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Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

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Title: Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps  
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Language: English
Subject: The Nutcracker, List of American television series, Moira Quirk, The Jim Henson Company, Treehouse TV, Emily Blunt, List of programs broadcast by ABC Television, PBS Kids, Robot (dance), Naomi Wilkinson
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Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps logo
Format Animated
Created by Katharine Holabird & Helen Craig
Mallory Lewis
Directed by Davis Doi
Presented by Moira Quirk
Starring Naomi Wilkinson
Jen Pringle
Jules de Jongh
Jo Wyatt
Larissa Murray
Kaito Shion
Judith Mason
James McAvoy
Emily Blunt
Leah Zabari
Beverly Klein
Theme music composer Mark Williamson (music)
Judy Rothman (lyrics)
Opening theme "Angelina Ballerina" by Kay Hanley
Composer(s) Mark Sayer-Wade (score/songs: music)
Judy Rothman (songs: lyrics)
No. of episodes 39
Executive producer(s) Jonathan Dern
Paul Sabella
Carol Monroe
Mallory Lewis
Brad Hood
Producer(s) Robert Winthrop
Running time 28 minutes
Production companies HIT Entertainment
SD Entertainment

Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps is a British CGI animated television series that premiered on September 5, 2009 on PBS in the US. A continuation of the Angelina Ballerina series of children's books by Katharine Holabird, the author and Helen Craig, the illustrator, this series is different from the first as it uses CGI animation. The new series sees a 8 years Angelina and her family move to the other side of Chipping Cheddar to attend a performing arts school called Camembert Academy. It features the debut of Ms. Mimi, Angelina's new teacher and new friends like Viki, Marco, Gracie and A.Z., as well as her best friend Alice who joins Camembert Academy. [1]It features songs with music by Mark Sayer-Wade and lyrics by Judy Rothman and footage from host Moira Quirk.


Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps celebrates music and brings to life many forms of dance for Angelina including ballet, tap dancing, jazz, classical, and ethnic. As a ballerina, Angelina's life revolves around dancing, singing and performance, family, friendship, and following her dreams.


  • Angelina Mouseling is the main protagonist of the show. She is a feisty 8 years old mouseling who still dreams to become a prima ballerina.[2] She moved to the other Chipping Cheddar to attend a performing arts school, Camembert Academy. Her catchphrase is "Absolutely, positively!" She has purple eyes and pinkish-white fur, wears a pink tutu with a red rose on it, a pink ribbon in her hair, and pink ballet slippers. She voiced by Naomi Wilkinson. Her singing voice is provided by Charlotte Spencer.
  • Alice Bridgette Nimbletoes is Angelina's best friend and an aspiring gymnast. She is optimistic, enthusiastic, and always up for a new adventure. Kind, innocent, and with a heart of gold, Alice is a bit forgetful, but she will try harder than everybody else. Her catchphrase is "It's the best fun ever!" [3] She wears a green dress, green ballet slippers, and a green ribbon in her hair. She is voiced by Jen Pringle. Her singing voice is provided by Naomi McDonald.
  • Marco Quesillo is a student from the exotic tropical country of Costa Mousa. He is 8 years old and Angelina's 3rd best friend and crush. Marco is a music lover and likes to play and hear music. Besides loving music, he is also wildly enthusiastic about sports, especially soccer. Marco has taught himself to play multiple instruments, and his favorite musical instrument is the conga drums. A helpful mouseling, Marco sometime gets into jams due to Angelina's big ideas. He is also a great drummer. His catchphrase is "I just thought of a great rhythm!" [4] He has light brown fur with green eyes, wears a blue t-shirt, blue trousers, dark blue sneakers and a blue wristband around his right wrist.He is voiced by Jules de Jongh.
