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Apostolic Nuncio to Poland

The Apostolic Nuncio to Poland is one of the oldest nuncios, appointed by the Pope as apostolic representative to the Roman Catholic Church in Poland. Three nuncios to Poland went on to be elected pope. Three were cardinals at the time of their appointment as nuncio, and the rest—with the sole exception of Filippo Cortesi—were elevated afterwards.


To the Kingdom of Poland

To the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

  • Vincenzo Lauro (June 1, 1573-April 9, 1578)
  • Alberto Bolognetto (April 12, 1581-February 1585)
  • Jakub Uchański (1598 to 1607)
  • Pietro Vidoni (May 28, 1652-April 5, 1660)
  • Antonio Pignatelli, future Pope Innocent XII (May 21, 1660-March 1668)
  • Galeazzo Marescotti (March 10, 1668-August 13, 1670)
  • Francesco Nerli (June 27, 1670-December 22, 1670)
  • Angelo Maria Ranuzzi (May 13, 1671-1675)
  • Francesco Buonvisi (July 20, 1673-July 28, 1675)
  • Francesco Martelli (September 20, 1675-?)
  • Opizio Pallavicini (September 30, 1680-September 2, 1686)
  • Giacomo Cantelmi (October 23, 1688-1689)
  • Andrea Santacroce (January 7, 1690-?)
  • Gianantonio Davia (February 2, 1696-March 10, 1698)
  • Michelangelo Conti, future Pope Innocent XIII (March 24, 1698-?)
  • Francesco Pignatelli (March 20, 1700-February 19, 1703)
  • Orazio Filippo Spada (November 17, 1703-December 15, 1704)
  • Giulio Piazza (July 15, 1706-December 15, 1709)
  • Nicolò Spinola (September 6, 1707-circa 1715)
  • Vincenzo Bichi (September 14, 1709-circa 1712)
  • Benedetto Odescalchi-Erba (January 25, 1712-October 5, 1712)
  • Girolamo Grimaldi (December 20, 1712-1719/20)
  • Alberico Archinto (1746-1754)
  • Giovanni Andrea Archetti (September 18, 1775-?)
  • Lorenzo Litta (1793-?)
  • Angelo Maria Durini (ante 1795)

To the Second Republic

Delegation Chiefs to the People's Republic of Poland

The Polish Provisional Government declared the Concordat of 1925 null and void in 1945 due to what they perceived as its wartime abrogation. No Apostolic Nuncio was appointed between 1947 and 1989. Two Delegation Chiefs partially filled this role:

To the Third Republic (modern Poland)

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