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George Berkeley

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Title: George Berkeley  
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George Berkeley

  • 1734. The Analyst, 60–92.
  • Secondary

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      • "Shows a thorough mastery of the literature on Berkeley, along with very perceptive remarks about the strength and weaknesses of most of the central commentators. ... Exhibits a mastery of all the material, both primary and secondary..." Charles Larmore, for the Editorial Board, Journal of Philosophy.
      • R. Muehlmann is one of the Berkeley Prize Winners.
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    Secondary literature available on the Internet
    • Most sources listed below are suggested by Dr. Talia M. Bettcher in Berkeley: a Guide for the Perplexed (2008). See the textbook's description.
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      • "Ian C. Tipton, one of the world's great Berkeley scholars and longtime president of the International Berkeley Society. ... Of the many works about Berkeley that were published in the twentieth century, few rival in importance his Berkeley: The Philosophy of Immaterialism ... The philosophical insight, combined with the mastery of Berkeley's texts, that Ian brought to this work make it one of the masterpieces of Berkeley scholarship. It is not surprising therefore that, when the Garland Publishing Company brought out, late in 1980s, a 15-volume collection of major works on Berkeley, Ian's book was one of only two full-length studies of Berkeley published after 1935 to be included" (Charles J. McCracken. In Memoriam: Ian C. Tipton // The Berkeley Newsletter 17 (2006), p. 4).
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    •  .
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    • Electronic Texts for philosopher Charlie Dunbar (1887—1971):
    • Berkeley's Argument About Material Substance N. Y., 1975 (Repr. of the 1942 ed. publ. by the British Academy, London.)
    • Berkeley's Denial of Material Substance – Published in: «The Philosophical Review» Vol. LXIII (1954).
    • Rick Grush syllabus Empiricism (J. Locke, G. Berkeley, D. Hume)

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