  • Grace is often Angelina's rival and a student who is meticulous and a tad self-absorbed, and has shown to be a teacher's pet in order to get Ms. Mimi's attentions. Like Angelina, Gracie loves being the star of the show, but often uses those occasions to brag. Nonetheless, Angelina knows Gracie is a very kind-hearted friend, and the competition keeps Angelina on her toes. Her catchphrase is "I can do it perfectly!" [5]She wears a yellow dress, a blue headband with a yellow flower on it, and blue ballet slippers. She is voiced by Jo Wyatt.
  • Viki is an exciting friend for Angelina at Camembert Academy. She loves ethnic and unusual forms of dance, and she will be the first to try anything new. She is an Irish music lover and a great bass player. Her catchphrase is "So amazing!" [6] She wears an orange dress, yellow leggings, orange and yellow stars in her hair, and yellow ballet slippers. She is voiced by Larissa Murray.
  • "A.Z. is an hip-hop student. He knows about the latest culture phenomenon, such as the latest handshake, line dance and cheese du jour. His catchphrase is "A.Z. Mouse is in the house!" [7] He wears a red hoodie, blue jeans, and sneakers. He is voiced by Larissa Murray.
  • Ms. Mimi is the head teacher at Camembert Academy and is everyone's role model. She is modern, young, fun, warm, and caring. She adores little mouselings as much as they adore her, and loves to inspire them with her own vivid imagination. Her catchphrase is "Bravo, students! Marvelous music and dancing!" [8] She wears a purple dress, purple leggings, green ballet slippers, and a green headband. She is voiced by Larissa Murray.
  • Mr. Mouseling is Angelina's father. He works as a reporter for the Mouseland Herald, and keeps his finger on the pulse of the happenings in Chipping Cheddar. In the episode "Angelina and the Marcel Mouseau Mime Challenge", it is revealed that Mr. Mouseling was a drummer in a rock band. He wears glasses, a white shirt under a brown jacket, and blue trousers.[9] He is voiced by Simon Mattacks.
  • Mrs. Mouseling is Angelina's mother. Supportive yet firm, she provides the voice of reason the young starlet Angelina needs. On the episode Angelina's Fancy Tutu, it is reveal that she was once a ballerina. She is voiced by Emma Tate.
  • Polly Mouseling is Angelina's 4-year-old sister. Polly is an eager mouseling whenever Angelina takes the time to show her some of the basics of ballet. And if there are steps she cannot copy, Polly is happy to make up her own, much to Angelina's dismay. Her catchphrase is "I love you, Angelina!"[10] She wears a blue dress, yellow socks and red shoes. She is voiced by Leah Zabari.

Episode guide

# Angelina Ballerina #1 Angelina Ballerina #2 Air Date Character debuts Plot Songs
1 Angelina's New Home Angelina's New School September 5, 2009 Angelina; Polly; Mr. Mouseling; Mrs. Mouseling; Viki; Marco; Gracie; Ms. Mimi; Alice. Angelina isn't too thrilled about her family's moving to a new home in America, and even plans to quit her new school; It's Angelina's first day of school and it doesn't go quite as well as she planned it would.
2 Angelina's New Ballet Teacher Angelina's Dance Partner September 12, 2009 Angelina worries she won't learn much from her new ballet teacher Ms. Mimi since she teaches differently to her old teacher; Alice gets the sniffles and can't dance with Angelina on Dance-With-A-Partner-Day, so she decides to let Viki dance with her. 1. "Best Toe Forward"
2. "Forever Friends (Friendship is Forever)"
3 Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi Angelina's Oldest Friend September 19, 2009 Angelina, Gracie, Marco and Viki want to give Ms. Mimi the best birthday ever, but things don't go to plan; Angelina introduces Alice to her new Camembert Academy friends. 1. "A Song for Ms. Mimi (We Love You)"
2. "My Friend Alice"
4 Angelina and the Hip Hop Kid Angelina and the Broken Fiddle September 26, 2009 A.Z.; James; Mrs. Thimble Angelina meets A.Z., a new student at Camembert Academy; Angelina and Polly accidentally break Mr. Mouseling's fiddle. "Broken Fiddle"
5 Angelina and Alice's Big Night Angelina and the Giant October 3, 2009 Angelina wants her old friend Alice to attend her recital as her special guest, but Alice has an ice-skating event that night. Later, they learn that Alice will also be attending Camembert Academy; Angelina and Alice create a prop for "Jackie and the Beanstalk." 1. "I'm Your Friend Too"
2. "Giant Song"
6 Angelina's Musical Day Angelina's Crazy Solo October 10, 2009 Ms. Mimi develops laryngitis while directing rehearsals for a class production of "Peter & the Wolf," so she communicates with the students by using music; Angelina tries to have her way when she and her friends put on a show.
