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Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan

Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan
Association crest
Founded 1992
FIFA affiliation 1994
UEFA affiliation 1994
President Rovnag Abdullayev

The Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan, also known simply as the AFFA, (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Futbol Federasiyaları Assosiasiyası, AFFA) is the governing body of football in Azerbaijan. Formed in 1992, it is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the amateur and professional game in its territory.

AFFA sanctions all competitive football matches within its remit at national level, and indirectly at local level through the AFFA Amateur League. It runs numerous competitions, the most famous of which is the Azerbaijan Cup. It is also responsible for appointing the management of the men's, women's and youth national football teams and leagues.

AFFA is a member of both UEFA and FIFA.


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The AFFA was formed on 26 March 1992, after Azerbaijan gained its independence from USSR.[1] On 23 February 2009, AFFA with UEFA vice president Şenes Erzik unveiled Azerbaijan Football Academy.[2][3]

In 2010, the association adapted new logo.[4] In 2012, the federation held an election with Rovnag Abdullayev being only candidate, the assembly was marred with controversies.[5]

Relationship with FIFA

The country's football received major blow in April 2002, when UEFA imposed a two-year ban in response to a long-standing conflict between the AFFA and majority of the Azerbaijan Premier League clubs.[6] The domestic championship was abandoned as a result of the conflict and the top clubs prevented their players from playing for the national team, with tax officials also probing allegations of fraud at the Azerbaijan federation.[7]


Tofiq Bahramov became the first referee to have a stadium named after him.
Office Name Tenure
President Fuad Musayev[8] 1992–2003
Ramiz Mirzayev[9] 2003–2007
Elshad Nasirov[10] 2007–2008
Rovnag Abdullayev[11] 2008–present
Vice-president Fatulla Huseynov[12] 1992–2001
Elshad Nasirov[10] 2001–2007
Rauf Aliyev[13] 2007–2008
Elshad Nasirov[14] 2008–present
General Secretary Tofiq Bahramov[15] 1992–1993
Chingiz Ismayilov[9] 1993–2007
Elkhan Mammadov[16] 2007–present


It organizes the following competitions:

Men's football
Women's football

National teams

The AFFA also organises national football teams representing Azerbaijan at all age levels:

Beach football


Companies that AFFA currently has sponsorship deals with include:

See also


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