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Oh Yeah! Cartoons

Oh Yeah! Cartoons
Created by Fred Seibert
Starring Various voice actors
Various school kids (1998–1999)
Kenan Thompson (host, 1999–2000)
Josh Server (host, 2000–2001)
Theme music composer Bill Burnett
Composer(s) Various
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 39 (5 unaired) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Fred Seibert
Larry Huber
Producer(s) Bill Burnett
Running time 30 mins (7 mins per segment) approx.
Production company(s) Frederator Studios
Nickelodeon Productions
Paramount Television
Distributor Paramount Domestic Television (United States)
Nelvana (internationally)
Original channel Nickelodeon
Audio format Dolby Surround
Original release July 17, 1998 – May 25, 2001
Followed by Random! Cartoons
Related shows The Fairly OddParents
My Life as a Teenage Robot
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Oh Yeah! Cartoons is an American animation showcase that appeared on the Nickelodeon cable channel. Oh Yeah! was an animation project guided by Fred Seibert, former Creative Director of MTV Networks and President of Hanna-Barbera. Produced by Frederator Studios, it ran as part of Nickelodeon's Nicktoons lineup, and in its second season, was hosted by Kenan Thompson of All That and Kenan & Kel fame; Then later by Josh Server, also from All That, for its third season. Bill Burnett composed the show's theme music. Oh Yeah! Cartoons was distributed by Nelvana outside of the United States.

In terms of sheer volume, Oh Yeah! Cartoons remains TV's biggest animation development program ever. Giving several dozen filmmakers the opportunity to create nearly 100 seven-minute cartoons, the series eventually yielded three dedicated half-hour spin-offs and two co-series made by Billionfold Inc.:

Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! half-hour featured in its first season, a total of 39 brand new seven-minute cartoons in 13 episodes, surpassing the number of new cartoons and characters on any other single network. In its full run, Oh Yeah! Cartoons featured and produced over 99 cartoons and 54 characters.

39 episodes were made, however, MTV Networks International Distribution says 27 episodes were made.

Many of the animated shorts were created by cartoonists who later became more prominent, including Bob Boyle, Thomas R. Fitzgerald, Bill Burnett, Jaime Diaz, Greg Emison, John Eng, John Fountain, Antoine Guilbaud, Butch Hartman, Larry Huber, Steve Marmel, Zac Moncrief, Ken Kessel, Alex Kirwan, Seth MacFarlane, Carlos Ramos, Rob Renzetti, C. Miles Thompson, Byron Vaughns, Pat Ventura, Vincent Waller, and David Wasson. Many of the animators featured on Oh Yeah! Cartoons had worked on the What A Cartoon! Show produced by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network two years earlier. The show was also created by Fred Seibert while he was president of Hanna-Barbera and had the same concept as Oh Yeah! Cartoons. When Seibert left Hanna-Barbera in 1997 and founded Frederator Studios, many of the animators that had worked on What A Cartoon! migrated with him to produce shorts for Oh Yeah! Cartoons.


