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Moshe Weinberger

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Title: Moshe Weinberger  
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Moshe Weinberger

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger is a Chasidic rebbe who is the founder and current rabbi of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, New York.

He is a lecturer and author.[1] Some regard him as a posek ("decisor" of Jewish law)[2] and a Jewish leader[3] who is actively involved in Jewish Outreach.[4][5]

It has been confirmed,[6] as of January 2013, that Rabbi Weinberger is set to become a Mashgiach of Yeshiva University starting in the fall of 2013.

Background and education

Rabbi Weinberger's grandparents were Belz Chasidim. He dropped out of law school to study Judaism in order to become a rabbi.[7]

Rabbi Weinberger attended Yeshiva University and was a student of Rabbi Dovid Lifshitz. He holds a MA in Jewish philosophy from the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University and an MS in educational administration from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Rabbi Weinberger was ordained by the RIETS rabbinical school of Yeshiva University, and while there was a student in Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik's shiur (class). Rabbi Weinberger often uses experiences and lessons from Rabbi Soloveitchik's shiur in his many current shiurim (classes). Rabbi Weinberger has since adopted the style of a Chasidic rebbe.

A modern Chasidic rebbe

Rabbi Weinberger adopted Chasidic attire (a Chasidic-style black hat during the week, and a shtreimel on Shabbat) and Payos ("side locks") while emphasising and spreading Chasidic thought. His teachings derive in part from Chabad,[8] Breslov,[9] Izbica,[10] and others.[11] In addition he began teaching works that were previously not easily available to the English-speaking public such as Rav Kook[12] and the seforim of Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh.[13][14]

Teaching career

He has been a career educator. For over twenty years, Weinberger was a teacher ("rebbe") at Ezra Academy, a Jewish day school in Queens and prior to that he taught at a local yeshiva in Far Rockaway.[7]

He encourages spiritual growth in many Jews,[15][16] and is a founder of an English speaking Yeshiva.[17]

He is a sought-after lecturer[18][19][20] in all kinds of Jewish communal gatherings,[21] serving as scholar-in-residence in synagogues around the United States.[22][23] He has also served as an invited inspirational speaker for youth in Jewish High Schools.[24]

He has given various lectures on different topics in many synagogues on a regular basis[25][26] and has developed a library of more than 2800 MP3s.


He is the author of a book called Jewish Outreach - a Halachic Perspective, KTAV publishing, (1990) ISBN 0-88125-355-3, 168 pages. Published in conjunction with the Association for Jewish Outreach Professionals, this book examines the halakhic issues related to Jewish outreach. Among the specific questions the author examines are: What is the nature of the obligation to attract Jews back to Torah observance? Are Baal teshuva yeshivas obligated to teach Torah to all Jews who seek religious guidance? May halakhic concessions be made in synagogue services to attract ba'alei teshuvah?[27]

Weinberger is a frequent contributor to such publications as Rabbi Jacob Joseph School's Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society:

  • Teaching Torah to Women, Spring 5745.
  • The Baal Teshuva and the Jewish Community: Re-entry Problems, Fall 5747.

And also to the OU's Jewish Action magazine:

  • Keeping up with the Katz's, (Rosh haShana 5749) (1988), pp. 10–19
  • Prayer: Neglected Paths and Forgotten Longings, Fall 5750.
  • Beyond the River, Fall 5756.
  • Rav Tzaddok the Kohen, Fall 5757.
  • A Modern Experiment in Chassidus, Fall 5760.


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