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Title: Mechanophilia  
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Subject: Analloerotic, Aquaphilia (fetish), Dacryphilia, Homeovestism, Odaxelagnia
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Mechanophilia (or Mechaphilia)[1] is a paraphilia involving a sexual attraction to machines such as bicycles,[2] motor vehicles,[3] helicopters[4] and aeroplanes.[5]

This is treated as a crime in some nations, such as the United Kingdom,[2] with perpetrators being placed on a sex-offenders' register after prosecution.[6] Motorcycles are often portrayed as sexualized fetish objects to those who desire them.[7]


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Art, culture and design

Mechanophilia has been used to describe important works of the early modernists, including in the Eccentric Manifesto (1922),[8] written by Leonid Trauberg, Sergei Yutkevich, Grigori Kozintsev and others[9][10] – members of the Factory of the Eccentric Actor, a modernist avant-garde movement that spanned Russian futurism and constructivism.

The term has entered into the realms of science fiction and popular fiction.[11]

Scientifically, in Biophilia – The Human Bond with Other Species by Edward O. Wilson, Wilson is quoted describing mechanophilia, the love of machines, as "a special case of biophilia",[12] whereas psychologists such as Erich Fromm would see it as a form of necrophilia.[13]

Designers such as Francis Picabia and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti have been said to have exploited the sexual attraction of automobiles.[14]

Culturally, critics have described it as an "all pervading" within contemporary Western society and that is seems to overwhelm our society and all too often our better judgement".[15] Although not all such uses are sexual in intent, the terms are also used for specifically erotogenic fixation on machinery[16] and taken to its extreme in hard core pornography as Fucking Machines.[17] This mainly involves women being sexually penetrated by machines for male consumption,[18] which are seen as being the limits of current sexual biopolitics.[19]

Austrian arts-and-philosophy collective monochrom, has propagated a DIY/feminist approach to sex machines.[20]

Authors have drawn a connection between mechanophilia and masculine militarisation, citing the works of animator Yasuo Ōtsuka and Studio Ghibli.[21]

In 2008, an American named Edward Smith admitted to 'having sex' with 1000 cars.[22][23]

In 2013, a British man was caught for having sex with his Land Rover in public.[24]


  • My Car is My Lover (2008)[25]

See also


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