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Jane's Fighting Ships

Diagrams of HMS Dreadnought from the 1906–07 edition

Jane's Fighting Ships is an annual reference book (also published online, on CD and microfiche) of information on all the world's warships arranged by nation, including information on ship's names, dimensions, armaments, silhouettes and photographs, etc. Its annual editions cover the warships used by the different national naval and paramilitary forces, and provide data on their characteristics.

It was originally published by John F. T. Jane (usually known as "Fred T.") in London in 1898 as Jane's All the World's Fighting Ships, in order to assist the public in playing naval wargames.[1] Its success launched a number of military publications carrying the name "Jane's". It is a unit of Jane's Information Group, which is now owned by IHS. The following is a list of major works which followed the format of Jane's original work:

Title Editor Publisher ISBN Year
All the World's Fighting Ships Jane, Fred T Little Brown and Co 1898
Jane's Fighting Ships 1922 Parkes, Oscar Sampson, Low, Marston and Co, London 1922
Jane's Fighting Ships 1924 Parkes, Oscar and McMurtrie, Francis Sampson, Low, Marston and Co, London 1924
Jane's Fighting Ships 1941 McMurtrie, Francis E. Sampson, Low, Marston and Co, London 1942
Jane's Fighting Ships 1943–44 McMurtrie, Francis E. Sampson, Low, Marston and Co, London 1944
Jane's Fighting Ships 1949–50 Blackman, Raymond McGraw-Hill Book Company Inc., New York 1949
Jane's Fighting Ships 1952–53 Blackman, Raymond McGaw Hill, Canada and Samson, Low, Marston Co, London 1952
Jane's Fighting Ships 1954–55 Blackman, Raymond McGraw Hill Canada 1955
Jane's Fighting Ships 1956–57 Blackman, Raymond Jane's Fighting Ships Publishing Co 1957
Jane's Fighting Ships 1958–59 Blackman, Raymond McGraw Hill Canada 1959
Jane's Fighting Ships 1970–71 Blackman, Raymond McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York 07-032205-8 1970
Jane's Fighting Ships 1973–74 Moore, Capt. John McGraw Hill Canada 07-032020-9 1974
Jane's Fighting Ships 1974–75 Moore, Capt. John Franklin Watts Inc, NY 0-531-02743-0 1975
Jane's Fighting Ships 1979–80 Moore, Capt. John Franklin Watts Inc, NY 0-531-03913-7 1980
Jane's Fighting Ships 1983–84 Moore, Capt. John Jane's Year Books 0-7106-0774-1 1984
Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II Preston, Antony Jane's Publishing Company 1-851-70494-9 1989
Jane's Fighting Ships 1992–93 Sharpe, Capt. Richard Jane's Data Division 0-7106-0983-3 1993
Jane's Fighting Ships 1995–96 Sharpe, Capt. Richard Jane's Information Group Limited 0-7106-1254-0 1995

The Jane's editions of 1898, 1905, 1906, 1914, 1919, 1924, 1931, 1939 and 1944 were reissued in facsimile reprints by Arco Publishing in 1969.

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