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Gheorghe Ștefan

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Title: Gheorghe Ștefan  
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Gheorghe Ștefan

For the Romanian politician, see Gheorghe Ştefan (politician)
Gheorghe Ştefan

Gheorghe Ştefan (István Görgicze, seldom referred to as Burduja; d. 1668 in Colchis (Kolkhis, land of the legendary Golden Fleece.) Nevertheless, all name variations he is mentioned by (Gorgidze, Georgidze, Gergidze, Gergicze, Girgice, Georgicze) mean son of George, representing a historical connection to old Caucasian roots. See sources below.


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Citing Vasile's reliance on his Iaşi and remained on the throne, making sure that the Ottoman power was appeased - he bought his power in Constantinople, having to increase taxes in order to cover the expenses, and pay for the maintenance of his large mercenary force.

The Turks grew weary of Gheorghe Ştefan's natural alliance with Transylvania and Wallachia (cemented in 1655 by the help he offered to Iaşi County), being discarded from the alliance in favor of Mihnea III of Wallachia. After the unsuccessful war, he found friends and supporters in the Kingdom of Hungary, where he became a Hungarian noble by law according to the Act CXXXIII of 1659 (4. §).[1]

The Prince wandered through Poland and Habsburg lands (1662), Brandenburg, Muscovy and Sweden (1665), seeking to find backing for his return. Severely ill and bankrupt, he ended his life in Pomerania. His remains were brought back by his wife, and are thought to be buried at Cașin Monastery.


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Vasile Lupu
Prince/Voivode of Moldavia
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Vasile Lupu
Preceded by
Vasile Lupu
Prince/Voivode of Moldavia
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Gheorghe I Ghica
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