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Álvaro d'Ors

Álvaro d'Ors (1915–2004) was a Spanish jurist and academic. He was a son of the noted Spanish philosopher Eugenio d'Ors. He was one of the twentieth century's foremost experts in Roman law. He was a noted classics scholar, historian and political theorist, and one of the founding figures of the University of Navarra. He was also a personal friend and collaborator of Carl Schmitt.

Published Works

The following is a partial list of the works of Alvaro d'Ors

  • Critical Prerequisites for the Study of Roman Law (Salamanca 1943).
  • Introduction to the Study of Documents from Roman Egypt (London 1948)
  • Legal Epigraphy of Roman Spain (Madrid 1953)
  • Eurico Code. Edition and Palingenesia (Madrid-Rome, 1960).
  • Papers on the Academic Trade (Madrid, 1961).
  • System of Sciences I-IV (Pamplona, 1969-1977)
  • Introduction to the Study of Law (Chile, 1976)
  • Essays in Political Theory (Pamplona, 1979)
  • New Papers on the Academic Trade (Madrid, 1980)
  • Flavian Municipal Law. Text and commentary (Rome 1986)
  • Roman Private Law (9th ed., Pamplona, 1997, ISBN 8431302968)
  • The Quaestiones of Africanus (Rome, 1997).
  • Historical Parerga (Pamplona 1997).
  • Violence and Order (2nd ed., Madrid, 1998).
  • The Possession of Space (Madrid 1998).
  • New Introduction to Law (Madrid, 1999).
  • Romanistic Review (Santiago de Compostela, 1999).
  • Law and Common Sense: Seven Lectures on Natural Law as a Limit to Positive Law (3rd ed., Madrid, 2001).
  • Common Good and Public Enemy (Madrid, 2002).


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