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Hell's Kitchen (U.S. TV series)


Hell's Kitchen (U.S. TV series)

Hell's Kitchen
Genre Reality television
Created by Gordon Ramsay
Directed by
  • Tony Croll (season 1)
  • Brad Kreisberg (seasons 2–5)
  • Sharon Trojan Hollinger (seasons 6-)
Starring Gordon Ramsay
Narrated by Jason Thompson
Opening theme "Fire" by the Ohio Players
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 13
No. of episodes 197 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
Running time 42 minutes
Production company(s)
Original channel Fox
Picture format
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original run May 30, 2005 (2005-05-30) – present (present)
Related shows Hell's Kitchen (UK TV series)
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Hell's Kitchen is an American reality television cooking competition (based on the British series of the same name) broadcast on Fox. It is hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Fox had announced that Hell's Kitchen was renewed for a thirteenth season, which premiered on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.[1] The show has officially been renewed for a 14th season that will begin on March 3rd, 2015.


The U.S. version of Hell's Kitchen follows the format of the UK version though the show is recorded and not performed live, nor is there audience participation in the elimination of chefs. Each season brings twelve to twenty aspiring chefs to Hell's Kitchen, a modified warehouse in Los Angeles that includes the restaurant, dual kitchen facilities, and a dormitory where the chefs reside while on the show. Gordon Ramsay breaks the chefs into two teams most often based on gender, with women on the red team, and men on the blue, and are given a chef's jacket with labels of that color. The chefs compete in these teams, barring any reassignments by Ramsay, until only five or six chefs are left, which they are brought into a single common team wearing black-labeled jackets, though they now compete individually to be one of the final two. Each episode typically includes one challenge and one dinner service, following which a chef is eliminated from the game.

In challenges, the teams or individual chefs are tasked with a cooking challenge by Ramsay. The type of challenges are varied, ranging from ingredient preparation, meal preparation, taste tests, and other challenges. The first challenge of each season is a signature dish cookoff, giving the chefs the opportunity to show Ramsay their cooking. Each season typically includes one or more challenges that allows teams to construct several dishes either for a banquet to be held the next dinner service or as part of designing their own menus. Other challenges typically include a "taste it, make it" task where chefs must try to recreate a dish Ramsay has prepared by taste only, and a taste-test challenge where chefs identify ingredients without sight or sound. The winner of the challenge is either determined by a scoring system set for that challenge, or based on Ramsay's and/or guest judges' opinions. The winning team or chef is typically rewarded with a recreational activity away from Hell's Kitchen and other potential prizes, while the losing team or chefs are forced to do a menial task, such as cleaning the kitchens, preparing a specific ingredient for the dinner's meal, or having to prepare the food for both kitchens.

For dinner services, the chefs are expected to work their station (such as meat, fish, or garnish) on the kitchen line to prepare food in coordination with their teammates and to Ramsay's high standards for quality and presentation during a dinner service for about 100 guests (volunteers for the show), with each diner expecting to receive an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. The chefs are given menus and recipe books by Ramsay to study and memorize, which include some of Ramsay's more difficult plates including risotto and Beef Wellington, and are given a few hours before each service to prep their ingredients. They are also given silverware sets that they get to keep, regardless of their progress.[2] Ramsay demands that all orders for one course for a table go out together, and will send back entire orders if one item is improperly prepared, such as being over- or undercooked or not seasoned correctly. While the chefs are in two teams, Ramsay is assisted by two of his trusted sous-chefs, each monitoring one of the kitchens who will also demand the same standards. One such service will involve both teams creating their own menus, but still preparing the food to Ramsay's standards. The sous-chefs shift to helping to fill available positions once the chefs are on a single black team. One such service in this time period allows each chef to run the pass as part of a quality-control test (i.e. spotting mistakes that are sent up by either Ramsay or one of his sous-chefs).

