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Dum Dum Diddle

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Title: Dum Dum Diddle  
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Subject: Arrival (ABBA album), Arrival (composition), When I Kissed the Teacher, Longplay Album – Volume II, More Stars, The Albums
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Dum Dum Diddle

"Dum Dum Diddle"
Single by ABBA
from the album Arrival
B-side Tiger
Format 7" single
Genre Pop/Europop/Disco
Length 2:53
Label Polar (Sweden)
Epic (UK)
Atlantic (US)
Writer(s) Björn Ulvaeus,
Benny Andersson
Producer Björn Ulvaeus,
Benny Andersson
ABBA singles chronology

"Money, Money, Money"
"Dum Dum Diddle" "That's Me"

Dum Dum Diddle is a song by ABBA, released on their 1976 album Arrival.


When asked "how did [ABBA] manage to make such a ridiculous and quite banal song [as Dum Dum Diddle] come alive", Björn Again founder Rod Leissle said "I think ABBA had a special quality about them. They could put ridiculous lyrics into a song, and because they were fundamentaly great songwriters they could make it work. A line like 'Dum Dum Diddle, to be your fiddle' doesn't really make a great deal of sense, but it still works because it's something you can sing along to and enjoy".[1]


Dum Dum Diddle is a folk-inspired pop song. The song has Lasse Wellander's acoustic guitar in the verses. Benny plays piano during the breaks between the girl's "woh-woh" vocals. The song has a fiddle-style refrain (simulated by a synthesiser), which serves as the its hook. It contains a "stream of strong melodies and instrumentation".[2]


The song is about a woman who thinks her husband spends too much time giving his affections to his fiddle, and wishes she was the fiddle so he'd pay attention to her instead. The Guardian described it as "a song about a woman who feels sexually threatened by her partner's violin".[3]

Critical reception

Abba's Abba Gold suggests that ABBA criticised the song, though add that the writers of the book like it.[4] Abba - Uncensored on the Record said the "unfortunately titled song...seemed like a reversion to Eurovision-style thinking". The complete New Zealand music charts, 1966-2006 describes the song as "rather silly but fun".[5] Bright Lights Dark Shadows: The Real Story of Abba implied that Eagle was more lyrically ambitious than "the 'dum dum diddles' of ABBA's earlier work".[6] The Los Angeles Times described the song as "cheery nonsense".[7] The Scotsman implied that Dum Dum Diddle was a bad song by saying "LIFE – to quote Toni Collette in Muriel's Wedding – can be "as good as an Abba song" but the clunky transfer of Mamma Mia! from stage to screen proves that it can be just as awful as 'Dum Dum Diddle' too".[8]


Helen Sjoholm performed of "Dum Dum Diddle", accompanied by Orsa Spelman's Kalle Moraeus on the fiddle.[9]


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