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Victor von Ebner

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Title: Victor von Ebner  
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Subject: Burschenschaft, Ebner, Von Ebner's gland
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Victor von Ebner

Anton Gilbert Victor von Ebner, Ritter von Rofenstein (February 4, 1842 - March 20, 1925) was an Austrian anatomist and histologist who was a native of Bregenz.

He was a student at the Universities of Göttingen, Vienna (under Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke), and Graz (under Alexander Rollett). In 1866 he earned his doctorate from Vienna, later becoming a professor of histology and developmental history at the University of Graz (1873), and a professor of histology at the University of Vienna (1888).

He was editor of Volume III of the sixth edition of Albert von Kölliker's Handbuch der Gewebelehre des Menschen (1899). In addition to his studies involving human anatomy and histology, he was also author of works with zoological and botanical themes.

He is remembered for providing descriptions of three eponymous anatomical structures:


  • Untersuchungen über den Bau der Samencanälchen und die Entwicklung der Spermatozoiden, (Leipzig 1871) – Studies on the construction of the seminal tubules, and the development of sperm.
  • Die acinösen Drüsen der Zunge (Graz 1873) – The acinus glands of the tongue.
  • Über den feineren Bau der Knochensubstanz (Sitzungsbericht der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1875) – On the finer structure of bone.
  • Mikroskopische Studien über Wachsthum und Wechsel der Haare (Ib. 1876) – Microscopic studies on the growth and changes of hair.
  • Untersuchungen über die Ursachen der Anisotropie organisirter Substanzen (Leipzig 1882) – Studies on the causes of the anisotropy of organized substances.
  • Über den feineren Bau der Skelettheile der Kalkschwämme etc. (Sitzungsbericht der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1887) – On the finer structure of the skeletal parts of calcareous sponges.
  • Histologie der Zähne (in Julius Scheff's Handbuch der Zahnheilkunde, Wien 1890) – Histology of the teeth.
  • Über den Bau der Chorda dorsalis der Fische (Sitzungsbericht der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1895 & 1896) - On the structure of the notochord in fish.[1]


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