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Aden Site

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Title: Aden Site  
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Subject: Aden (disambiguation), Coles Creek culture
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Aden Site

Aden Site

32°38′13.09″N 90°50′10.82″W / 32.6369694°N 90.8363389°W / 32.6369694; -90.8363389

Country  USA
Region Issaquena County, Mississippi
Nearest town Valley Park, Mississippi
Culture Coles Creek culture
First occupied 800 CE
Abandoned 900 CE
Excavation and maintenance
Responsible body Private
Architectural styles platform mounds, plaza
Number of monuments


Aden Site
Nearest city Valley Park, Mississippi
NRHP Reference # 88002698
Added to NRHP December 14, 1988[1]

The Aden Site is an archaeological site that is the type site for the Aden Phase(800-900 CE) of Lower Yazoo Basin Coles Creek culture chronology. It corresponds to Middle Coles Creek, chronologically between the Bayland Phase and Kings Crossing Phase.


The Aden Site is located on the south bank of Jeff Davis Bayou, a mile and a half east of the unincorporated community of Valley Park, Issaquena County, Mississippi, near coordinates 32°38′13″N 90°50′11″W / 32.636969°N 90.836339°W / 32.636969; -90.836339Coordinates: 32°38′13″N 90°50′11″W / 32.636969°N 90.836339°W / 32.636969; -90.836339.

Site Description

The site consists of three platform mounds making a triangular arrangement surrounding a small plaza, with the fourth side of the plaza bordered by Jeff Davis Bayou. This is considered to be a typical Coles Creek phase settlement pattern. The largest, designated Mound A, on the eastern border of the plaza is 3 metres (9.8 ft) in height, with the summit surface area measuring 23 metres (75 ft) by 17 metres (56 ft). The second largest mound, Mound B on the southern border of the plaza, is 3.5 metres (11 ft) high, and measuring 50 metres (160 ft) by 35 metres (115 ft) at its base. Mound C, located on the western border of the plaza, is 2 metres (6.6 ft) high and 50 metres (160 ft) in diameter. Mound C has been heavily degraded by cultivation, and may have been larger.[2]

Aden Phase

The Aden Phase of the Coles Creek culture is considered the classic form of the culture, when many of the qualifications which define it became readily recognizable. The arrangement of 3 similarly sized mounds around a central plaza is one of its hallmarks. This arrangement is visible during the Aden Phase occupations of sites such as the Holly Bluff and Haynes Bluff Sites. It is also defined by an assemblage of ceramic styles. These styles include Baytown Plain var. Valley Park, Chevalier Stamped var. Chevalier, Coles Creek Incised var. Coles Creek, Ely, Chase, Macedonia, and Wade, Evansville Punctated var. Rhinehart, French Fork var. Larkin, Mazique Incised var. Mazique, and Mulberry Creek Incised var. Smith Creek.[3]

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