Sharif at 42/2 Azimpur Chotta Dayera Sharif, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 1995 the Sufi saint Hazrat Dayem Ullah had died and bestowed his successorship to Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam along with the responsibility to be the Custodian and Motowalli of the Sufi Nurullah Waqf State, Azimpur Chotta Dayera Sharif as well as President of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh. It may be mentioned here that, Shah Sufi NurUllah the grandson of the founder of Dayera Sharif, donated all of his land properties of Azimpur Area, which consists of more than 100 acres (0.40 km2) for the Historic Dayemia Shahi Jam-E-Mosque, which was built by Sufi Rowshan Ali Chief Minister of Mughal Emperor Azim-ush-Shan the grandson of Mughal Emperor Aurongojeb, which is in the Heart of Dhaka city. Sufi NurUllah’s sole purpose was to benefit for the Mankind. For more than 200 years in the Capital of Bangladesh Dhaka, The Last Jamaat of Eid-ul-Fitr & Eid-ul-Ajha is performed at the Historic Chotto Dayera Shairf Dayemia Shahi Jam-E-Mosque. Sufi Dayemullah along with his Chief Khalifa Dr. Alam reconstructed the Mosque in 1977 and inaugurated by President Justice Abdus Sattar of Bangladesh. Dr. Alam redeveloped the Second floor of the Mosque on 1997 and opened for the public use. The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is incorporated as a Non-Profit Tax Exempt organization of Department of State, Albany, New York. DCB is also registered with the Office of the Attorney General State of New York, USA. Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam is President and UN permanent Representative of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh. Fayze Haramain Sayed Khalilullah, UN Additional Representative of DCB UN Office New York USA. Mr. (former) Justice Habibur Rahman Khan of Bangladesh Supreme Court & Legal adviser of DCB. The Current Chairman of International Advisory Committee of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh. The Chief of Protocol Dr. Mohammad Ziauddin DCB UN. Mr. Mannan Saik, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of DCB. Treasurer, Abu Billah Mohammad Giasuddin Al-Azad. Dr. Momtaz Uddin Ahmed, General Secretary. Mr. Golam Rabbani, UN Additional Representative of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh UN Office Geneva Viena & Bangkok. Mr. Mohammad Farid Alam, Legal Consultant of DCB and Additional Representative to UN Office New York. Dr. Asma Banu, UN Additional Representative of DCB and Mrs. Taslima Akter Sweety, UN Additional Representative of DCB to UN Headquarter New York, Geneva & UNECA Addis Ababa. Ms. Aliya Yousuf of Ethiopia Representative of DCB to UNECA Addis Ababa. Review Date: 29 Oct 2013./[3]

Dayemi Complex and the United Nations

The DCB was registered with the Department of Social Services, People's Republic of Bangladesh, in 1982. That year, the DCB conferred consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Department of Public Information, UNICEF, and UNESCO. In 1986, The United Nations Secretary General designated Dayemi Complex Bangladesh as a UN Peace Messenger Organization for the support of the UN International Year of Peace 1986, to establish world peace and international security. Dr. Alam was designated as a World Peace Envoy by the Dayemi Complex United Nations Office in New York. Accordingly, the DCB was accredited and designated Dr. Alam as their UN Permanent Main Representative, to Geneva, Vienna, New York, and Addis Ababa.

List of 7 Orphanages Established by Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh had established more 100 Educational Institute along 7 International standard Orphanages around the country, which includes, Amirahbad Sufiya Aliya Madrasha and Examination Center of Loha Gara Chittagong, Bangladesh. The world dignified individuals like Chief Imam of Makkah-tul-makkarrama & Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Shobhail Bin Abdullah, Sheikh Taha of Makkah Chairman of Al-Quran Research center of Makkah, KSA along with the diplomats, ambassadors as well as world renown intellectuals had attended the inaugural ceremony. There are more than 3000 orphan students all throughout 7 orphanages which also includes 15000 students.[4]

  1. Amirabad Sufia Dayemia Muslim Orphanage and Sufia Madrasa, (Degree Level) & Education Examination Center, P.O. Amirabad Madrasa, P. S. Luha Gara, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  2. Ibrahim Pur Sufi Azmatullah Oprhanage, Madrasa & Mosque, Thana. Nabinagar, Dist. B-Baria. Bangladesh
  3. Sufiabad Abu Musa Kalimullah Orphanage, Madrasa, School & Mosque, Village. Charamba, P.S. Luhagara, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh
  4. Demoshia Sufi Abu Mohammad Obaidullah Orphanage, Village: Demosia, P.S. Chokoria, Dist. Coxes Bazar, Bangladesh
  5. Dumrakandi Dayemia Orphanage, village: Dumrakandi, P.S. Bancharampur, Dist. B-baria, Bangladesh
  6. Manikgong Sufi Nurullah Orphanage & Madrasa, Village: Gorpara, P.S. Manikgonj, Dist. Manikgonj, Bangladesh
  7. Satbaria Shah Amanatullah Orphanage, P.S. Chandanaish, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh

List of Books Authored By Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam

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