Verona Palimpsest

The Verona Palimpsest (or Fragmentum Veronese) is a manuscript, dated about the 494 CE, which contains a Christian collection of Church Orders in Latin.[1] The manuscript, which contains many lacunae, is the only source of the Latin version of the Apostolic Tradition.


This manuscript is preserved in the Chapter House Library (Biblioteca Capitolare) in Verona and is numbered LV (olim 53). It is a palimpsest in which the Sententiae of Isidore of Seville in the 8th century has been written over the previous content, which includes:


This Palimpsest was discovered in 1896 and fully published in 1900 by Edmund Hauler.[4] A further edition was published by Erik Tidner in 1963[5]


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  • , 1900: full text in Latin
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