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Title: Drăculeşti  
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Subject: Wallachia, List of rulers of Wallachia, List of rulers of Moldavia, Michael the Brave
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The Drăculeşti were one of two major rival lines of Wallachian voivodes of the House of Basarab, the other being the Dăneşti. [1] These lines were in constant contest for the throne from the late fourteenth to the early sixteenth centuries. Descendents of the line of Drăculeşti would eventually come to dominate the rule of this principality until its unification with Transylvania and Moldavia by Mihai Viteazul in 1600.

The line of the Drăculeşti began with Vlad II Dracul, one of the sons of one of the most important rulers of the Basarab dynasty, Mircea cel Bătrân. The name Drăculeşti is derived from the membership of Vlad II Dracul, "the Dragon," in the Order of the Dragon (founded 1408). One of the sons of Vlad II was Vlad III Drăculea, known also simply as "Dracula" (Son of Dracul).

Members of the Drăculeşti line

Members of the Drăculeşti line who held the throne of Wallachia include the following:

Ruler Remark
Vlad II Dracul 1436-1442, 1443-1447; son of Mircea cel Bătrân
Mircea II 1442; son of Vlad II
Vlad III Drăculea 1448, 1456-1462, 1476; son of Vlad II
Radu cel Frumos 1462-1473, 1474; son of Vlad II
Vlad Călugărul 1481, 1482-1495; son of Vlad II
Radu cel Mare 1495-1508; son of Vlad Călugărul
Mihnea cel Rău 1508-1509; son of Vlad III
Mircea III Dracul 1510; son of Mihnea cel Rău
Vlad cel Tânăr 1510-1512; son of Vlad Călugărul
Radu de la Afumaţi 1522-1523, 1524, 1524-1525, 1525-1529; son of Radu cel Mare
Radu Bădica 1523-1524; son of Radu cel Mare
Vlad Înecatul 1530-1532; son of Vlad cel Tânăr
Vlad Vintilă de la Slatina 1532-1534, 1534-1535; son of Radu cel Mare
Radu Paisie 1534, 1535-1545; son of Radu cel Mare
Mircea Ciobanul 1545-1552, 1553–1554, 1558-1559; son of Radu cel Mare
Pătraşcu cel Bun 1554-1558; son of Radu Paisie
Petru cel Tânăr 1559-1568; son of Mircea Ciobanul
Alexandru II Mircea 1568-1574, 1574-1577; son of Mircea III Dracul
Vintilă 1574; son of Pătraşcu cel Bun
Mihnea Turcitul 1577-1583, 1585-1591; son of Alexandru II Mircea
Petru Cercel 1583-1585; son of Pătraşcu cel Bun
Mihai Viteazul 1593-1600; possibly a son of Pătraşcu cel Bun

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