Ramsay desires to complete every dinner service, but poor kitchen performance by one or both teams will cause him to close one or both sides of the kitchen early, and send the team(s) back to the dorms. Once the dinner service is complete, Ramsay determines which team (if not both) is the losing team and informs them to come up with chefs to be nominated for elimination (Although there have been joint-winning teams in the past (twice in seasons 4 & 7, once in seasons 8, 11 and 13)). This may be a task assigned to the "best of the worst" on the team, or may be a group consensus. Ramsay regroups the teams and hears out the nominations from the losing team(s) in the dining hall. After giving these nominees the chance to defend themselves, Ramsay selects one to hand over their jacket and "leave Hell's Kitchen", later symbolically placing that jacket on an empty sharp hook below a picture of that chef, in a row in his office; the hook pokes a hole in the jacket and ignites that chef's picture signalling their departure. Ramsay is free to ignore these elimination rules if he sees fit. He has frequently eliminated chefs during the middle of the service if their performance is abysmal, or may override the provided nominations with his own selection. If an eliminated chef has performed exceptionally well, he may allow that chef to keep their jacket as a token of their success up to that point, if he sees fit. At the end of each episode, as he is seen heading back to his office to hang up the eliminated chef's jacket, there is a voice-over of him explaining his reasons for eliminating that chef. There have been times where chefs were taken out of the competition for medical reasons or they may leave on their own free will; though the latter is not encouraged, their wishes are ultimately honored.

Once two chefs remain, they are each given the opportunity to develop their own menu and lead a brigade of former competitors through a full dinner service on their own. In the first five seasons, this included the opportunity to decorate half of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant to their liking. Ramsay will assure that all menu items meet his standards for high cuisine, and will oversee the service to make sure the high quality standards he expects are retained but otherwise does not get involved, allowing the two remaining chefs to demonstrate their ability to run the line to him. Ramsay will use his observations, those from the diners, and other sources to make a decision on who is the winning chef. This process is announced by having the two chefs stand at two different doors from his office, and telling them to turn the door handle and open it; only the door of the winning chef is unlocked. The winning chef receives two prizes including the opportunity to work as the head chef or executive chef at a restaurant of Ramsay's choosing, as well as a cash prize.[3]


Gordon Ramsay is the head chef. Jason Thompson is the narrator. Jean-Philippe Susilovic, a Belgian maître d', comes from Petrus, one of Ramsay's London restaurants and appeared in the first seven seasons and later returned for season 11. He left after season 12 and was replaced by Marino Monferrato for season 13. Susilovic was also the maître d' for the first series of the original British version. James Lukanik replaced Susilovic for seasons 8–10.[4]

Each team also has the services of one of two sous-chefs. The sous-chefs are Andrea "Andi" Van Willigan (since season 7) and James Avery (since season 11). Previous sous-chefs were Mary Ann Salcedo, Gloria Felix, season 2 winner Heather West and Scott Leibfried.



The theme song is Fire by the Ohio Players. When the U.S. version is broadcast in the U.K., Italy, Portugal and some countries (shown on the table below), it features only the instrumental version.

