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Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

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Title: Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series  
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Subject: Anne of Green Gables, List of programs broadcast by TVOntario, Anne of Green Gables (1985 film), Wayne Robson, Denis Akiyama, Catherine Disher, PBS Kids, John Stocker (voice actor), List of programs broadcast by Seven Network, Al Mukadam
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Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series
DVD cover
Genre Drama
Format Animation
Created by Kevin Sullivan
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running time 26 minutes
Original channel YTV (Canada)
BYU Channel
KCET Kids & Family
Audio format Stereo
Original run 2001 – 2002

Anne: The Animated Series was a half-hour animated television show produced by Sullivan Entertainment and created by writer/director/producer Kevin Sullivan. The series was developed for PBS and each episode contained an educational aspect. Each show had a problem for one or more of the show’s characters to face and solve. In conjunction with these problems, PBS “Ready-to-Learn” guides were created for teachers in America to use in the classrooms. The educational objectives of the show support a child’s development of his/her identity, reinforced through lateral thinking and the use of a child’s magnitude to absorb daily challenges, and it also appeared on some VHS tapes from Lyrick Studios, HiT Entertainment and Barney Home Video.

More recently, Sullivan Entertainment has re-written the “Ready-to-Learn” educational guides for the not-for-profit organization Free the Children. Free the Children will implement these Anne Lesson Plans in the Kenyan Schools they have built and hope to take them to other countries they work in around the world.