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Season/Ep. Segment Creator Original air date Synopsis Cast Series/Short
1/1 "ChalkZone" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber July 17, 1998 Robert Cait
E.G. Daily
Candi Milo
"Slap T. Pooch: What Is Funny?" Bill Burnett and Vincent Waller July 17, 1998 Daran Norris
Vincent Waller
"Jelly's Day" Bill Burnett and Greg Emison July 17, 1998 Grey DeLisle
John Kassir
Rob Paulsen
1/2 "The F-Tales" Rob Renzetti July 24, 1998 Tom Kenny
Nick Jameson
Patrick Pinney
David Shatraw
Mari Weiss
"Teddy and Art: 25¢ Trouble" Alex Kirwan July 24, 1998 Debi Derryberry
Katie Leigh
Frank Welker
"Cat and Milkman" Miles Thompson July 24, 1998 Greg Eagles
Nancy Linari
Billy West
1/3 "Jamal the Funny Frog: Mind the Baby, Jamal" Pat Ventura July 31, 1998 Orlando Ashley
Kevin Michael Richardson
Kiki Shepard
"Thatta Boy" Alex Kirwan July 31, 1998 Rodger Bumpass
Debi Derryberry
Jeannie Elias
Cree Summer
Frank Welker
"Hobart: The Weedkeeper" Greg Emison and Bill Burnett July 31, 1998 Susanne Blakeslee
John Kassir
Kevin Michael Richardson
1/4 "Protecto 5000" John Eng August 7, 1998 Short
"Ask Edward" Rob Renzetti August 7, 1998 Short
"Peter Patrick, Private Investigator" Vincent Waller August 7, 1998 Short
1/5 "Max's Special Problem" Dave Wasson August 14, 1998 Short
"Tutu the Superina" Bill Burnett and Sally Rousse August 14, 1998 Short
"Blotto" Byron Vaughns August 14, 1998 Short
1/6 "Tales from the Goose Lady: Jack & the Beanstalk" Dave Wasson August 21, 1998 Recurring
"Twins Crimson" Carlos Ramos August 21, 1998 Short
"Olly & Frank" Bob Boyle August 21, 1998 Short
1/7 "Apex Cartoon Props" Larry Huber August 28, 1998 Joe Lala
Kevin Michael Richardson
Stuart Pankin
"A Cop & His Donut" Rob Renzetti August 28, 1998 John DiMaggio
Quinton Flynn
Nick Jameson
Carol Katz
John Wesley
"Enchanted Adventures" John Eng August 28, 1998 David Coburn
Pat Fraley
Jess Harnell
Moira Quirk
1/8 "The Fairly OddParents!" Butch Hartman September 4, 1998 Mary Kay Bergman
Grey DeLisle
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
"Hobart & the Merman" Greg Emison and Bill Burnett September 4, 1998 Dee Bradley Baker
Susanne Blakeslee
Bill Burnett
John Kassir
"Super Santa" Mike Bell September 4, 1998 Mike Bell
Tom Kenny
Daran Norris
Mari Weiss
1/9 "Kitty the Hapless Cat" Zac Moncrief August 28, 1998 Short
"That's My Pop" Pat Ventura 1999 Short
"Hubbykins & Sweetypie" Rob Renzetti 1999 Short
1/10 "The Man with No Nose" Larry Huber September 17, 1998 Michael Bell
Christine Cavanaugh
Tress MacNeille
Frank Welker
"Youngstar 3" Miles Thompson September 17, 1998 Dee Bradley Baker
Grey DeLisle
Kate Donahue
Gary Owens
"Hey Look!" Harvey Kurtzman September 17, 1998 Maurice LaMarche
Danny Wells
1/11 "ChalkZone: The Amazin' River" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber September 24, 1998 Rodger Bumpass
Robert Cait
E.G. Daily
Candi Milo
"Tales from the Goose Lady: Hamsel and Grande" Dave Wasson September 24, 1998 Jeff Bennett
Scott Bullock
John Kassir
Dee Dee Rescher
Kath Soucie
"The Feelers" Bill Burnett September 24, 1998 Rosslynn Taylor
Quinton Flynn
Joe Lala
Greg Eagles
Jess Harnell
1/12 "Planet Kate" Jamie Mitchell 1998 Shayna Fox
Billy West
Nancy Cartwright
Cree Summer
Maurice LaMarche
Candi Milo
"Fat Head" Wild Brain 1998 Short
1/13 "Max & the Pigeon" Dave Wasson October 16, 1998 Short
"Zoomates" Seth MacFarlane October 16, 1998 Short
"Microcops" John Eng October 16, 1998 Short
1/14 "Neptune Spy and Guy Spy" Bill Burnett 1999 Short
"The Fireboy" John Eng 1999 Short
"The F-Tales: Rampart Clones" Rob Renzetti 1999 Short
2/15 "ChalkZone: Rudy's Date" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber 1999 Series
"A Kid's Life" Ken Kessel 1999 Short
"The Fairly OddParents: Too Many Timmys!" Butch Hartman 1999 Series
2/16 "The Fairly OddParents: Where's the Wand?" Butch Hartman 1999 Series
"Magic Trixie" Alex Kirwan 1999 Short
"Tales from the Goose Lady: Humpty Dumpty" Dave Wasson 1999 Recurring
