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Iranian Rap

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Title: Iranian Rap  
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Subject: Persian pop music, Rock and alternative music in Iran, List of Iranian musicians
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Iranian Rap

Persian Hip-Hop Music
Stylistic origins Funk, spoken word, signifying, the dozens, electronic
Cultural origins 90's, Tehran, Iran
Typical instruments Vocalssamplerkeyboardsguitarstringspiano
Alternative hip hop – comedy hip hop – freestyle rapgangsta rappolitical hip hop
Fusion genres
Pop raprap rock

Persian hip hop (or Iranian hip hop) is a style of hip hop that emerged in the 90s. It is influenced by western hip-hop music but It is credited with inspiring contemporary Iranian music. Iranian hip-hop originated from Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Many of official and underground artists and a few producers are active in this genre of music.[1]


Nemitooni Band Koni Paamo Be Zamin (2013)
A 30-second preview of Erfan's "Nemitooni Band Koni Paamo Be Zamin".

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Due to the complicated nature of doing music Iran,[2] there are no reliable records about it's premier artists in hand for the public. Records about the originating artist(s) or group(s), their songs and points of view. There are a few of known independent active artists from that era in Tehran. By the passing the post war era (90's decade) and parallel with rush of the computers and accordingly the soft-synths, the first groups of people who were ignited by listening to western music used such pattern and to use Persian language as the base-medium. First Tehran-based rap clan to mention was called 021, they were known to be the premier artists of this genre.[3]

Perhaps Hichkas is one of the first prolific Persian rappers who started rapping in Tehran,[4] Iran, He was also member of a Tehran-based rap clan called 021. His first Album Asphalt Jungle (Persianجنگل آسفالت Jangale Asfalt) is one of the first rap albums in Iran and in Persian language and brought much recognition to his name in Iranian communities.[4] From notable expatriate artists we can point to Deev as an Iranian rapper who lives in America and his songs considered as good example for first first Persian rap's. The Best Album In Persian Hiphop Historia Hichkas, Jangale Asfalt / Pishro, Jahanm Sard, Aghaz Injast, Doran Talayi / Erfan, Az Khane Ta Goor, HameshegiBahram, 24 Saat, Sokut /ZedBazi, Zakhar Nameh / Ali Qaf, Zir O Bam E Zirzamin / Amir Tatalo, TatalityMahdar, Sarzamin Madari, Khab Dar Bidari, Oboor Az Meh /Mohammad Bibak, Sar Amad Zemestan / Shahin Najafi, Sale Khoon, Hich, Hich,Hich / Hosein Eblis & Sadegh, EP Kasi Be Nameh Khoda, Sob Bekhyr IRAN / Sina Taham,Payam Haye Bazargani, Behtarin Rah Khodkoshi / Ali Sorena, Mard Tanha / Emziper, Gorbeh Mordeh / Benyamin, Ayda Dar Ayeneh


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