7 Angelina and the Irish Jig Angelina En Pointe October 17, 2009 Viki returns from Tippermousy,with a disk of Irish music, which Angelina accidentally breaks while learning how to do an Irish jig. To make amends, she arranges an Irish-theme party for her classmate, but it leads to a misunderstanding; Angelina tries to audition for the Mouskinov Ballet. "I Will Be a Star"
8 Angelina's Rock Band Angelina's Lost Ice Skates October 24, 2009 Angelina joins a band, but her enthusiasm fades because she doesn't have much to do; Angelina loses her ice skates when she's supposed to take part in a big show with Alice, and they have to retrace their steps to find them. "Rock Band Song"
9 Angelina and the New Music Store Angelina and Ms. Mimi October 31, 2009 Bobby Angelina celebrates the opening of her dad's new music shop; Ms. Mimi admonishes Angelina for talking in class. "I Should Have Listened to My Friends"
10 Angelina and Super Polly Angelina's Dance Like a Cake Day November 7, 2009 After reading a book about a mouseling with superhero powers, Polly thinks she might have special abilities too; Viki puts together Dance-Like-a-Cake Day, in which dancers must bring a cake associated with a dance, but Angelina's plans may fall flat after her gingerbread house collapses. "Super Polly (Everyone is Good at Something)"
11 Angelina's Sleepover Angelina's Noisy, Messy Lunchtime November 14, 2009 Angelina, Viki and Gracie have a sleepover the night before the Silly Hat Carnival, but stay up too late and then oversleep, causing them to miss an important ballet rehearsal; Ms. Mimi cancels lunchtime rehearsals when Angelina and her friends are too loud and messy, leading Angelina to host the rehearsals in her attic dance studio. 1. "Angelina's Slumber Party (Dancing in the Moonlight)"
2. "Dancing Butterfly"
12 Angelina's Holiday Treats Angelina and the Front Row Ticket November 21, 2009 Angelina and Marco overindulge in candy canes and gingerbread cookies prior to a performance of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"; Angelina is excited about seeing "The Nutcracker" and invites two of her friends to go with her but then realizes she only has one extra ticket, so now she decide between Alice and Viki. 1. "Holiday Treats (Holiday Time)"
2. "Front Row Seats (Home of Ballet)"
13 Angelina Keeps the Peace Angelina and Alice Mousikova November 28, 2009 Angelina, Viki, Gracie and A.Z. work together to develop a dance for class, but Gracie and AZ disagree over what the dance should be, so Angelina must find a way get A.Z. and Gracie get agree with each other; Alice adopts the persona of her idol, Russian gymnast Anna Mousikova, after Miss Mimi assigns reports on the mouselings' heroes. Alice became so obsess by her idol, she distances herself from her friends. "The Best For You"
14 Angelina and Gracie's Creative Day Angelina's Big Part December 5, 2009 Gracie contemplates copying an established dance for Make-It-All-Up-Day when she can't come up with one on her own, but Angelina persuades her to improvise a new routine; Angelina has second thoughts about playing the main part in a school play "Once Upon a Pillow" when she learns her character is asleep for most of the performance. "One, Two, Three, Four, Five" or "It Takes a Lot of Dancers"
15 Angelina and the Tummy Butterflies Angelina and the Magician December 12, 2009 The mouselings learn about jazz dance, improvisation and poetry, but when they have to present poems to the entire class Alice develops a serious case of "tummy butterflies" and Angelina must help Alice with her memorizing her poem; Gracie, who's been tap dancing for years, forgots practicing in favor of learning magic. "A Step at a Time"
