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Iranian legislative election, 1996

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Title: Iranian legislative election, 1996  
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Iranian legislative election, 1996

Iranian legislative election, 1996
1992 ←
March 8, 1996/ April 19, 1996
→ 2000

All 275 seats to the Islamic Consultative Assembly
138 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani Gholamhossein Karbaschi
Alliance Conservatives Reformists
Leader's seat - -
Last election 200 65
Seats won 110 80
Percentage 40% 30%

Speaker before election

Ali Akbar Nategh-Nouri

Elected Speaker

Ali Akbar Nategh-Nouri

Elections to the Majlis of Iran were held on 8 March 1996. A total of 270 representatives were to be chosen (22 in 1997). A second round was held on 19 April 1996, which filled 103 remaining seats where no candidate gained sufficient votes to win in the first round. 22 seats where reserved for the elections scheduled for February 1997.

While no political parties were in the running, the election offered an occasion for a large debate between a dozen Islamic factions, especially the conservative group led by Assembly Speaker Nategh-Nouri and the moderate wing headed by President of the Republic Ali Akbar Rafsanjani. In the first round the conservative Combatant Clergy Association gained a majority but in the second round their opponents the Servants of Iran's Construction made gaines and eventually no one had a majority. The first sitting of the newly elected Parliament took place on 1 June.

e • d Summary of the 8 March 1996 and 19 April 1996 Majlis of Iran election results
Orientiation of candidates Votes % Seats % of Seats
Combatant Clergy Association 10,963,922 45% 110 40%
Servants of Iran's Construction 7,973,762 32% 80 30%
Others 5,780,977 23% 58 21%
Remain to be filled until elections in February 1997 22 12%
Armenians recognized minority religion 2 0.7%
Chaldean and Assyrian Catholic recognized minority religion 1 0.3%
Jewish recognized minority religion 1 0.3%
Zoroastrian recognized minority religion 1 0.3%
Total (Turnout around 75 %) 24,718,661 100 275 100
Source: IPU

Official statistics (from the Ministry of Interior)

  • Total candidates: 4679
  • Decided in the first round: 145 of 270 seats
  • To be decided in the second round: 103 seats
  • To be decided in 1997: 22 seats
  • Number of voters: 24,718,661

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