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List of Speakers of the Parliament of Iran


List of Speakers of the Parliament of Iran

Speaker of the Parliament of Iran
Official Seal
Ali Larijani

since 2 May 2008
Appointer Parliament of Iran
Term length 1 year
Inaugural holder Morteza Gholi Khan Hedayat
Formation 6 October 1906

Following is a list of Speakers of the Parliament of Iran, from Iranian Constitutional Revolution to present. The name of the parliament of Iran since its establishment during the Persian Constitutional Revolution in 1906 until the Iranian Revolution in 1979 was National Consultative Assembly. After the 1979 Revolution it was renamed Islamic Consultative Assembly (مجلس شورای اسلامی).


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List of Speakers

# Name Entered office Left office Political Party
National Consultative Assembly
1 Morteza Gholi Khan Hedayat 6 October 1906 23 June 1907 Constitutional Movement
2 Mirza Mahmoud Khan 23 June 1907 23 June 1908 Constitutional Movement
3 Mirza Esmaiel Khan 23 June 1908 23 June 1910 Justice Party
4 Mirza Sadeq Khan Mostashar-dowle 15 November 1910 6 July 1911 Independence Movement
5 Mirza Esmaiel Khan 6 July 1911 6 July 1912 Independence Movement
6 Mohammad-Ali Foroughi 6 July 1912 10 July 1912 Constitutional Movement
7 Hossein Pirnia 15 December 1914 11 October 1925 Constitutional Movement
8 Mirza Hasan Khan Mowstofi 1 October 1925 11 October 1927 Constitutional Movement
9 Mohammad Tadayon 11 October 1927 10 July 1928 Revival Party
10 Hossein Pirnia 10 July 1928 4 April 1929 Revival Party
11 Hossein Dadgar 4 April 1929 15 March 1934 Revival Party
12 Mirza Hassan Khan Esfandiary 15 March 1934 13 November 1945
13 Mohammad Sadeq Tabatabai' 13 November 1945 25 March 1947 Homeland Party
14 Mohammad-Reza Hekmat 25 March 1947 9 February 1952 Democratic Party
15 Abol-Ghasem Kashani 7 August 1952 12 March 1953 National Front
16 Hassan Emami 9 February 1953 7 August 1955 Democratic Party
17 Abdollah Moazemi 1 June 1955 18 March 1959 Nationalist Party
18 Reza Hekmat 18 March 1959 6 October 1969 New Iran Party
19 Abdollah Riazi 6 October 1969 6 October 1977 Rastakhiz
20 Javad Saeed 6 October 1977 11 February 1979 Rastakhiz
Islamic Consultative Assembly
21 Yadollah Sahabi 28 June 1980 28 July 1980 Freedom Movement
22 Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani 28 July 1980 3 August 1989 Islamic Republican Party
23 Mehdi Karroubi 3 August 1989 3 May 1992 Association of Combatant Clerics
24 Ali Akbar Nategh-Nouri 3 May 1992 3 May 2000 Combatant Clergy Association
25 Mehdi Karroubi 3 May 2000 3 May 2004 Association of Combatant Clerics
26 Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel 3 May 2004 2 May 2008 Isargaran Population
27 Ali Larijani 2 May 2008 Incumbent Islamic Society of Engineers
Key: Independent Conservative Reformist Liberal

Speakers and Deputies after the Revolution

Term Years Session Speaker First Deputy Speaker Seond Deputy Speaker
1st 1980–1984 1st Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Ali-Akbar Parvaresh Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha
2nd Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha Habibollah Asgaroladi
3rd Mohammad Yazdi Mohammad Khamenei
4th Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha
2nd 1984–1988 1st Mohammad Mehdi Rabbani-Amlashi
2nd Mehdi Karroubi
3rd Mehdi Karroubi Mohammad Yazdi
4th Mohammad Yazdi Mehdi Karroubi
3rd 1988–1992 1st Mehdi Karroubi Hossein Hashemian
3rd Mehdi Karroubi Hossein Hashemian Asadollah Bayat Zanjani
4th 1992–1996 1st Ali Akbar Nategh-Nouri Hassan Rouhani Ali-Akbar Parvaresh
2nd Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani
3rd Hossein Hashemian
4th Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani
5th 1996–2000 1st
6th 2000–2004 1st Mehdi Karoubi Behzad Nabavi Mohammad Reza Khatami
2nd Mohammad Reza Khatami Behzad Nabavi
3rd Behzad Nabavi Mohammad Reza Khatami
4th Mohammad Reza Khatami Behzad Nabavi
7th 2004–2008 1st Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel Mohammad-Reza Bahonar Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi Fard
8th 2008–2012 1st Ali Larijani Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi Fard Mohammad-Reza Bahonar
3rd Shahab od-Din Sadr
4th Mohammad-Reza Bahonar
9th 2012–2016 1st Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi Fard Mohammad-Reza Bahonar

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  • Official website of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran
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