Country Channel Current season Notes
Middle East MBC 4 Season 7 Bleep censored and pixelated to mask profanity.
Southeast Asia Star World Season 9 (ended) Premiered on October 17, 2011, but aired only three times a week. First new season to be aired outside of the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.
Fox Season 11 Premiered on September 5, 2013.
 Australia One season 5 air 2012/13, Lifestyle Channel Season 12 Previously broadcast on GEM, Channel Nine, GO! and Lifestyle Food Network. Airings are usually uncensored.
 Belgium VIJF Season 5[5] Broadcast as Hell's Kitchen USA and left uncensored. Also shown on AB3 (season 5)
 Brazil SBT Currently Broadcasting season 9 (one episode from Monday to Friday), and season 8 (ended) Bleep Censored
 Brazil TLC (Travel & Living Channel) Currently Broadcasting season 9 (one episode from Monday to Friday), and season 8 (ended) Bleep Censored
 Bulgaria Nova Television Unknown Previously broadcast on Nova+
 Canada City
Omni Television
Current Bleep censored and pixelated to mask profanity. Simsubbed with Fox in most areas. Reruns available on Food Network Canada which may be run uncensored. Also translated in French for Évasion in Quebec.
 China ICS Season 9
 Czech Republic TV Barrandov Season 4 Translated as Pekelná Kuchyně. Dubbed, profanity censored. After the seventh season was broadcast the fourth started over again.
PrimaFamily Season 1 (Upcoming) /2O13 ?/, Czech version of Ramsay's original show . Translate as (Pekelná Výzva)
 Estonia Kanal 12 Season 3 With uncensored Estonian subtitles.
 Finland MTV3 Season 7 The title is translated as Kauhukeittiö which means "The Kitchen of Horrors". Profanity uncensored.
 France TMC Season 5 (ended) Season 5 has debuted in France on April 1, 2012 and has ended on July 2012.[6]
 Germany VIVA Season 5
 Greece Makedonia TV Season 3
 Hungary Viasat3 Season 10 Season 7 and 8 ran simultaneously on Viasat 3. Airing of season 10 began on May 6, 2013.
 Iceland Stöð 2 Season 5
 India TLC Season 6 (ended)
 Ireland TV3 Season 6 (ended)
 Israel yesStars Drama Season 9 Previously broadcast also on yes Next HD Profanity is censored.
 Italy Sky Uno Season 12 (ended) Mutes some profanity. SKY Uno airs 2 episodes a night.
Cielo Season 12 (begin) As above, and an additional advice warns about content.
Sky Uno Season 1 (Hell's Kitchen Italia) The curse words are not censored
 Japan Fox Life Season 1, 2 Season 1 started on November 8, 2009 and season 2 started on May 7, 2010. Profanity is bleep censored.
 Lithuania BTV[7] Season 1 in
September 2012
 Malaysia Star World Season 9 Bleeped and pixelated to mask profanity. Astro mutes all profanity. The ninth season premiered on October 17, 2011, but aired only three times a week. Season 9 is the first new season to be aired outside of the USA, Canada and the UK.
Fox Season 10 (ended) Premiered on October 20, 2012 and it airs twice a week. aired with dual language English and Bahasa Malaysia.
 Costa Rica
 El Salvador
 Dominican Republic
TLC (Latin America) Season 9 Previous broadcast on Liv (season 5) and Casa Club TV (season 1–4).
 Netherlands NET 5 Season 9 Profanity is censored
 New Zealand TV2 Season 10[8] All profanity censored during the daytime. Late night re-screenings of Hell's Kitchen on TV2 are mostly uncensored.
 Norway TV3 Season 8[9] Profanity is censored during the daytime. Late night airings are usually uncensored.
 Pakistan TLC Season 6 (ended)
 Philippines 2nd Avenue Season 4 Mutes all profanity.
Star World[10] Season 9 Same with Asia feed with the premiere date shown above, but only five times a week.
Fox Season 11 It premiered on September 2, 2013. Episodes completely uncensored.
 Poland TVN Style Season 8 Previously carried by Polsat and
TLC Season 1-
 Portugal SIC Radical Season 11 Season 4 subtitled and onward uncensored
 Russia Muz-TV(U) Season 1–10
 Singapore Star World Season 9 Subtitled in Chinese and censored
Fox Season 9 (ended) Premiered on February 27, 2012 and concluded on April 2, 2012, airs three times a week.
 Slovakia WAU Season 8 airs every work day
 Slovenia Kanal A Season 1 in
September 2012
Spain Discovery MAX Season 1
 Sweden TV3 Season 10 (Start October 31, 2012) Bleep censored when shown during the daytime, night time airings not censored.
 Taiwan Star World Season 9 Profanity is bleep censored and pixelated. Uncensored when shown after watershed hours.
Fox Season 10 (ended) Premiered on October 20, 2012 and it airs twice a week.
 Thailand Star World Season 9 Subtitled in Thai and censored
Fox Season 9 (ended), continues season 10 Premiered on February 27, 2012 and concluded on April 2, 2012, airs three times a week.
 Turkey FX Season 9
 Ukraine CITI Season 7 (ended)
 United Kingdom ITV2 Season 12 (Started: 6/17) Broadcast as Hell's Kitchen USA (Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen USA for season 8/9). Uncensored during watershed hours.[11]
 United States Fox Season 13 (Starts: 9/10) Bleep censored and pixelated to mask profanity