16 Angelina Cheerleader Angelina's Ballet School December 19, 2009 Angelina trys to support Marco in the Mouse Marathon, which includes forming a cheerleading team to cheer him on, but all the attention unnerves him; Angelina opens her own ballet school in the attic to teach Polly ballet, but her overbearing manner soon causes her sister to quit. "One, Two, Three, Four, Five"
17 Angelina and the Roquefort's Rhythmic Ghost Angelina's Lunch Table December 26, 2009 Gracie, Angelina, Viki and A.Z. think a mysterious tapping in Roquefort Hall is from a ghost; Angelina's friendship with Gracie is strained due to the many friends that Angelina has and the limited time she has to spend with each of them. "And That Makes You My Friend"
18 Angelina and the Big News Angelina's Secret Valentine January 2, 2010 Mr. Chirpyface (Ms. Mimi's pet canary) When Angelina, Viki and Marco mistakenly think Ms. Mimi is getting married after overhearing her talking on the phone, they learn about wedding marches and organ music in order to make her wedding day special; Angelina receives a Valentine card from a secret admirer. "Let's Make Valentines"
19 Angelina and the Front Page Angelina's Cheese Roll January 2010 Angelina helps her dad take pictures of Camembert Academy and its students for a Mouseland Herald story, but the assignment turns difficult because Gracie wants to be in every shot; Angelina helps A.Z. learn the complicated "Cheese Roll" dance. 1. "Cheese"
2. "A Step at a Time"
20 Angelina and the Musical Plant Angelina's Hip Hop Boys Show January 16, 2010 When the mouselings can't agree on the music for a show, Angelina forges a compromise by applying a lesson from a science project; Angelina is set to direct a hip-hop dance show, but it may not go on when A.Z. hurts his foot. "It's Spring"
21 Angelina and the Cheddar Cheese Slide Angelina and the Case of the Missing Music January 23, 2010 Angelina, Marco and A.Z. need one more person for their "Cheddar Cheese Slide" dance. Gracie joins in, but because she only knows the French version, things don't go so smoothly; Viki turns detective when Marco's sheet music disappears. "Solve a Mystery"
22 Angelina, the Pet Sitter Angelina and the Music Box January 30, 2010 Angelina pet-sits Ms. Mimi's canary, Mr. Chirpyface for a weekend, but the bird escapes from its cage and she has to look for him; Angelina accidentally breaks a music box that Polly received from her grandmother. "I'll Miss Out the Fun of Doing My Part"
23 Angelina and the Dance-a-thon Angelina and the Art Show February 6, 2010 Gracie accidentally recycles the pledge sheet when Angelina and her friends hold a Chipping Cheddar Earth Club dance marathon; Viki tries to paint Angelina and Gracie for the Camembert art show, but they can't hold still long enough for her to finish the picture. 1. "The Mouseling Twirl"
2. "Using Our Imaginations (We Can Be Anything)"
24 Angelina and the Hiccups Angelina and the Must-Have Ballet Bag February 20, 2010 Angelina gotten the hiccups and her friends help her get rid of them; Angelina wants an Eva the Diva bag but is convinced otherwise by Viki. "I Just Want to Be Me"
25 Angelina's Room Angelina's Camembert Parade February 28, 2010 Angelina and Gracie learn that being roommates isn't always easy when Gracie stays with Angelina for a few days; Angelina organizes a parade. 1. "There is Not Enough Space"
2. "Teamwork"
26 Angelina and the Band Leader Angelina and Polly's Two-Hour Show March 6, 2010 A.Z. breaks one of his drumsticks, making rehearsal for Angelina's musical ensemble impossible, until he discovers another way to keep the beat; Angelina and Polly put on a show for their parents, but Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling are so tired they can barely keep their eyes open. "Win the Prize"