Episode Title Summary Lesson
1 Carrots! Anne's sick of Gilbert calling her red hair "carrots" and decides to dye it. But it goes horribly wrong and she dyes her hair green! After a bout with her imaginary friend Dryad, Anne realizes her mistake. High self-esteem
2 Babysitter Blues Gilbert thought babysitting his infant cousin would be a breeze, but it doesn't go that way. Instead, his cousin causes mischief while Anne and Diana irresponsibly sneak off to Mrs. Van Hoyte's tea party. Work
3 The Stray On a rainy day Anne finds a stray dog in the barn and calls him "Magic". The stray is reunited with his true owner when Peg Bowen shows Anne a poster of the dog. Responsibility
4 The Best Partner When a Mr. Gresham's nephew Ben visits Avonlea, Anne and company are all excited because he will be in town for a sports day. But what else to do when Ben arrives in crutches, paralyzed from polio then accept him into the group? Eventually, Anne and Mr. Gresham come up with new events for the sports day that everyone can participate in. Acceptance
5 A Question Of Rules The Hunt for the Golden Crown, an Avonlea tradition, has Anne and her lot excited, until they learn that new and complex rules have been added, which leads them to ponder which rules should and should not be followed. Then, Anne leads a class of vegetables in her imagination and discovers that rules are more important than previously thought. Rule-following
6 Taffy! Taffy day in Avonlea goes badly, because the "Sugar" and "Salt" cards are switched, and so, however much sugar is supposed to be added, that much salt is added instead, and Anne is sure it is all Felicity's fault. It turns out that both are to blame, due to the fact that Anne accidentally switched the sugar and salt. Admittance of mistakes
7 One True Friend Disaster strikes when Diana gets a bad case of head lice. Anne, who defends her at school when the other children are disgusted, is shunned for remaining her friend. Soon she starts to focus more on her popularity, causing Diana to feel betrayed and hurt. Anne comes to the realization that if placed in the same situation, Diana would have remained loyal. Eventually, Anne and Diana become friends again. Friendship/Loyalty
8 Lost And Found Anne and Diana venture into the woods in search of treasure, but get lost. Then, they are able to find a way back by remember the landmarks they passed along the way. Preparedness
9 Idle Chatter Anne suspects Gilbert cheated on a test. His grades and reputation drop, and he struggles to prove Anne wrong. Then, Anne and Diana sneak into the school and discover Gilbert is innocent, but the whole class is too convinced Gilbert cheated. Being informed before making conclusions
10 A Bully by The Horns Felix is having problems with a bully who happens to be partners with him on a science project, and Anne helps him, learning that bullies should be dealt with kindly, so as not to be one in return. Eventually, Felix becomes friends with the bully and they get a good science grade. Dealing with bullies/friendship
11 The Ice Cream Promise Anne promises to help Marilla make ice cream for the Avonlea book club meet but ends up straying from her duties. In adition, Anne doesn't know what Shakespearean scene to play out for the meeting. Keeping promises/reliability
12 Sleeves All of Avonlea is brimming with excitement as the world-famous Amelia Evans comes to town. She wears puffed sleeves, and everyone wants to dress like her. Anne becomes so preoccupied with appearances that she doesn't prepare for the talent show held in Amelia's honor. She goes off the fashion when she discovers that Amelia is a snob and resumes practice. Individuality and trends
13 The Avonlea Herald Rachel Lynde suggests the kids start a town newspaper, of which Anne is made editor. Soon the power goes to her head and she quarrels with Diana and her other friends involved in the project. Then, a bold rescue brings the kids together. Leadership
14 Chores Eclipsed Anne prepares for a lunar eclipse party, but neglects her chores in the process, threatening to throw Green Gables into chaos. Importance of work
15 The Swim Of Things Felix is a poor swimmer, and the others grow impatient with him. His friendship with Anne is strengthened as they bond after Anne gets an injury and can no longer swim herself. Then, on the day of the swimming contest, Felicity drinks too many sodas and is unable to swim, giving Anne and Felix an opportunity to show their newfound skills they learned while practicing together. Patience
16 Butterflies! Avonlea and the nearby town of Carmody are set to play a hockey game, and Gilbert is made the team captain. Everyone in town becomes obsessed with winning, and forgets the value of good sportsmanship. Anne is more concerned with safety for the game, and so her classmates snub her. Sportsmanship
17 A Walk In His Shoes Anne and Marilla clash over how their chores should be done, and Anne and Diana plan a surprise party for Gilbert, but plan it around things they like (princes and princesses) instead things he likes. Anne then has a dream sequence with Matthew's horse and discovers her mistake. Respecting the opinions of others
18 The Witch Of Avonlea Anne is in a spelling bee, but she loses her spelling ability after being supposedly cursed by Peg Bowen and fears losing after Ms. King stresses the importance of winning. She eventually learns the value of self-confidence and discovers curses are silly superstitions. Self assurance
19 A Square Peg Peg Bowen, the town eccentric, comes to Avonlea for winter supplies, and after the kids spy on her, a snowstorm hits, and she saves Anne from its wrath. Anne and her friends then reconsider their opinions on Peg Bowen. Respecting eccentricity
20 Marbles! A marble craze hits Avonlea, and Anne accidentally loses a marble Matthew has owned since boyhood. She then convinces the gang to stop playing for keeps, and to just play for fun. Dealing with fads/sportsmanship
21 Oh Brother! Felicity and Felix's consistent fighting may spoil the upcoming King Family Reunion, and it's up to Anne to help them get along. In the end, Felix and Felicity learn to be better siblings. Getting along with siblings
22 A Condition Of Superstition Marilla works to persuade the town council to build a new library, but Anne and Diana's superstitious beliefs get in the way due to a pair of future-predicting swings foretelling Marilla would get struck by lightning before she succeeded in the library petition and also due to Felix's troublesome dog Caesar. Chastened, Anne realizes that superstitions are only there to stop people from solving problems themselves. Avoiding superstitions
23 A Welcome Hero When famed novelist E.J. Lark comes to town, Anne, who had assumed Lark to be a handsome man, learns not to judge a book by its cover when she finds that the author is really a bespectacled librarian-type woman. Avoiding preconceived notions
24 A Better Mousetrap When Avonlea is overrun by mice, the kids are assigned to build "the better mousetrap." Anne is paired with Diana for the task, but eventually Felix is thrown in, which upsets the girls, and they learn to include others' opinions and ideas when Felix discovers the ultimate solution to getting rid of the mice. Respecting others' ideas
25 No Anne Is An Island When Anne and Diana are snubbed by their peers,they form The Order of the Kindred Spirit, with only themselves as members. Soon Felicity turns the tables and starts her own club, Avonlea Castle,excluding only Anne and Diana. Anne and Diana then decide to join the other club, but their worthiness is proved when they save Felicity by sacrificing their clubhouse. Including others
26 Anne's Disappearing Allowance Matthew and Marilla decide to give Anne an allowance. To start, she receives five weeks' worth at once, and she spends it unwisely, and can no longer afford the very item she had been saving up for. Soon, Anne realizes that saving money is more important than spending it all at once. Money management