For the show's first two seasons, the Hell's Kitchen restaurant set itself was housed in the former studios of Los Angeles television station KCOP at 915 North La Brea Avenue, in Hollywood, which at one time hosted production of game shows Tic Tac Dough and The Joker's Wild.[12] KCOP was acquired by News Corporation in 2001 and its studios were integrated with those of Fox affiliate KTTV in 2003, leaving the La Brea facility vacant.[13] Originally the studio was put up for sale, but in the end they were retooled for the production of Hell's Kitchen. The dining room area was the location of the former KCOP news studios, and living quarters for the contestants were built behind the restaurant.[14] Before season three, the Hell's Kitchen facility was moved to Century Studios at 3322 La Cienega Place in Los Angeles. Since the fourth season, Hell's Kitchen's venue has been located at 8660 Hayden Place in Culver City. According to Arthur Perkins, the soundstage is only open for audience members when taping is taking place.[15] The studio sits on the former location of the famous RKO Forty Acres backlot, which was used in movies such as Gone With The Wind and television series such as The Andy Griffith Show and The Adventures of Superman. The studio building sits on the location of the military camp seen in the television series Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C..

Accusations of staging

The series has drawn numerous online and editorial accusations of staging and dramatic license,[16][17][18] mostly due to editing techniques of the producers which splice together several hours of footage from a dinner service, in order to make certain contestants appear as poor performers, later justifying their elimination. This was most obvious when one episode featured clips showing an already eliminated contestant in the background, still cooking.[19]

One of the most controversial accusations of staging on Hell's Kitchen relates to an incident with contestant Joseph Tinnelly, who, during one elimination round, angrily confronted Chef Ramsay, challenging him to fight, and was then escorted off the set. The incident drew immediate fire from critics as an overplayed and possibly faked scene, conducted to cause action and tension on the show in order to spark viewer interest.[20]


Season Original run Winner Runner-up Reason for winning Contestants Winner's prize
01 May 30 – August 1, 2005 Michael Wray Ralph Pagano High standards[21] 12 Tatou in Los Angeles[n 1]
02 June 12 – August 14, 2006 Heather West Virginia Dalbeck Determination[21] Terra Rossa at Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas
03 June 4 – August 13, 2007 Rahman "Rock" Harper Bonnie Muirhead Leadership[21] Terra Verde at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson
04 April 1 – July 8, 2008 Christina Machamer Louis Petrozza Potential 15 London West Hollywood in Los Angeles
05 January 29 – May 14, 2009 Daniel "Danny" Veltri Paula da Silva Maturity[21] 16 Atlantic City
06 July 21 – October 13, 2009 David "Dave" Levey Kevin Cottle Ability[21] 17 Araxi Restaurant and Bar in Whistler
07 June 1 – August 10, 2010 Holli Ugalde Jason "Jay" Santos Confidence[21] 16 Savoy Grill at Savoy Hotel in London[n 2]
08 September 22 – December 15, 2010 Nona Sivley Russell Kook II Palate[21] LA Market at JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles
09 July 18 – September 19, 2011 Paul Niedermann William "Will" Lustberg Enthusiasm 18 BLT Steak in New York City
10 June 4[22] – September 10, 2012[23] Christina Wilson Justin Antiorio Passion Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris Las Vegas[24]
11 March 12 – July 25, 2013 Ja'Nel Witt Mary Poehnelt Composure 20 Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace[25][n 3]
12 March 13 – July 24, 2014 Scott Commings Jason Zepaltas Artistry
13 September 10, 2014[26] – December 17, 2014[27] TBA TBA TBA 18 Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Atlantic City
14 March 3, 2015[28] – TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
  1. ^ Season 1 winner Michael was offered the alternative choice of working at Gordon Ramsay in London, which he initially accepted, but subsequently reverted to the original prize due to not wanting to be separated from his family.
  2. ^ Season 7 winner Holli was refused a UK work permit, and so was awarded the cash prize in lieu of the job at the Savoy Grill.
  3. ^ Season 11 winner Ja'Nel's job offer was withdrawn after she failed a drug test, but she kept the cash prize. Due to a commitment on Ja'Nel's job withdrawal, season 12 winner Scott later won the job offer after winning in the next season.


