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President of Serbia


President of Serbia

President of the Republic of Serbia
Председник Републике Србијe
Predsednik Republike Srbije
Standard of the President
Tomislav Nikolić

since 31 May 2012
Seat Novi dvor (Belgrade)
Term length Five years
renewable once
Inaugural holder Slobodan Milošević
Formation 11 January 1991
Website .rs.predsednikwww
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The President of Serbia (Serbian: Председник Србијe / Predsednik Srbije), officially styled as the President of the Republic,[1] is the head of state of Serbia.

The current office holder is Tomislav Nikolić who was elected on 20 May 2012.


  • Duties and competences 1
  • Oath of office 2
  • Term of office of the President of the Republic of Serbia 3
  • Support staff 4
  • Latest presidential election 5
  • List of Presidents 6
  • Living former Presidents 7
  • Gallery 8
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Duties and competences

Largely a ceremonial position, the duties and competences of the President as stipulated in chapter 5, article 112 of the Constitution:[2]

  • Represent Serbia at home and abroad,
  • Propose laws upon his/her decree, in accordance with the Constitution,
  • Propose an individual for the position of Prime Minister to Parliament,
  • Propose to the National Assembly holders of positions, in accordance with the Constitution
  • Appoint and dismiss, upon his/her decree, ambassadors of Serbia, upon the proposal of the Government,
  • Receive letters of credit and revocable letters of credit of foreign diplomatic representatives,
  • Grant amnesties and award honours,
  • Administer other affairs stipulated by the Constitution.

Oath of office

While assuming the office, the President of the Republic shall take the following oath before the National Assembly:

I do solemnly swear that I will devote all my efforts to preserve the sovereignty and integrity of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija as its constituent part, as well as to provide exercise of human and minority rights and freedoms, respect and protection of the Constitution and laws, preservation of peace and welfare of all citizens of the Republic of Serbia and perform all my duties conscientiously and responsibly.[3]

Term of office of the President of the Republic of Serbia

The term of office of the President of the Republic shall last five years and begin from the day of taking of the oath before the National Assembly.

If the term of office of the President of the Republic expires during the state of war or emergency, it shall be extended so that it lasts until the expiry of three months from the day of the end of the state of war, that is, of emergency.

No one shall be elected to a position of the President of the Republic more than twice.

The term of office of the President of the Republic shall end with expiry of the period of time for which he or she has been elected, by his/her resignation or released of duty.

The President of the Republic shall tender his/her resignation to the Chairman of the National Assembly.[4]

Support staff

Advisers to the President carry out the analytical, advisory and other corresponding tasks for the needs of the President of the Republic as well as other expert tasks in relations of the President with the Government and the Parliament.[5]

Latest presidential election

 Summary of the 6 May and 20 May 2012 Serbian presidential election results
Candidates Nominating parties 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Votes %
Tomislav Nikolić Serbian Progressive Party 979,216 25.05% 1,552,063[6] 49.54%
Boris Tadić Choice for a Better Life 989,454 25.31% 1,481,952[6] 47.31%
Ivica Dačić Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS), United Serbia (JS) 556,013 14.23%
Vojislav Koštunica Democratic Party of Serbia 290,861 7.44%
Zoran Stanković United Regions of Serbia 257,054 6.58%
Čedomir Jovanović U-Turn coalition 196,668 5.03%
Jadranka Šešelj Serbian Radical Party 147,793 3.78%
Vladan Glišić independent (Civic Group Dveri) 108,303 2.77%
István Pásztor Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians 63,420 1.62%
Zoran Dragišić independent (Civic Group Movement of Workers and Peasants of Serbia) 60,116 1.54%
Muamer Zukorlić Independent 54,492 1.39%
Danica Grujičić Social Democratic Alliance 30,602 0.78%
Registered voters 7,026,579 6,771,479
Total turnout 3,911,136 57.77% 3,132,679 46.26%
Valid 3,736,476 95.53% 3,034,015 96.85%
Invalid 174,660 4.47% 98,664 3.15%

List of Presidents

Living former Presidents

Name Term Date of birth
Milan Milutinović 1997–2002 (1942-12-19) December 19, 1942
Boris Tadić 2004–2012 (1958-01-15) January 15, 1958


See also


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External links

  • Official website of the President of Serbia
  • People´s Office of the President
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