2/17 "Tales from the Goose Lady: Little Pigs 3" Dave Wasson 1999 Recurring
"Freddy Seymore's Amazing Life" Tim Biskup 2000 Short
"Jamal the Funny Frog: His Musical Moment" Pat Ventura 1999 Short
2/18 "ChalkZone: Snap Out of Water" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber 1999 Series
"Earth to Obie" Guy Vasilovich 1999 Short
"Mina and the Count: The Ghoul's Tribunal" Rob Renzetti 1998 Short
2/19 "ChalkZone: Secret Passages" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber 1999 Series
"Kid from S.C.H.O.O.L." Bob Boyle and Bill Riling 1999 Short
"Mina and the Count: The Vampire Who Came to Dinner" Rob Renzetti 1999 Recurring
2/20 "The Fairly OddParents: Party of Three!" Butch Hartman January 2, 1999 Series
"The Forgotten Toybox: Curse of the Were Baby" Mike Bell January 2, 1999 Short
"Jelly's Day: Uncle Betty Comes to Visit" Bill Burnett and Greg Emison January 2, 1999 Short
2/21 "ChalkZone: ChalkDad" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber 1999 Series
"A Dog & His Boy" Carlos Ramos 1999 Short
"Mina and the Count: Playing a Hunch" Rob Renzetti 1999 Recurring
2/22 "The Fairly OddParents: The Fairy Flu! Butch Hartman May 1, 1999 Series
"Lollygagin'" Guy Vasilovich May 1, 1999 Short
"Tales from the Goose Lady: The Tortoise & the Hairpiece" Dave Wasson May 1, 1999 Recurring
2/23 "ChalkZone: Chalk Rain" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber 1999 Series
"The Dan Danger Show!" Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel 2000 Short
"Mina and the Count: My Best Friend" Rob Renzetti 1999 Recurring
2/24 "The Fairly OddParents: The Temp!" Butch Hartman 1999 Series
"Herb" Antoine Guilbaud 1999 Short
"Jamal the Funny Frog: Milk Dreams" Pat Ventura 1999 Short
2/25 "The Fairly OddParents: The Zappys!" Butch Hartman 1999 Series
"Let's Talk Turkey" Vincent Waller 1999 Short
"Tales from the Goose Lady: Goldie Locks" Dave Wasson 1999 Recurring
2/26 "ChalkZone: Rapunzel" Bill Burnett and Larry Huber 1999 Series
"Zoey's Zoo: Lots of Ocelots" Amy Ellyn Anderson and David Burd 1999 Short
"My Neighbor Was a Teenage Robot" Rob Renzetti January 5, 1999 Series
3/27 "Jelly's Day: Aunt Broth's Makeover" Bill Burnett and Greg Emison 1999 Short
"Terry & Chris" John Reynolds 1999 Short
"Mina and the Count: FrankenFrog" Rob Renzetti 1999 Recurring
3/28 "The Dan Danger Show!: Danger 101!" Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel 2000 Short
"The Tantrum" John Fountain 2000 Short
"Super Santa: Naughty" Mike Bell 2000 Short
3/29 "Super Santa: South Pole Joe" Mike Bell 2000 Short
"Sick -N- Tired" Andre Nieves and Ric Delcarmen 2001 Short
"Tales from the Goose Lady: The Ugly Duck Thing" Dave Wasson 2001 Recurring
3/30 "The Fairly OddParents: Scouts Honor" Butch Hartman 2001 Series
"Skippy Spankerton: Hot Tamale Monster Movie Madness!" Eric Bryan and Michelle Bryan 2001 Short
"Jamal the Funny Frog: Beach" Pat Ventura 2001 Short
3/31 "Super Santa: Vegetation" Mike Bell 2001 Short
"Elise" Guy Vasilovich 2001 Short
"A Kid's Life: Picture Perfect" Ken Kessel 2001 Short
"The Boy Who Cried Alien!" Guy Vasilovich 2001 Short
3/32 "Baxter and Bananas: Monkey See Monkey Don't" Zac Moncrief 2001 Short
"The Dan Danger Show!: A Lighter Shade of Danger!" Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel 2001 Short
"Kameleon Kid" Jaime Diaz and Russ Mooney 2001 Short
3/33 "The Semprini Triplets" Pat Ventura 2001 Short
"Jamal the Funny Frog: Camping" Pat Ventura 2001 Short
"The Dan Danger Show!: A Date with Danger!" Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel 2001 Short
3/34 "X-rays Life: Day 1" Dave Wasson 2000 Short
"1000 and 1 Nights" Aliki Theophilopoulos 2000 Short
"Children Vision" Pat Ventura 2000 Short
3/35 "X-rays Life: Day 2 In the Poles Dave Wasson 2000 Short
"Gorilla Zez" Rob Renzetti 2000 Short
"Let's Talk Turkey: The Models" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
3/36 "The F-Tales: Maze Town" Rob Renzetti 2000 Short
"Let's Talk Turkey: The Player" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