Analyst Arthur Perkins credits the show's success with four factors:

  1. Numerous cameras (up to 72) allow tight editing and capturing every action
  2. A confessional booth reveals insights into competitors' characters
  3. Ramsay's "enfant terrible" personality, impeccable credentials, and overall showmanship
  4. Casting relatively unknown chefs[29]

Perkins compared Ramsay's unusual showmanship to that of P. T. Barnum of the famed Ringling Brothers circus:

Ramsay's personality is so unusual that many watch him rant, rave and throw things. I consider him the "enfant terrible" of reality television. ... He has a fiery temper ... He practices ritual humiliation, verbal abuse and even occasionally physical abuse.
—Arthur Perkins, in Chef Wars: Hell's Kitchen, 2011[15]

Awards and nominations

Hell's Kitchen has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Art Direction for Variety, Music or Nonfiction Programming category in 2007, 2008, and 2009. It has also been nominated for two Art Directors Guild Awards in the Television — Awards Show, Variety, Music or Non-Fiction Program category in 2007 and 2008, winning one in 2008. It has also been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer Series.

In 2009, Gordon Ramsay won an Astra Award for Favourite International Personality or Actor.[30]

At the 2011 People's Choice Awards, Hell's Kitchen was nominated for Favorite Reality Show and Gordon Ramsay was nominated for Favorite TV Chef.[31]

Other media

DVD releases

Visual Entertainment has released the first eleven seasons of Hell's Kitchen in Region 1.[32] Season 11 was released on April 15, 2014.[33]

In Region 4, Shock Entertainment has released seasons 1–8 on DVD in Australia.[34]

DVD title No. of
Release dates
Region 1 (CAN) Region 1 (US) Region 4
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 1: Raw and Uncut 10 April 8, 2008 December 1, 2008
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 2: Raw and Uncut 10 October 27, 2009 May 11, 2010 February 2, 2009
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 3: Raw and Uncut 11 August 10, 2010 September 21, 2010 February 2, 2009
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 4: Raw and Uncut 15 November 16, 2010 November 9, 2010 April 1, 2009
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 5: Raw and Uncut 15 August 30, 2011 November 27, 2009
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 6: Raw and Uncut 15 November 1, 2011 April 10, 2012 March 9, 2011[35]
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 7: Raw and Uncut 15 June 5, 2012 May 11, 2011[36]
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 8: Raw and Uncut 15 December 4, 2012 May 11, 2011[37]
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 9: Raw and Uncut 16 August 27, 2013 September 10, 2013 TBA
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 10: Raw and Uncut 20 October 8, 2013[38] October 1, 2013 TBA
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 11: Raw and Uncut 22 April 15, 2014 TBA
Hell's Kitchen USA – Season 12: Raw and Uncut 20 TBA TBA TBA

Hell's Kitchen: The Game

Hell's Kitchen: The Game
Developer(s) Ludia
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) Wii, Nintendo DS, Windows and iPhone OS
Release date(s) September 11, 2008
Genre(s) Sim

On September 11, 2008, Ubisoft released Hell's Kitchen: The Game for the Wii, Nintendo DS, Windows, and iOS which features the likeness of Ramsay, and the many important tasks shown in the U.S. version of the show.[39]

Hell's Kitchen on Facebook
Developer(s) Ludia / Social2u
Platform(s) Facebook
Release date(s) April 2, 2009
Genre(s) Sim

On April 2, 2009, Ludia and Social2u released the official Facebook version of the Hell's Kitchen game.[40]


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