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Aydilge Sarp

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Title: Aydilge Sarp  
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Aydilge Sarp

Aydilge Sarp (born 1979) is a Turkish writer, poet and singer-songwriter.


Aydilge Sarp was born in 1979 in Kütahya, Turkey. Her mother, Faika Özer writes poetry and novels, with a release of more than ten books. Aydilge passed the entrance exam to the TRT Radio Children's Choir (TRT Radyosu Çocuk Korusu) when she was eight years old. At the age of 14 she was given her first electric guitar and started composing her own songs. Later she performed in bars while she attended secondary school at Türk Eğitim Derneği Ankara Koleji. Having completed her studies at the American Culture and Literature in Başkent University in Ankara with flying colours, she moved to Istanbul. Aydilge is currently enrolled at Radio, Television and Cinema studies at Istanbul University.


Aydilge published her first volume of short stories in 1998 under the title Kalemimin Ucundaki Düşler (Thoughts From My Pen). Her first novel, Bulimia Sokağı (Bulemia Street), published in 2002 was followed by Altın Aşk Vuruşu (The Thrust of Golden Love) in 2004.[1]


  • Kalemimin Ucundaki Düşler. Toplumsal Dönüşüm Yayınları, 1998. (short story)
  • Bulimia Sokağı. Remzi Kitabevi, 2002 (novel)[2]
  • Altın Aşk Vuruşu. Everest Yayınları, 2004 (novel)[3]


Aydilge's first album, entitled Küçük Şarkı Evreni (Small Song Universe), was released in April, 2006 by EMI. The songs are a curious mixture of rock music and Eastern melodies. The lyrics were written and the music composed by Aydilge.


Küçük Şarkı Evreni (Small Song Universe), 2006, EMI

  1. Bu Gece Ben Ay (Tonight I'm the Moon) 3:35
  2. Tuğyan 3:51
  3. Yalnız Değilsin (You Are Not Alone) 3:39
  4. Yanıyor (Burning) 3:31
  5. Postmodern Aşk (Postmodern Love) 2:41
  6. Çal (Play) 4:16
  7. Şiir (Poem) 3:58
  8. Gece (Night) 3:16
  9. Ninni (Lullaby) 3:37
  10. Ay Aynamdır (The Moon Is My Mirror) 3:37

Album information

  • Producer: Hakan Kurşun
  • Arrangement: Atakan Ilgazdağ
  • Recording:
    • Raks Marşandiz, Evrim İşbilir
    • Atakan Ilgazdağ home studio
  • Mastering: Muammer Tokmak
  • Mix:
    • Bu Gece Ben Ay, Tuğyan: Okan Doğu (Marşandiz)
    • Yalnız Değilsin, Yanıyor, Postmodern Aşk, Çal, Ay Aynamdır: Özgür Yurtoğlu (İskender Paydaş Studio)
    • Şiir, Gece, Ninni: Evrim İşbilir (Marşandiz)
  • Electric guitar, acoustic guitar: Mert Özdemir
  • Bass guitar: Eylem Pelit
  • Drums: Derin Bayhan
  • Stringed instruments: Gündem Yaylı Grubu
  • Photography: Volga Yıldız
  • Graphic design: Ümit Uy, Livedreams PA
  • Make-up, Hair and Styling: Gökşen Gençtürk, Oktay Coiffeur

Sobe, 2009

  1. Yollara Düşsem
  2. Kalbim Hep Senle
  3. Geri Dönmem
  4. Yükseldin
  5. Küçük Bir Renk
  6. Canımla
  7. Ah Bir Sevse
  8. Güneş
  9. Benim Aklım Sende

Kilit, 2011

  1. Kilit
  2. Takıntı
  3. Kum
  4. Aşk Lazım
  5. Söyle
  6. Yollara Düşsem
  7. Kalbim Hep Senle
  8. Küçük Bir Renk
  9. Güneş
  10. Geri Dönmem


  • 2010: Takıntı
  • 2011: Akıllı Bir Deli
  • 2011: Sorma
  • 2012: Kaçsam Ege'ye


  • Milliyet - Aydilge Sarp
  • Aydilge official site

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  • Aydilge Official Site (TR)
  • Aydilge Official Forum (TR)
  • Sabanci University School of Languages Podcasts: Interview with Aydilge, 71 minutes (TR)


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