Cast and Characters

  • Bryn McAuley – Anne Shirley - a smart and imaginative redheaded girl who is adopted by the aging Cuthbert siblings. She is the main character of the series.
  • Wayne Robson – Matthew Cuthbert - a quiet and kind bachelor farmer who is Marilla's older brother and Anne's adoptive father.
  • Emily Hampshire – Diana Barry - Anne's best friend, known for her jet-black hair and sunny disposition. She is in all episodes except 'Oh Brother!', The Stray', and 'The Ice Cream Promise.'
  • Ali Mukaddam – Gilbert Blythe - Anne's friend who often competes with her academically. He appears in all episodes except 'Oh Brother!', 'Lost And Found', and 'Anne's Disappearing Allowance.' He also is seen as a background character in episodes such as 'A Bully By the Horns', and 'The Stray.'
  • Dalene Irvine – Felicity King - a classmate of Anne and company who is jealous of her and seeks to embarrass her often.
  • Kyle Fairlie – Felix King - Felicity's linventive brother and a friend of Anne's. He owns a rowdy fox terrier called Caesar.
  • Linda Sorensen – Hetty King - Felix and Felicity's mother and the Avonlea schoolteacher.
  • Patricia Gage – Marilla Cuthbert - Matthew's no-nonsense younger sister and Anne's adoptive mother. She is the second most predominant character in the series, after Anne.
  • Anne Anglin – Peg Bowen - an eccentric woman of whom the kids are afraid until they learn she holds the answers to many of their problems. She appears in 'One True Friend,' 'The Stray,' 'Taffy,' 'A Square Peg,' 'A Condition Of Superstition,' 'The Witch Of Avonlea,' 'The Ice Cream Promise,' and 'Lost And Found.'
  • Tracey Moore – Dryad - a wood nymph of Anne's imagination who occasionally helps Anne in solving problems.
  • Patricia Hamilton – Rachel Lynde - Marilla's friend and the most gossipy woman in Avonlea. She appears in 'Babysitter Blues', 'The Avonlea Herald', 'The Stray', 'The Ice Cream Promise', and 'A Condition of Superstition.'
  • Unknown - Caesar - Felix's dog, who is rowdy and out of control. He likes to escape by biting the rope that ties him down away. He only appears in two episodes, 'A Condition Of Superstition', and 'No Anne Is An Island.' He is a fox terrier.
  • Keith Dinicol and Keith Knight- The Willows - Two weeping willow trees that Anne talks to in her imagination. They seem to have different personalities, one is dramatic and stuffy, the other is grumpy and cynical. They appear in the episodes 'One True Friend,' 'The Stray,' 'Taffy,' 'A Condition Of Superstition,' and 'The Witch of Avonlea.'
  • No Voice - The Swings - The local swing set. They have supernatural powers to see the future and tell where lost people are. They only appear in 'A Condition Of Superstition,' due to the fact that Anne and her friends asked so many question that their powers seemed to wear off.

Anne: Journey to Green Gables

In 2005 an animated Anne of Green Gables movie was made titled Anne: Journey to Green Gables. This 85 minute film was a prequel to the live action Anne of Green Gables series. The cast voices included Lally Cadeau, Cedric Smith, Kathy Greenwood and Patricia Hamilton, all of whom had appeared in previous Sullivan Entertainment productions, and from 20th Century Fox and Universal Cartoon Studios.[1]

The film was rated PG by the MPAA.


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