27 Angelina and the Marcel Mouseau Mime Challenge Angelina and the Dance Craze March 13, 2010 Marco has a chance to win tickets to see his favorite mime artist; Gracie can't stop disco dancing. "Disco Crazy"
28 Angelina and the Mouselinghood of the Dancing Shoes Angelina and Her Parent's Dance Lesson March 20, 2010 The boys want to join the newly formed girls' club; Angelina's parents take swing dance lessons. 1. "We're Best Friends"
2. "It's Never Too Late"
29 Angelina and the New Jeans Angelina and the Poster March 27, 2010 Angelina and Alice create a new way to dance for A.Z when he is unable to dance in his new jeans; Angelina and Marco design a poster. "Camembert Is Where I Love to Be"
30 Angelina's Nature Dance Angelina's Spring Fling April 3, 2010 Angelina and her classmates create a nature-inspired dance routine; Angelina and her friends learn about spring traditions from around the world. 1. "I Love My Sister So"
2. "Our Favorite Time of Year Is Spring"
31 Angelina's Fancy Tutu Angelina and the Musical Theater September 4, 2010 Angelina finds a fancy tutu, and she and Polly search for the owner; When the "Mousical the Musical" performance is cancelled at Camembert, Viki and her friends decided to perform their own show.
32 Angelina and the Heart on Ice Angelina's Kitchen Band September 11, 2010 Angelina and Alice need to think of a love-themed routine for Chipping Cheddar's Hockey Game and they ask Marco to help them; Ms. Mimi shows the mouselings that music is everywhere by taking them on a field trip.
33 Angelina and the Carnival Angelina Jumps the River September 18, 2010 When Marco feels nostalgic for the Costa Mousa Carnival, Viki plans one for him, but it is Polly's birthday the same day it is set; Angelina has a hard time completing her assignment until Polly gives her an idea.
34 Angelina and the Windy Children's Day Angelina and Ms. Mimi's Dance September 25, 2010 The Mouseling's Annual Children's Day doesn't go to plan; Ms. Mimi performs a special modern dance, and explains to the mouselings that it took a lot of support and practice. 1. "Children's Day"
2. "Making It Look Easy (Is As Not As Easy As It Looks)"
35 Angelina and the Mini Mouseling Angelina's Helpful Friend October 2, 2010 Polly wants to become taller, so Angelina and her friends show her that she should be happy about her size; Viki tries to help everybody at once.
36 Angelina's Mother Day Angelina's Father Day Surprise October 9, 2010 Angelina is inspired by musical dynamics that Ms.Mimi had taught in class to make her chores fun as a Mother's Day Gift; While decorating the store for Father's Day, Angelina and Polly learn about klezmer music.
37 Angelina and Polly's Big Day Angelina and the Smelly Cheese October 24, 2010 When Alice is babysitting Polly, Angelina becomes worried Polly prefers Alice over her; The mouselings are worried that Mrs. Thimble's special Fête Française cheese, which has an overwhelming smell, will scare everyone away.
38 Angelina's Trick or Treat Feat Angelina and the Laughing Poet October 30, 2010 When the mouselings's costumes don't arrive in time for Halloween, Angelina and her friends decide to make their own; the mouselings have to portray emotions through poetry, but Alice can't keep a straight face. "Express Ourselves"
39 Angelina and the Dragon Dance Angelina's Opera November 13, 2010 Viki wants to do the dragon dance with her friends as an assignment; Angelina's class must present the history of Chipping Cheddar's Cheese Day to town. "The Cheese of Chipping Cheddar"

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