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Víctor Jara (Geografía)

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Title: Víctor Jara (Geografía)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Víctor Jara, 1966 in music, Canciones folklóricas de América, Patricio Castillo (musician)
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Víctor Jara (Geografía)

Víctor Jara (Geografía)
Studio album by Víctor Jara
Released 1966
Recorded 1965
Genre Folk music
Protest music
Length 37:43
Label RCA Demon 1967
Alerce (1970)
Warner 2001
Producer Víctor Jara
Víctor Jara chronology
Víctor Jara (Geografía)
Canciones folklóricas de América

Víctor Jara (Geografía) is the name of the first studio album recorded by the Chilean folk-singer/songwriter, Víctor Jara in 1966 which was released by RCA (Demon) early in 1967.


This album marked the beginning of Víctor Jara as a solo artist after having been the director and member since the mid-1950s of the folk group Cuncumán.

This recording featured a number of other notable Chilean folk artists such as Ángel Parra on charango in La cocinerita and Jai Jai and it also features Quilapayún in Deja la vida volar and Ojitos verdes.

The album included some of Jara's most popular folk songs: El arado, El cigarrito, and Paloma quiero contarte, which were translated and interpreted by artists in a number of languages in Europe.

This album was subsequently reissued as Canto a lo humano with different covers and art work in Spain, Germany and Mexico. The album was digitized and reissued by Warner Music in March 2001 with a new cover and liner notes featuring five extra tracks of Víctor Jara with the group Cuncumán.

Track listing

  1. "El arado" (The plough) – (Víctor Jara) 3:31
  2. "El cigarrito" (The cigarette butt) – (Víctor Jara) 2:40
  3. "La flor que anda de mano en mano" (The flower that goes from hand to hand) – (Chilean folk song) 2:00
  4. "Deja la vida volar" (Let life fly) – (Víctor Jara) 3:25
  5. "La luna siempre es muy linda" (The moon is always beautiful) – (Víctor Jara) 3:26
  6. "Ojitos verdes" (Little Green eyes) – (Andean folk song) 3:50
  7. "La cocinerita" (The kitchen hand) – (Argentine folk song) 2:26
  8. "Paloma quiero contarte" (Dove I want to tell you) – (Víctor Jara) 3:02
  9. "¿Qué saco rogar al cielo?" (Wherefore pray to the sky) – (Víctor Jara) 3:05
  10. "No puedes volver atras" (You can't go backwards) – (Víctor Jara) 2:56
  11. "El carretero" (The cart) – (Víctor Jara) 3:35
  12. "Jai Jai" – (Bolivian folk song) 2:21


  • "La cocinerita" / "El cigarrito" [Chile, 1965: Demon SD-0132]
  • "La beata" / "Paloma quiero contarte" [Chile, 1966: Demon SD-0152]
  • "Jai Jai" / "La flor que anda de mano en mano" [Chile, 1967]

Bonus tracks on 2001 Reissue

13. *"La beata" (Chilean folk song)

14. *"Se me ha escapado un suspiro" (Conjunto Cuncumán) (Chilean folk song) 3:25

15. *"Doña María, le ruego" (Conjunto Concumén) (Violeta Parra) 2:41

16. *"Décimas por el nacimiento" (Conjunto Concumén) (Violeta Parra) 4:39

17. *"Entonces me voy volando" (Conjunto Concumén) (Violeta Parra) 2:02


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