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Tangeh Bolaghi

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Title: Tangeh Bolaghi  
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Subject: Fars Province, Geography of Fars Province, Archaeological sites in Iran, Saraye Moshir, Afif-Abad Garden
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Tangeh Bolaghi

Rāh-e Shāhi
Tangeh Bolāghi

, also transliterated as Tange-ye Bolāghi[1] (Sassanian dynastic era (224-651 CE). It is situated in Iran’s southern province of Fars, some 7 kilometres from Pasargadae, Iran. Archaeological research since 2005 have discovered a section of the Royal Road (Rāh-e Shāhi — راه شاهی) connecting Pasargadae to Persepolis, Susa and other regions of the Persian Empire up to Sardis. Excavations have provided archaeologists with a unique insight into the lives of the people living in the Achaemenid dynastic era.


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In May 2005, archaeologists unearthed a complete human skeleton at one of the excavation sites, thought to date back to the Sassanid era (224-651). The skeleton, found in a squatting position, is of an adult man. An earthenware item was also found at this site which is considered to be the largest ancient earthenware of its kind ever found in Iran. In April 2006 this find was overshadowed by the discovery of the 7000-years old skeleton of a young woman dating from the Tell-i Bakun Era (the fifth and fourth millennia BC) by a joint Iranian-German team of archaeologists in the same area. The archaeologists further found eight stone beads with the skeleton close to her wrists and neck. "The girl was buried while sleeping on her side and bending her legs with arms under her head like the sleep position of most children", according to the head of the team.[2][3]

When the Sivand Dam comes into full service (originally planned to be in March 2006, however this date has been postponed at the request of the UNESCO), part of an ancient site including the Achaemenid Shah's Road between Cyrus's tomb and Pasargadae, 130 ancient settlements and a palace ascribed to Darius the Great will be immersed in water from Polvar River.


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Notes and references

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