"Olly & Frank: Box Battle" Bob Boyle 2000 Short
3/37 "The F-Tales: Invasion Acropolis" Rob Renzetti 2000 Short
"Gorilla Zez: Overdrive Zone" Rob Renzetti 2000 Short
"Super Santa: The End" Mike Bell 2001 Short
3/38 "The F-Tales: Forever" Rob Renzetti 2000 Short
"Cat and Milkman: Before Christian" Miles Thompson 2000 Short
"Olly & Frank: End of 1" Bob Boyle 2001 Short
3/39 "Cat and Milkman: White Pole" Miles Thompson 2001 Short
"Let's Talk Turkey: The Black Tower" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
"Blotto: The Second Song" Byron Vaughns 2001 Short
"Prior Days" Mike Bell 2001 Short
3/40 "Tales from the Goose Lady: The Fish and Fishman" Dave Wasson 2001 Recurring
"The Fairly OddParents: The Really Bad Day!" Butch Hartman 2000 Series
"The Fairly OddParents: Super Humor" Butch Hartman 2001 Series
"Jamal the Funny Frog: Dentist" Pat Ventura 2001 Short
3/41 "Journey, The New Shrinking Dog" John Eng 2001 Short
"Aroma Woman" Greg Emison and Bill Burnett 2001 Short
4/42 "Just Bob" Dave Wasson 2001 Short
"Let's Talk Turkey: Fruits Day" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
"X-rays Life: Day 3" Dave Wasson 2001 Short
4/43 "X-rays Life: Day 4" Dave Wasson 2001 Short
"Island Captain" Carlos Ramos 2001 Short
"Usallity Dinner Night" Bill Burnett 2001 Short
4/44 "Super Motocross 4000" Miles Thompson 2001 Short
"Xavier the DJ" Mike Bell 2001 Short
"Mandy: The New Girl" John Eng 2001 Short
4/45 "Peter Patrick, Smile Hour" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
"Alones" Dave Wasson 2001 Short
"Lakky the Lampanter" Guy Vasilovich 2001 Short
4/46 "Hipping Flowers" Rob Renzetti 2001 Short
"Super Wizard: The Weather Season" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
"Numbers Around" John Eng 2001 Short
4/47 "20210" John Eng 2001 Short
"Daddy & Teen Kid" Butch Hartman 2001 Short
"Bomb Manio: Queen Lora" John Eng 2001 Short
4/48 "20210: The Invasion" John Eng 2001 Short
"Mandy: The Mermaid" John Eng 2001 Short
"Gorilla Zez: Woman and Kameleon" Rob Renzetti 2001 Short
4/49 "20210: Fat Ship" John Eng 2001 Short
"Super Wizard: The Nine Times" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
"Robo-Flipper" Rob Renzetti 2001 Short
4/50 "20210: Mission in Mars" John Eng 2001 Short
"Bomb Manio: Super PN-Man" John Eng 2001 Short
"Day, Night, People" Greg Emison and Bill Burnett 2001 Short
4/51 "Junior 9" Bill Burnett 2001 Short
"Super Sherry" Miles Thompson 2001 Short
"Hovig and Maria: Love Suff" Guy Vasilovich 2001 Short
4/52 "Hovig and Maria: The End" Guy Vasilovich 2001 Short
"Girl Twins" John Eng 2001 Short
"Mina and the Count: Girl Is Count" Rob Renzetti 2001 Recurring
4/53 "Super Wizard: Lord of Gay Day" Vincent Waller 2001 Short
"Hobart: The Machine Floor" Greg Emison and Bill Burnett 2001 Short
"Annabel Dragon" Butch Hartman 2001 Short
4/54 "Survivor Kids" Greg Emison and Bill Burnett 2001 Short
"Ryan the Car" Butch Hartman 2001 Short
"Laugh Day" Pat Ventura 2001 Short
"Die Right Ingreetion" John Eng and Rob Renzetti 2001 Short

Media releases


Frederator Studios has persisted in the tradition of surfacing new talent, characters, and series with several cartoon shorts "incubators," including (as of 2015) What A Cartoon! (Cartoon Network, 1995), The Meth Minute 39 (Channel Frederator, 2008),[1] Random! Cartoons (Nickelodeon/Nicktoons, 2008), Too Cool! Cartoons (Cartoon Hangover, 2012), and GO! Cartoons (Cartoon Hangover, 2016).[2] These laboratories have spun off notable series like Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Cow & Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Fairly OddParents,Jimmy Neutron, Nite Fite, Fanboy & Chum Chum, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Rocket Dog, and Bee and PuppyCat.

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  2. ^ Sony, Channel Frederator Launch Online Animation Incubator, by David Bloom, Deadline Hollywood, November 3, 2014

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