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1980 In Film

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The following is an overview of events in 1980 in film, including the highest-grossing films, award ceremonies and festivals, a list of films released and notable deaths.


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Highest-grossing films (U.S.)

The top ten 1980 released films by box office gross in North America are as follows:
Highest-grossing films of 1980[1]
Rank Title Distributor Gross
1. The Empire Strikes Back 20th Century Fox $538.4 million
2. 9 to 5 20th Century-Fox $103,290,500
3. Stir Crazy Columbia Pictures $101,300,000
4. Airplane! Paramount Pictures $83,453,539
5. Any Which Way You Can Warner Bros. $70,687,344
6. Private Benjamin Warner Bros. $69,847,348
7. Coal Miner's Daughter Universal Studios $67,182,787
8. Smokey and the Bandit II Universal Studios $66,132,626
9. The Blue Lagoon Columbia Pictures $58,853,106
10. The Blues Brothers Universal Studios $57,229,890



Academy Awards:

Best Picture: Ordinary People
Best Director: Robert Redford - Ordinary People
Best Actor: Robert De NiroRaging Bull
Best Actress: Sissy SpacekCoal Miner's Daughter
Best Supporting Actor: Timothy HuttonOrdinary People
Best Supporting Actress: Mary SteenburgenMelvin and Howard
Best Foreign Language Film: Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (Москва Слезам Не Верит), directed by Vladimir Menshov, USSR

Golden Globe Awards:

Best Picture: Ordinary People
Best Actor: Robert De NiroRaging Bull
Best Actress: Mary Tyler MooreOrdinary People
Musical or comedy:
Best Picture: Coal Miner's Daughter
Best Actor: Ray SharkeyThe Idolmaker
Best Actress: Sissy SpacekCoal Miner's Daughter
Best Director: Robert RedfordOrdinary People
Best Foreign Language Film: Tess, United Kingdom
Golden Globe Award for World film favourite male: Roger Moore
Golden Globe Award for World film favourite female: Jane Fonda

Golden Raspberry Awards:

Worst Picture: Can't Stop the Music
Worst Director: Robert GreenwaldXanadu
Worst Actor: Neil DiamondThe Jazz Singer
Worst Actress: Brooke ShieldsThe Blue Lagoon
Worst Supporting Actor: John AdamesGloria; Laurence OlivierThe Jazz Singer
Worst Supporting Actress: Amy IrvingHoneysuckle Rose

Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival):

All That Jazz, directed by Bob Fosse, United States
Kagemusha, 影武者 (Shadow Warrior), directed by Akira Kurosawa, Japan

Golden Lion (Venice Film Festival):

Atlantic City, directed by Louis Malle, USA / Canada / France
Gloria, directed by John Cassavetes, United States

Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival):

Heartland, directed by Richard Pearce, United States
Palermo or Wolfsburg (Palermo oder Wolfsburg), directed by Werner Schroeter, West Germany

Notable films released in 1980

U.S.A. unless stated

























1980 Wide-release movies






Notable deaths

Month Date Name Age Country Profession Notable films
January 17 Barbara Britton 60 USA Actress
24 Lil Dagover 92 Germany Actress, Soundtrack
29 Jimmy Durante 86 USA Soundtrack, Actor
February 1 Romolo Valli 54 Italy Actor
4 David Whitaker 52 UK Writer
9 Renée Houston 77 UK Actress, Writer
13 David Janssen 48 USA Actor
26 Mario Mattoli 81 Italy Director, Screenwriter
27 George Tobias 78 USA Actor
March 5 Jay Silverheels 67 USA Actor
28 Dick Haymes 61 USA Actor, Soundtrack
April 10 Kay Medford 65 USA Actress
16 Harry Hutchinson 87 Ireland Actor Blowup
17 Alf Sjöberg 76 Sweden Director
19 Tony Beckley 52 USA Actor
25 Mario Bava 65 Italy Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer
29 Alfred Hitchcock 80 USA Director, Producer, Actor
May 1 Henry Levin 70 USA Director
2 George Pal 72 Hungary Producer
12 Lillian Roth 69 USA Actress, Writer Animal Crackers
14 Hugh Griffith 67 Wales Actor
June 18 Terence Fisher 76 UK Director
23 John Laurie 83 UK Actor
July 6 Gail Patrick 69 USA Producer, Actress
7 Reginald Gardiner 77 UK Actor
24 Peter Sellers 54 UK Actor
30 Charles McGraw 66 USA Actor
31 Bobby Van 51 USA Actor, Soundtrack
August 1 Strother Martin 61 USA Actor
7 Norman Atkyns 74 UK Actor Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
14 Dorothy Stratten 20 USA Actress
25 Gower Champion 59 USA Actor, Director, Soundtrack
September 24 Theodor Luts 84 Brazil Cinematographer, Director The Substitute Wife
25 Lewis Milestone 84 Russia Director
October 6 Hattie Jacques 58 UK Actress
28 Leon Janney 63 Mexico Actor Charly
November 7 Steve McQueen 50 Mexico Actor, Producer
15 Bill Lee 64 USA Actor, Soundtrack
22 Mae West 87 USA Actress, Writer
24 George Raft 79 USA Actor
26 Rachel Roberts 53 USA Actress
December 8 John Lennon 40 USA Soundtrack, Director, Producer
16 Peter Collinson 44 USA Director, Producer, Writer
18 Gabrielle Robinne 94 France Actress The Assassination of the Duke of Guise
20 Ben Sharpsteen 85 USA Diretor, Producer
28 Sam Levene 75 USA Actor
31 Raoul Walsh 93 USA Director, Writer, Actor

Film debuts

See also



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