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Title: Acre-foot  
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An acre-foot volume (not drawn to scale)

An acre-foot is a unit of volume commonly used in the United States in reference to large-scale water resources, such as reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, sewer flow capacity, irrigation water[1] and river flows.


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As the name suggests, an acre-foot is defined as the volume of one acre of surface area to a depth of one foot.

Since an acre is defined as a chain by a furlong (i.e. 66 ft × 660 ft), an acre-foot is 43,560 cubic feet (1,233 m3).

There are two definitions of an acre-foot (differing by about 0.0006%), depending on whether the "foot" used is an "international foot" or a "U.S. survey foot.

1 acre-foot = 43,560 cubic feet = 75,271,680 cu in
1 international acre-foot = 43,560 international cubic feet
≈ 1233.48183754752 m3
≈ 271,328.072596 imp gal
325,851 37 U.S. gal
1 U.S. survey acre-foot = 43,560 U.S. survey cubic feet
≈ 1233.48923846814204 m3
≈ 325,853.383688 U.S. gal[nb 1]
≈ 271,329.700571 imp gal


As a rule of thumb in U.S. water management, one acre-foot is taken to be the planned water usage of a suburban family household, annually.[2] In some areas of the desert Southwest, where water conservation is followed and often enforced, a typical family uses only about 0.25 acre-feet of water per year.[3] One acre-foot/year is approximately 893 gallons (3.38 m³) per day.

The acre-foot (or more specifically the time rate unit of acre-foot per year) has been used historically in the U.S. in many water-management agreements, for example the Colorado River Compact, which divides 15 million acre-feet (MAF) per year or (586 m³/s) among seven western U.S. states.

Elsewhere in the world, where the metric system is in common use, water volumes can be expressed in either cubic metres (as in flow rates of cubic metres/second, or "cumecs") or, for water usage, storage or irrigation volumes, in kilolitres (kL, = 1 cubic metre), megalitres (ML, = 1,000 cubic metres), or gigalitres (GL, = 1,000,000 cubic metres). One acre foot is approximately equivalent to 1,233 cubic meters.

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  1. ^ This conversion assumes the international foot is used to define the U.S. gallon and the U.S. survey foot to define the acre foot. If the same foot is used for both, the result is the 325,851 37 U.S. gal figure as obtained previously.


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