Academia Filipina de la Lengua Española

The Philippine Academy of the Spanish Language (Spanish: Academia Filipina de la Lengua Española) is the main Spanish-language regulating body in the Philippines. Its headquarters are located in Makati City. It was established in Manila on July 25, 1924.

Though Spanish ceased to be an official language of the Philippines in 1987 (PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 155 March 15, 1973 re-designated Spanish as official) the academy is still considered as a state institution. Former Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Foreign Affairs Minister Alberto Romulo, and Cebu Archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Vidal are among its directors.

In December 2007, President Arroyo signed a directive in Spain that would require teaching and learning the Spanish language in the Philippine school system starting in 2008.

It belongs to the Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española.



Academics in order of seniority

  1. Sr. D. Guillermo Gómez Rivera.
  2. Sr. D. Edmundo Farolán.
  3. Sra. D.ª Lourdes Carballo.
  4. Rvdo. P. D. Fidel Villarroel, O. P.
  5. Rvdo. P. D. Pedro G. Tejero, O. P.
  6. Sr. D. Ramón A. Pedrosa.
  7. Sr. D. José Rodríguez Rodríguez.
  8. Rvdo. P. D. Diosdado Talamayan y Aenlle, D. D.
  9. Sr. D. Alejandro Roces.
  10. Sra. D.ª Rosalinda Orosa.
  1. Rvdo. P. D. José Arcilla, S. J.
  2. Sra. D.ª María Consuelo Puyat-Reyes.
  3. Sr. D. Francisco C. Delgado.
  4. Sra. D.ª Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
  5. Rvdo. P. D. Miguel Bernad y Anselmo, S.J.
  6. Sr. D. Benito Legarda.
  7. Sr. D. Salvador B. Malig.
  8. Sr. D. Alberto G. Rómulo.
  9. Sr. D. Wystan de la Peña Salarda.
  10. Sr. D. Hilario Zialcita y Legarda.
  1. Sra. D.ª Lourdes Castrillo de Brillantes.
  2. Sr. D. Regino Paular y Pintal.
  3. Sr. D. Emmanuel Luis A. Romanillos.
  4. Sr. D. José María Cariño y Ancheta.
  5. Sr. D. Macario M. Ofilada, III.
  6. Sr. D. Erwin Thaddeus Bautista Luna.
  7. Sr. D. René Ángelo Prado Singian.
  8. Sr. D. René S. Salvania.
  9. Sra. D.ª Trinidad O. Regala.
  10. Sra. D.ª Daisy López.

Elected Academics

  • Emmo. y Rvdmo. Sr. Cardenal D. Ricardo Vidal.

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