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Title: Rencong  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Persiraja Banda Aceh, Cut Nyak Meutia, Parang Nabur, Balato (sword), Niabor
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Rencong with wooden scabbard and metal decorated handle, pre-1945.
Type Dagger
Place of origin Aceh, Indonesia
Service history
Used by Acehnese
Length 10-50cm

Blade type Single edge, slight concave grind
Hilt type Water buffalo horn, Bahar roots
Scabbard/sheath Water buffalo horn, wood

A Rencong (Acehnese: Reuncong) is a traditional weapon from Aceh, Indonesia used by the Acehnese. Just as with the Keris, people attribute mystical powers to Rencongs. The Rencong is still being worn during traditional ceremonies and is used in Pencak Silat.


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It has a sharp blade with a slightly convex back.[1] It is slightly shaped like an L and similar in appearance to a Kris. A Rencong's blade can vary in length from 10 to 50 cm. The blade can be cranked like a Kris but sometimes it is straight. It is put in a scabbard that is made of wood, ivory, horn, or sometimes even silver or gold. The Rencong is worn on one's belt around the waist.


There are different classes of Rencong. For the royal (in this case, Sultanate) class, the sheath is normally made from ivory and its blade from gold with engravings of some Quranic verses. While other classes of Rencongs will normally have its sheath made from buffalo horn or wood, and its blade made from brass or silver steel.

Just as how Javanese community held in their beliefs of the Keris, traditional Acehnese community would also correlate mystical powers with the Rencong. Rencong is still being used today and is attributed as part of the Acehnese traditional attire worn during traditional Acehnese ceremonies. Acehnese believe the form of the Rencong to represent the Basmala.[2] Aceh is also known as "The Land of Rencong" (Tanah Rencong).

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  • Keris Indonesia: 'The Rencong Dagger'

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